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Battousai'sMuse21 chapter 12 . 7/21/2004
keep writing
the incredible wonderful valtastic val-chan chapter 12 . 6/21/2003
Waiwai! I loves this chapter,...c'mon, tell me the fish analogy wasn't the *coolest* thing in the world! DUDE! How cool!I love it! loveit, I tell you! Love it! And it's not just because I'm sleeping over the author's house or because I read it before any of you (which i did..mwahaahahha) But because this is such a fun chapter and i'm so excited for the rest of the cooltastic season 4 of Kenshin. _ Aiyaa. Why couldn't the anime do *this* instead of that craptastic season three. Bla. Anyway! Word! I love this chapter almost as much as I love me! Maa, maa. jk, jk. But still, this was awesome.
val chapter 11 . 9/28/2002
aaarr...heeeleen...that was...okyy...I kinda was a lil confuseed...but i's not that i hate starships (u are talking to a huge fan of Star Trek, and Syar trek: Next generation)...but was it necessary toi go into SO much deatil? My brain was melting and coming out of my ears...u noe i love the fic...but please...dun make it so hard to read...but ~big smilke~ a lot of the opeople stuff was cool, with the kaoru noticing the weird ness of sawyere and her thoughts on it...and that nice moment looking at the stars...that was cool, and during the battle, i'm glad u didna 4get about kenshin gumi...and thebattle was cool...but a lil copnfusing...however much more understandable than the earlier stuff. _ thnk u
Koneko-dono chapter 11 . 9/27/2002
Great! I am glad you send the next chapter. I hope you are doing well with school and all that, I know is difficult to concentrate in studies when you want to write too, but well...

This was a great chapter, I like it very much, and I hope that the next one will have K&K waff too. ONEGAIII!
supernaturalove chapter 10 . 8/7/2002
Oh my gosh! I love it! i loved it! What? Your story! I just read the whole thing in one sitting, I'm so into this story. O.K at first I just passed up your story whenever I saw it because well, I thought the idea of Kenshin in space was kinda, well anyway. I just wasn't interested, but for some reason I looked at it and now I'm hooked! this sucks, now I'll have to suffer and cry until yu update. You're from NY? Cool! I'm not, but I'm living here working and studying for the summer, anyway i love the way you write Kenshin, I so enjoy it because I think he's in character and actually I think it's kinda rare to see that on lately. Anyway on the writing of side characters, it's good for them to have dimension, so you need to give them play sometime and the dom/Kaoru potential is very juicy, but I did skip over a lot of Dom, I scanned it so I could understand what was going on, but I did really wish that I could get more play from the main characters. I like the way you did Yahiko's reaction to them leaving, and Megumi's feelings towards Ken.. Question: 1)Is Ken ever gonna share the wisdom he has about war and stuff with Kaoru and Dom? He should, eventually. 2) Will he tell Kaoru about Tomoe in this fic eventually? I hope he does because I like to see how they react to that secret Requests: Update soon! I love this fic! It's good that you are not writing for reviews, very good. But if you want more readers, perhaps you could give this story a real summary so people can no what they are missing. Peace and Love!
Koneko-dono chapter 10 . 8/5/2002
Hello there again! I amglad you send another chapter. I thinks you are right about the reviews thingie. Dont' pay too much atention to them. Just keep writting! And I would like to read more K&K stuff, there have been non in this chapie (not that I don't like it). Go on... send the next chapter soon!
skibluesky chapter 1 . 8/5/2002
Great Story! .
Vesca chapter 10 . 8/4/2002
Well, I';m glad to know that you're not gonna be a review whore. This is a good thing. Next, I'm happy to tell youthat you don not ramble NEARLY as much as you seem to worry about.

About your OC.. if you're talking about Sawyer and roxanne and tackets, I like Sawyer and I've just started liking Tackets. Roxanne pisses me off though 'cause you haven't explained her yet. I like teh character development you have going on with them, but I find myself missing teh Kenshin characters interactions with each otehr and with your OCs.

I like you story so far, I think it's a good past meets future and you've got a good hand with explaining war. Kenshin's attitude about Kaoru is about to make me jump into your story and choke him to death though. Sooo.. I expect to see more Kenshin-Gumi in the next chapters and more story development.. like what's really going on. Hmmm.. I wouldn't mind seeing longer chapters either, but I understand. It's just I look at your story and teh plotline taht I see developing and get annoyed when I see these short chapters taht do nothing for explaining details.

