Reviews for Tales of Singularity
mobulis chapter 2 . 11/6
If there's no dark lord then why would there be a prophecy?
Gawain-Knight of the Sun chapter 57 . 10/30
Really want to see metal gear potter
Artur Hawkwing 1 chapter 57 . 6/18
ouch. get well man. As much as I love reading your work, your health is more important. praying for ya.
AnnaDruvez chapter 57 . 6/18
I'm not going to ask any questions so that you won't feel obliged to hurt yourself answering. Just know that I hope the treatment for it goes well.
Zamia chapter 56 . 6/14
GWS. Take your time. Looking forward to when you can. Cheers. Z
writeratheart007 chapter 56 . 6/14
hot pads on the hands if you have one and just sit and relax. Movie week! Just relax, we'll be here when you get back.
SSSra chapter 56 . 6/14
hi i just read a few of these and am a fan of the older fics you wrote are any of them planned on being updated as i look at my favorites page im asking alotta authors like seelvor if they gonna update as well as its getting tiresome looking at my list and seeing so many good long stories just sitting there unfinished. your sequel to one story is at chapter 16 i believe and just sits there i read the first one years ago and loved it got into reading the 2nd story and then it just stopped but at least its nice to see your back to writing i thought youd gone like radaslab is.
happylady chapter 56 . 6/13
Get better soon, you have take care of yourself and be careful at work
Write when your hands are, we miss you
Until next time
texaswookie chapter 54 . 4/23
If you need more ideas for this list how about Dan Granger former SAS super soldier legend who trains Harry into a lean mean fighting machine in one summer.
BlazeStryker chapter 2 . 4/23
Interesting take.

The loophole is even worse, of course-kill a baby or an infant. They have had no time to act from selfishness or malice-they are the only ones to not have sinned.

As it stands, I see two ways this could go. Tom realizing the above, but deciding against it as James Potter was a friend, even if they had argued points in the Wizengamot, to the point of voting against his proposals on three occasions.

The other is Harry ending up the next minister when Tom finally steps down.
Guest chapter 55 . 3/28
you would understand if you would played rpg games in playstation or pcs because the faith of destiny where you made harry unknown person is exactly same situation like the begining ofvthose awesome rpg games like mass effect or dark soul and that would be ch 19 or something
DarkHeart81 chapter 55 . 3/28
Entertaining. I was expecting Ron to be like the alien Pawn Shop owner in Men in Black. lol

I wonder why Ron never gains any weight no matter how much he eats? What if most of the food Ron would eat at the Burrow was conjured and would make him feel full but vanish before his body could absorb anything?
Cateagle chapter 55 . 3/28
*snicker* Well, that was a different start to the series and definitely would lead in other directions.
Jostanos chapter 55 . 3/27
For the above to happen on screen they, more than likely, would have edited in some CGI elements.

No less cool/interesting though. :)
happylady chapter 55 . 3/27
That was sick and brilliant at same time, but it was hoot!
Until next time
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