Reviews for The Kid
luvjOi chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
I'm sorry, I though I was logged in when I posted the review, the guest below me was me. Sorry.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
Awww, what a nice story and dunno if you saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang but I imagine Harry(I thought of him cause kinda same living conditions, apartment, not that much money etc) doing the same thing like if he found an abandoned baby he'll try and be the best father to the kid.

Yeah dunno thats just me being a huge RDJ fan lol. Anyways very nicely well-written story. I liked it.
CBengisu chapter 1 . 1/26/2012
This is unique. I took great pleasure reading this. Thank you.
Foxcat93 chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
This is VERY good. "The Kid" is one of my favourite films and I have watched it numerous times. You have done a very nice job of putting into words the thoughts and feelings behind the characters in the film. You have told the story well. I did wonder about the references to "The Gold Rush" and "Modern Times" but you explained later.

I would love to see you write an original story about the Little Fellow. I have written quite a few of them and I rarely get any reviews on them, even thought I know people have read them or perhaps just looked at them. I have put other silent characters in some of my stories and tried to educate people a bit as to who they are on my profile. I am a silent and early talkie comedy film fanatic, although I know that many people dismiss them as primitive...perhaps they may have only seen unrestored versions. Some of your other stories look very interesting and I will be checking them out!