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Yvalson1 chapter 20 . 7/17
It's a good story but ash is a letdown you make him appear as he was in best wishes.
Also you might start the the shipping sooner maybe chapter 20 and build it up from that because honestly it takes to long to come there and Then it just happens to fast
Natalie chapter 53 . 7/13
Please update Soon and when will romance bloom between ash and nikki please say soon and she should get a riolu next please that would be awesome and will there be a fan made movie for this if so that would be awesome and interesting and will something big be happening in this story and will they meet legendary Pokemon or something that would be really awesome so please isolate soon and add more romance now please and also between pikachu and bunerry will she evolve soon as well
philly cheese dude chapter 53 . 6/15
I am now caught up! Excellent story so far! And your writing has vastly improved! The chapters flow much better and quickly! I'm glad I found this story. Btw, do you accept Original Characters or do you have all the ones you need? And I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!
philly cheese dude chapter 42 . 6/13
Once again I must review lol. You must've drawn inspiration from the games with that camera crew and the spotlight. This is so good! I wanted to see Delia's reaction at seeing her son striving to reach that goal of his!
philly cheese dude chapter 41 . 6/13
Sir you were right with the Arcanine bit you told me about. So good! Oh so good! This story is freaking awesome! This concept is intense and new and I'm wondering how do you not have more reviews?! This is an incredible style for a league! Lol I may have to borrow this idea one day for a fic. Nah just kidding lol. I'll leave the writing to the pros like yourself!
philly cheese dude chapter 37 . 6/12
Hey again! It is I! I'm breezing through your story and it's so good! It's flows well and the poke-love is dope! Lol is it bad that all I can picture is Pokemon eggs? Lol! Growlithe/Vulpix would result in a Vulpix with flame wheel, flamethrower, and roar. Sceptile/Meganium results in a Chikorita with solarbeam, vine whip, bullet seed, and possibly aromatherapy. So many combinations! And let's not forget Charizard/Charla which would result in Charmander with overheat, flamethrower, Dragon Tail (maybe), Slash (maybe).

And this chapter! Oh Jessie, James, Meowth when will you 3 realize that serving the good guys, fighting the good fight is your real calling! Every time those three turn good, they end up unscathed and looking like heroes. Sometimes more that Ash.
philly cheese dude chapter 18 . 6/12
Me again! Oh man, I honestly thought that was Paul returning again. Gives me shivers just thinking about that! Awesome job on the Gym battle! And it literally played out like the anime. Ash gets beat, trains, team rocket attacks, new move learned, strategy happens, back to kicking gym leader butts! And this, oh man! Ash with a Growlithe! And if he evolves it into Arcanine... Man that's gonna be an awesome Pokemon! I hope he had an egg move or two in him like close combat or flare blitz! Maybe even wild charge!
philly cheese dude chapter 13 . 6/11
So I've been reading this story for the past day and it's been good and lovely. Its reminiscent of the anime in a way. However, this battle just rubbed me the wrong way. Sure the dude seems strong and all, but Ash has experience. A lot of experience, especially with Donphan. There Ash used it in the Sinnoh, Battle Frontier, and Johto. That's a whole lot of experience. I'm probably just gripping because this was to easy of a sweep. I can understand Onix because it's new, but Gible? He stood up to a legendary in Darkrai. He has experience in battling tough opponents. You tell me, Draco Meteor is literally the most powerful Dragon type move, yet a twister stops it. That's kinda weak. Ah whatever, it's your show lol, so far I'm liking it, it's just this one I had to comment on because of the sweep.
ASD Pokemon Fan chapter 53 . 6/5
Everything was fine with the chapter. I think there were two typo errors line you misspelt me as he and one more that I can't seem to remember.

Took a while buddy bit who am I to say. Good luck with the next chapter.

The idea of a cemetry was cool. I loved it. And to top it off there was a wannabe Ghost type gym leader and the Agatha. BTW there were also some shipping moments too but the two who are being shipped were completely oblivious to them. What's the name of Ash and Nikki's shipping?
femalefarrier chapter 53 . 6/4
Please keep going loving the story
DZ2 chapter 53 . 6/3
Now I remember why I loved reading this story so much; the excitement and the amazing scenes that you write. Keep up the good work.
UsagiAngelRabbit chapter 53 . 6/2
yay i'm glad u updates I miss reading this story
Zatch Bell-01 chapter 53 . 6/1
So Ash has a Shuppet? I bet Nikki will be the next one to have a new Pokemon. Maybe Team Rocket should have new Pokemon as well? Are you excited about the new Pokemon Game that is coming out in December?
PokeKing Charizard chapter 53 . 6/1
Well done. This chapter felt rather reminiscent of Ash's journey through Sinnoh. If he was still traveling there, I would expect this to be a stolen script for an upcoming episode (trading the current characters for the Sinnoh ones, of course). Keep up the good work!
Xerxemalon chapter 1 . 5/31
But paul did not win sinnoh league, Tobias did...ehhhhh?
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