Reviews for Dark Desire
ereinhart chapter 1 . 1/25/2010
Such a Darc thing to do. "Let's forget about the big scary guy hunting us down and get it on!" Whoo hoo. Oh, how I've missed you Darc/Kharg. ;D I was sucked into the Justice League (animated series) by my little brother and I couldn't stop watching until I saw .episode. I hate my obsessive tendencies.
Daichitenski chapter 1 . 1/24/2010
First off with everything that has happened to me this week it is funny for this silent hill crossover to come out. (scary movies and such at a creepy house)

so my curiosity was peaked to max level so i just had to read it...

Secondly this was good... perhaps if there was more of the encounter with the "Pyramid thing" but still really good ... even though i don't care for scary things i was expecting something to jump out or something creepy like that but i'm perfectly happy with a "happy" ending like you have...then perhaps i'd watch scary movies more ofter :D

Finally as a side note ... because i'm not sure if you've ever seen Scream ... but it just made me think of the rules to survive a horror movie stated in that movie ...

1. Don't drink or do drugs

2. Don't say “I’ll be right back.”

3. Don't have sex, Only virgins survive.

so number 3 made me think during this no don't do it you'll die but then i was thinking "Go Darc. Go Darc."

Anyway i think that is enough of my ramblings for one review. Have a good one.