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q.anne409 chapter 27 . 1/8
Rilliane chapter 27 . 12/29/2015
Well, I honestly never thought I'd read a fic about kids from the future coming to the past and enjoy it to the end. Alright, not to the end, because that fic's still not finished, but you get my point.

I really like Masaki and her characterization, as well as the plot for this story. I only find it a bit tiresome that the time is moving so slowly, though I know you want to do it the same way it was in the manga.

Overall, I can't wait till Aizen finds out about Masaki.

I hope you will continue this fic!
shadowreaper556 chapter 27 . 8/24/2015
please update! i love the story already.
Nightstar chapter 27 . 4/10/2015
This story is so write.I read lot of stories but thes is one of Ichigo and Rukia from the future come to get Misaki?I realy like this stori.I will waiting nex capter.
Mizundaztood23 chapter 27 . 3/21/2015
Jabalznzjzjizz! What a CLIFFHANGER, i am definitely hanging! Figuratively :3

When will the next update be? Update as soon as u can _


I apologize for the bad words, this means that I really love the conflict in the story- crazy right? Uhhhhh... What am i going to read next or should i take a rest and type my story? Anyways, i am super enjoying this hahahaha! Again, update as soon as u can u
Guest chapter 26 . 3/21/2015
As you can read i was at DeathBerryProduction, but i will still leave this signature hehehe!

Guest chapter 26 . 3/21/2015
This was such your longest chapter yet, i can't believe i forgot about their fight- my mind must've been too wrapped up with my imagination. It was an amazing fight, hahaha Ichigo doesn't want to fight Rukia in full force xD. Anyways, onwards...

He wants to shunpo to get to the dark haired woman who resided in his closet, he wants to know what the hell is going on because Inoue looks like Rukia is going to... Ichigo shook his head, he can't really think of the word 'die' or 'dead' or anythin that is similar to that in the same sentence with Rukia.

"The virus.." The giant spoke, keepin up his anxious act.

"What about it?" Ichigo had the idea, but this was serious and he isn't going to charge in if the idea isn't true. Though whether true or not, he is still going to check on Rukia. The strawberry tries to reach for her reiatsu but he can't, this made his anxiety rise more. He has always reach or feel the Kuchiki's reiastu but now for some reason he can't.

"Kuchiki-san has it." It was the Quincy.

The words made Ichigo's whole being numbed, he wants to cry out that- this is a joke right? His face is written in those six words, the trio sadly shook their heads. In a split second, a gale of sudden wind made dust and little rocks fly to them- Ichigo suddenly dashed away in full speed, they hollered his name but it fell deaf in his ears.

"Damnit..." He cursed when he felt something prickle his heart, he is pleading for her to be okay. Ichigo shunpoed that can make Yoruichi and Byakuya jealous, in no time he is already in the Fourth Division. He feels for Rukia's reiatsu and he feels fear more than he could ever could, her reiatsu is suddenly dropping bit by bit.

When he shunpoed to the room, he can't believe what he is seeing is true. The strawberry punches the wall to feel pain, and there is. The briefly shook by the wall attracted attention and they turn to him, their eyes widen. Kurosaki Ichigo is clad in a deadly yet heart breaking aura.

"What the hell is this? How could she have gotten the virus? Why is her reiryoku starting to disappear? Where the fuck is the cure?! Heal. Her. NOW!" Some of the members of the Fourth Division that is in the room flinched at his voice.

"Ichigo.. there is nothing left of the cure?" Ishhin walked to his son.

"W-what!? There is nothing left of the virus either so how the fuck can she get infected?!" Ichigo tries to even his breathing, his brown eyes are glancing from the people in this room and to the woman laying on her hospital bed. Masaki is holding Rukia's hand, her tear stained face is getting wet again. If Rukia dies, Masaki will never exist.

No, he can't lose two of the women important to his life. He has lost one and he isn't going to let two go. Ichigo is about to charge at Unohana and Kurotschi when a girl yelled, "Ta-ta-taichoū! She's starting to-"

"DON'T SAY THAT, SHE IS NOT GOING TO. I WON'T LET HER! KUCHIKI RUKIA, DON'T. YOU. DARE!" Ichigo is across from Masaki, Inoue and the two men just arrived. The kept up their act and started to cry for their for their friend.

Rukia opens her eyes and manages to smile, "Warīnā, Ichigo."

"Do. Not. Applogize. WHERE IS THE CURE KUROTSCHI MAYURI?!" Ichigo glanced at said captain.

