Reviews for Search for Power
magic135 chapter 50 . 5/19
about time nikki got her first ribbon, now if only she can beat maxwell
Zatch Bell-01 chapter 50 . 5/18
So Susanna's competing in Contests, eh? Looks like Nikki have two rivals.
Psychochiken chapter 50 . 5/18
And so Nikkia finally takes home her first ribbon. Here's hoping she gets the others as well, she's got tough competition awaiting her. As always, looking forward to next time!
darkworkangel chapter 50 . 5/18
i like it and look forward to more
Crosheo chapter 50 . 5/18
Very good. Howrver, I hope we soon get to see some romance between the two (AshxOc).I also wanna here from dawn... Dawn could call and talk to ash. I mean she left him, but they can still be freinds. Or make dawn enter a contest that nikki also does. 2 main things I want to see: Romance and dawn
KittyCatKate chapter 50 . 5/18
Yay! I'm so happy that Nikki got her first ribbon. Can't wait 'till next chapter.
Natalie chapter 49 . 5/14
Hey in the next chapter or so can you have nikki capture lucario he is my favourite pokemon besides pikachu and can you do a fan made movie with nikki and when are they gonna get together and what the big battle in this one who's the legendary pokemon so yeah update soon please it really good
Aleeha chapter 49 . 4/25
I started reading this a couple of days ago and it's just... Wow! It's amazing and exciting. This is the first pokemon fanfiction that I've read that focuses on Ash having a new journey. So glad that I came across it. I wonder what Nikki will do for the first round and if Maxwell is competing too. I hope you'll update soon :)
Lunar Fan chapter 33 . 4/20
I have a suggestion...why not remove the 4 move limit Like in the anime? pls consider and tnx!
Guest chapter 49 . 4/10
Wean get back on it a good story
magic135 chapter 49 . 3/20
i like how zoey comforted ash. she's a real friend.
NodokaLover chapter 49 . 3/20
What flavour would Pupitar like?
JDJPJST chapter 49 . 3/20
Great chapter can't wait to see the chapter! I hope Nikki wins this contest! I wonder if Zoey or anyone else is going on a journey with Ash and Nikki? Anyway, please update and thank you so much!
Defender31415 chapter 49 . 3/20
So you created a Legenda equivalent of Poffins? Interesting...
darkworkangel chapter 49 . 3/20
finally you update i loved it and want more as soon as possible
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