Reviews for Search for Power
magic135 chapter 49 . 3/20
i like how zoey comforted ash. she's a real friend.
NodokaLover chapter 49 . 3/20
What flavour would Pupitar like?
JDJPJST chapter 49 . 3/20
Great chapter can't wait to see the chapter! I hope Nikki wins this contest! I wonder if Zoey or anyone else is going on a journey with Ash and Nikki? Anyway, please update and thank you so much!
Defender31415 chapter 49 . 3/20
So you created a Legenda equivalent of Poffins? Interesting...
darkworkangel chapter 49 . 3/20
finally you update i loved it and want more as soon as possible
ultimateCCC chapter 49 . 3/20
Sounds to me that Zoey is very passionate over Ash's "never say die" attitude .
KittyCatKate chapter 49 . 3/20
Aw, I wanted to see the contest. Though I liked that little conversation with Zoey and Ash. Can't wait for more!
KittyCatKate chapter 13 . 3/5
I just realized that Itchy's pokemon names are from Okami. Like Susanoo. And one looked like Amaterasu. ;)
Acorbe chapter 48 . 2/19
Great story, only thing I don't get is why you let everyone understand, now I know ash should unspderstand Pikachu, but other than than that unless the human has an ability like aura they shouldn't understand English. Also do you think you could evolve Pikachu soon, although I like him, I much prefer raichu and lastly can you give him an oddly coloured Pokemon that isn't shiny but isn't normal like a golden salamence?
DeltaMLP chapter 7 . 2/17
I was questioning team rocket still being around to begin with, but you just demonstrated at least one good way that they can add to the story, even if slightly indirectly. This fic is really good so far, now to keep reading it!
Guest chapter 35 . 2/5
Whoop-whoop! Grasshipping for life!
Get it Sceptile
ash latias fan 101 chapter 5 . 2/5
It's Kyoger
magic135 chapter 48 . 2/4
like how you brought zoey into the story. nice touch.
KittyCatKate chapter 48 . 2/3
Great chapter. Can't wait for more. I hope Nikki wins the contest.
darkworkangel chapter 48 . 2/3
it was great bring on the updates
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