Reviews for Skin Deep
bambam12 chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
hey i like the story and all but i got a question: Who or what took astro and ken? was it an alien? was it a giant girl?
moviegal99 chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
"i didnt know plastic could faint.." o.0

lol that waz sooo funnnnnyyy! really gd! yeah, the cloths thing for Astro is strange, beacause in the movie its moulded into him...
eternal mist chapter 1 . 11/1/2011
when i was reading this i imagined Dr. Tenma finding the place and rescuing Astro and buring Ken alive
Loopypop1999 chapter 1 . 8/6/2010
Ha ha! I love your story. I never liked Ken, and it was funny to see him as the bad guy. He tried to drown Astro? Who would wanna drown an adorable little kid robot? Not me.

Is there anywhere I can watch that episode that you mentioned?
VampsMoonAngel chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
oh my fudge! - that song was funny but cool - and congratulations on making a new word. oh! and could u maybe tell me how i can find astroy boy series? pretty pretty plz w/ a cherry on top? cuz i can't find none, the closest thing to astroy boy was the movie (that was a great movie, don't u think?) so yeah, sorry it's long .' - i loved this story and keep up the good work. -Avi .
xSapphireLightsx chapter 1 . 3/6/2010
You know when i realized you'd done a sequel to the Barbie fic, i was happy and it wasn't a let down! This oneshot cracked up more than the last!

I can't believe Ken, damn that evil plastic doll! *beats him with vase of roses* Him showing up made me burst out laughing because I instantly thought of the new Toy Story 3 trailer, where the Ken spots Barbie and the song 'take my breath away' plays. What's even funnier is i think Ken is bad in that too. So, yeah i sorta imagined those two as they were from the trailer in this story and i really helped me visualize it better lol.

And a great line 'Astro was trying very hard to stop his electronic brain from shutting down at the sight of the disgusting soap opera scene' HANG IN THERE BOY! LISA WILL SAVE CHU! (blows up Ken with rocket launcher)

I really felt sorry for Astro (went aw when he was hiding in the attic like a wittle lost puppy) I thought he was never going to get back home and be forced to spend the rest of his power cells in plastic land. T_T was so happy at the end where he hugged O'Shay crying.

I adored how Barbie took on the role of Mother for him, serving his plastic drum sticks and salad (every child's favourite meal). Even where she was going to teach him how to swim, it made me forget that this is BARBIE air head blondy. I actually felt sad when she got left behind because she might've been an OK mom for Astro lol.

Still i can't believe it, Ken got jealous of Astro! HE'S A LITTLE KID! And then he tried to drown him dude! Crazy crazy that even now i can't stop laughing, i loved it! Glad that jerk got his nose melted off XD

That deleted scene was awesome btw, having Barbie faint by not hearing a heartbeat was funny, though i think i can understand why you didn't have it for the final version. (do plastic dolls have organs?) Still it was great i'm glad you added that in at the end. 3

o.o oh, so the next chapter will be on another story? okay! D maybe i'll find out what happen to noseless Ken and simple braincell Barbie bwahaha.

And on the side notes, i thought Astro's clothes were glued to him? but after seeing some of the older versions i guess that's not true. Maybe it's just the 2009 movie that's done that, i dunno. Since they're not attached to him...HIS BOOTS ARE ALL MINE! (steals Astro's footwear and runs off into the plastic sunset)

Thank you for giving me a great laugh, my face still hurts! XD
Time Lord Ash chapter 1 . 1/24/2010
Haha! I am so glad that Ken got what he deserves! I'm also so glad that poor Astro got home safely. What has he ever done to deserve that type of Barbie punishment? Oh well, it was a good ending and all's well that ends well. I liked the omake too, that was a nice little bonus!
Renegade Bladesman chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
YES! Ken finally gets the treatment I've been wanting to give him for a long time!

Same with Barbie. I could take my lighter to them both several times over and not feel bad.

Otherwise, an interesting way to present the end of the story. That omake though would have been better written into the story, seriously, it would have been excellent as a part of the story, save being a scene on its own.