Reviews for Complicated Love
guest chapter 17 . 8/21
Please continue the story it is really good so please continue.
Cytotoxic Tyrant chapter 17 . 8/2
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your story thus far! I especially appreciate the speed at which you are developing Kanji and Naoto's relationship. Thanks!
Guest197456 chapter 17 . 7/31
Well this is the first time I read this fic.

It's actually nice. Just reading a hopeful Kanji and a confused Naoto interact with each o is just plain fun.

I just hope I won't be waiting for two years for the next chapters. XD
hunterofcomedy chapter 17 . 7/28
I'm still reading and very much enjoying it.
MrPirate461 chapter 17 . 7/28
I, for one, really enjoy this story, and would love to see it continue.
Br0k3n13579 chapter 17 . 7/25
Was very happy to see this updated. Don't give up keep writing.
Blane chapter 17 . 7/25
Ah, I'm glad you're still working on this work! Please, continue :)
Jake Everfree chapter 17 . 7/24
It's been so long, I forgot what the rest of the plot was, might reread it for old time's sake...
Me chapter 17 . 7/24
Personally, I'd be thrilled to see this continue. It's a personal favorite.
sweetestofpeas chapter 17 . 7/23
Oh Kanji. My heart. You want to sparkle at Naoto and you're starting to figure out how. I cheer for you!
Guest chapter 17 . 7/23
I forgot this even existed. But since I liked it enough to follow it, I now have read the entire thing again. And I don't know if anyone is -STILL- Reading the story, given how long it's been since the last update. I know a bunch of people DID read the story, though if you still have some idea on wanting it to continue, I'd say yeah, don't leave a piece of work unfinished.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/23
I was trying to find Persona4 episodes on youtube when i saw the alert of this chapter and got so excited to read it. I would love for you to continue it.
RageCaje chapter 17 . 7/23
Always continue a story. If not for others, for yourself. Always try to continue to finish your stories. Something I always tell myself. Granted my stories aren't posted yet, but I still try. And reading stories like yours helps inspire me. I'm glad you returned to this story. Hope to see you continue. Best of luck!
knightofstories141912 chapter 17 . 7/23
Yes Please continue no matter what you have to finish this story at least. Please please I'm begging please don't let this end here. I need to know how the story will be ending. I look forward to it and thank you for coming back with the story again!
Guest chapter 16 . 1/7/2015
Hello! Just found you story and couldnt stop from reading! Amazing job! But I'm upset finding that the last update was a half year ago! Please countinue, I like the story and I'm dying to know what's gonna happen next. Hope you'll find your inspiration and give them both some more romance! Anyway thanks for wonderful story!
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