"Why you-" Urahar covers the creepy captain's mouth and drags him away, unbeknownst to Ichigo. "I will not let this boy shout at me like that, when this is over he will get it." Kurotschi whispered dangerously to Urahara.

"Masaki, I-I'm sorry too.." Rukia coughed, half of her body is now gone. Ichigo can't even look at it, he is trying not to cry in front of everyone in the room. The orange haired shinigami is staring intently in the violet orbs of his close friend, the one who can kick him out of depression. The one of is a ray of light to his darkness.

"Ichigo, you fool. I will melt with the stare you are giving him." Rukia chuckled.

"Slap me."
"I said, slap me Rukia!"

Said woman blinks and everyone did too, Rukia snickered. "If you say so." She said and Ichigo shuts his eyes, waiting for a painful slap to snap him out of his dream. But what he got was like a soft breeze brushing past his face, he opened his eyes and they went wide. Rukia's torso and arms are dissipating to reishi, no.

"No." Ichigo whispered and his breath is starting to haggard, he can't believe it. This isn't real, this must be some sort of dream. But then he feels the throbbing pain in his left fist, still he declares that this is all an illusion.

"Kurosaki-san..." It was Masaki, everyone in the room gasped when she held up her hand that is also starting to dissipate into reishi.

"I.. *cough* I'm so sorry, M-masaki.. I should have been c-careful."

"This is a joke, right? Minna..." Ichigo trailed off while glancing at all of them, he is about to touch Rukia's cheek when his hand past through her. Ichigo felt his throat clammed, sweat trailing down his temple, water forming in the corner of his eyes.

Rukia gives one last smile to him and glances at the room, "Sayōnara, minna... Take care." And with that, Byakuya left the room. Everyone is silent as they watch the wielder of Sode no Shirayuki vanishes, Ichigo now looks at Masaki who also smiles at him and to everyone before bidding goodbye and vanishes. The strawberry's head drop, his eyes are blankly staring at the wooden floor. He feels...empty.

When suddenly a laugh boomed around the room, it was the girl who said Rukia is about to disappear. Ichigo snapped towards her and gives her a deadly glare but it changes to wide and astonish eyes. It was Rukia laughing her lungs out, the nurse beside her changes into Masaki.

"Kuchiki-san, I don't think its funny." Said Masaki when she notices Ichigo's expression, she sweat dropped at the small laughing woman.

"Oh come on, it was. I really loved everyone's acting, especially Masaki and Inoue." Rukia gives them a thumbs up, instead of nodding or snickering everyone is silent because of the reiatsu of an orange haired boy. "Ichigo, it was just a joke. Get over it." Rukia waved it off like it was a breeze.

Ichigo stood up, his head lowered, everyone is sweating buckets- they now regret of doing this prank except the Fourth Division's captain. The strawberry turned and shunpos, Rukia sighs. "I'll get him, no need to follow us- that tawake needs a kick again."

The one who planned the prank shunpos to follow the one who they pranked, everyone is has their mouths shut. "What happened? I felt the kozo's reiatsu flared." Byakuya asked to his fuku-taichou.

"I think Ichigo is mad." Renji scratched the back of his head. The sixth squad's captain joins the silence, pondering on what his adopted sister will do about the kozo. Then Urahara Kisuke chirps, "Lunch, anyone?"

All of them murmured in agreement and they exit the room, though they are still worried for what will happen to a certain violet eyed shinigami.

"Ichigo!" No answer.
"Oi, Ichigo, will you stop?" Still no answer.
"ICHIGO!" He stopped and so did she, the latter is about to speak when the brown eyes boy glances over his shoulder. Rukia's eyes widen,

Okay, i am going to leave it at that first hahahaha! I am itching to read the next chap :3
Mizundaztood23 chapter 26 . 3/20/2015
What what what what? NANIIIII?! The next chap is going to be the last for now...! Waaaaaaa!

Anyway, hahaha! As always Isshin is hilarious, oh my fudge Matsumoto is sure as hell talkative. Aww don't worry Ichigo you'll learn eventually :3 kyaa! Ichigo is loyal to Rukia, i think he always is *grins* hahahaha!
UUUUUWWWWWAAAAAAAAA! Damnit damnit damnit! I hate you KT but I adore you more xD I FCKING CRIED CUZ OF YOU! :'( ahuhuhu, why does Hisana have to die?! Byakuya is really sad, i want to cry out loud right now! But i am trying not to so i'm inwardly screaming DDHALWPDKAJIHS! When is Rukia going to Rukongai? I miss her action with the hollows xD

Anywho, i just thought of this after reading Byaku's flashback with Hisana * *
Rukia made a prank on Ichigo that she has the virus :3

Setting after the war. (Ironic really, making a fanfiction out of a fanfiction :3)

Rukia decided to prank Ichigo, pretending the virus has somehow infected her. With the help of Urahara-san, Unohana-taichou, Ishida, Inoue, Sado, Masaki, Byakuya, Renji, etc. some just wanted to see the reaction on the wielder of Zangetsu, and some sensed that there is going to be a major drama bomb.

Kurosaki Ichigo is currently in the Sokyoku Hill, he knows why Rukia likes going up to high places and he started tryin it out. The strawberry closes his eyes to breathe in and out the fresh warm and cool air of the Seretei. His peace is interrupted by an anxious voice shouting his name.

"There he is, Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun!" Said boy turned to see three of his friends running towards him, he shunpo to meet them since they are a bit far away.

"What is it? Wait, Inoue, why are you crying? Did Ishida did somethig to you?" The oranged haired buffoon glared at the Quincy, he heard the news that Ishida finally confessed to the owner of Shun Shun Rikka.

"Can you not be more than an idiot, Kurosaki?" Ishida glared at the orange haired boy, he is trying to keep up his acting but if the one they are pranking is annoying he might not be able to.

Before Ichigo could retort, he observe the three of them. Something is clearly off, they look anxious. They turn their attention to the woman bawled, the two men who are with her are amazed by her acting. "I-it's Kuchiki-san!"

Ichigo felt his heart skipped with nervousness, "W-what about her?" 'Is she okay?' Is what he meant, the three figured his hidden message.

"She's in the Fourth Division, she's... She's.." Inoue is sobbing harder than ever, she is also trying not to laugh because as she can see Ichigo isn't even suspicious.

"She's what?" Ichigo strained, trying not to raise his voice. One of the fingers in his right hand twitches and also his foot, he wants to shump
Mizundaztood23 chapter 25 . 3/20/2015
Inoue don't u fcking realize that someone is waiting for u and has always been by your side? Not Tatsuki, the frekking four eyed quincy! Is there going to be IshiHime moments?

Hehehehe..! Renji such a egocentric :3
Wahahaha! Ichigo, ichigo *shakes head with a grin*
Mizundaztood23 chapter 24 . 3/18/2015
I wonder if Masali was going to say- where Kurosaki-san rescued Kuchiki-san :3

Hinamori, you can do this, fighting! Hitsugaya is just by your side kyyaaaa! Hahahaha! Be strong..!

Noooo! Red bar, dang it-! I want to read more...!

*flies to the next chap..*
Mizundaztood23 chapter 23 . 3/16/2015
I am completely speechless for this chap.. Except the pet when ther ws a HitsuHina moment! KYYYYAAAAAAA XD

Damnn that dream, ah! Masaki where r u going...?
Mizundaztood23 chapter 22 . 3/16/2015
Uh huh! IchiRuki is really something to fuss about in a awesome and delightful way! XD

Wahahahaha! Omygoodness, Isshin! HAHAHAHAHAHA! He is hilarious than ever, wish I had an uncle like that.. Even if he ask embarrassing questions, he is still fun and goofy!

On to the next chap *superman pose*
Guest chapter 21 . 3/15/2015
Oh by the way, i love how Ichigo pompeiid Rukia with questions XD #DeathBerryProduction :3
Mizundaztood23 chapter 21 . 3/15/2015
Okay, okay... I am sorry if the reviews are hort but i tell you, they are meaningful than others XD just kidding!

Anyway, omfgoossh. I love the past. Well written, indeed. The concept, the details, the informations, *raises arms up* everything! It is so splendor just like the story and its author :)

Hahahaha i suddenly sit up at the lat part, finally... A bit of drama *rubs hands together* i'm not a fan of drama but it is an inevitable piece of a story so yeah :3
Hehehehe! Family bonding WOOT WOOT!
Mizundaztood23 chapter 20 . 3/15/2015
Okay first of all.. I laugh like I inhaled a handful of laughing gas when Byaku asked Ichigo about his 'intentions.' XD

Second of all, kyyyaaaa! Parents and daughter moment again teehee

Third and last of all, ISSHIN! WAHAHAHAHA THE GRANDPA IS HERE! OMFGosh, how will the two explain this hahahhahaha!

As u can see i am excited at the next chaptet that's why this review is a bit short. XD
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