In other words, I need movement.. action.. character interaction.. roxanne explanations.. Kenshin choking.. and Tacquitos.

I'm watching out for that KENSHIN IN SPACE title now.. so beware
JadeAnime chapter 10 . 6/28/2002
OH MY GOD! It's letting me review! And it even let me sign in to do it! That's soooo cool... especially since I can't get to my own stuff anymore...

*sighs* It hasn't been letting me update...

*sniffles* But I have chapter...


Yes! You do get to keep your organs!

Hehe... Gundam pancake... hehe...

At least some people can post so I have something to read... *cries*

And I loved it... I like Dom... I love Kenshin... I can understand Tacket's position... Yep... lots of stuff... I'm really liking these ellipses... hehe...

And it's ok about not emailing. I haven't checked it in a while anyways... -_-;

Definitely liking the interaction between Tackets and Dom... *chuckles*

*waves* I'll definitely be looking forward to the next chapter!

- Jade, chewing on a shoe
Val chapter 10 . 6/27/2002
~salutes helen-dono~ Nope _ I would never stop reading, besides, i am too arttached to the seems tackets-dono could take a lesson from me, eh? Ladidadda...mmm what a yummi chapter. Me liked it veeery, veery uch _ Hehehe...oh the character developement, the character developement! Hmm...I LOVED that KK scene...first it was all sweet (and i kinda identified with it because i've pulled that same move before...except it didn't work..~sigh~), and then when kenshin wimped out, I thought it was hysterical the way kaoru like, ran accross the rooom _. Also, the whole Tackets and Sawyer thing...yeah...i hate to say it helen, but I SOOOO saw that coming..mwahahaahahhah! Valerie strikes again! Hmm...also, question...did u get that whole learning a bout peple's backgroung from their accents thing from me? Cuz, u DO know that forming opinions about peole based on something like theior accents is very, VERY PREJUDICED. Hehehe...can't escape my logic eh helen? I am anticipating ur next chaptewr with much trepidation. _
DFourthHorseman chapter 10 . 6/26/2002
This story is great, but isn't it going just a lil bit too slow? Can you please add some space between paragraphs to make it easier to read? You know, maybe this suggestion is a lil too early, but you should surprise everyone by making Kenshin an adept too, a hidden one, like Kaoru's gets in a life and death situation, he starts using powers he didn't know he had or something, that be a nice surprise. Good luck on your writing.
JadeAnime chapter 9 . 6/11/2002
*eyes twinkle* I liked that chappie...

*snickers* Poor Kaoru and Yahiko...

*scratches her chin* I have no clue if I get seasick... but I don't get motion sick, so I suppose I wouldn't.

*takes on a thoughtful pose* Then again, I do get carsick if it's early morning and I've had nothing to eat...

*yanks on her hair* Ack...

*sighs* Anyways, I'll feel pity for them in their predicament...

*starts reading the AN and pats your shoulder* I'm reading. Have been, still am, and will continue.

*reads a little further and eye twitches* You... thought of dropping it?

*shakes you around* If you do that, I'll rip your innards out, use them to tie you up and hang you from a tree so you can roast in the hot Texas sun!

*grins evilly* Got it?

*sighs* I could probably count on one hand the number of fics I bother keeping up with and yours in one of them.

*blinks and actually tries to count* Dreams Can Change, Innocence, Kenshin in Space, Gossamer Wings and Sweet Tastings Things, and... I just added that Escaflowne fic (PIGEON!) to my list of ones to keep up with... so there!

*latches onto your leg, whining* Please don't stop!

*tears up* At the very least, you can quit posting and just send it directly to me and I'll shower you with lots and lots of praise!

*sniffles* Please don't drop it?

*yanks out a calculator* You're averaging about 3 reviews per chapter overall...

*sighs* That's more than I had at nine chapters... but then my chapters work differently than yours.

*taps her chin* Maybe it's just cause we're not in that little group I've noticed...

In all the fics I've read, I've seen that there are authors who have apparently formed their own little clique whether they realize it or not. They tend to review on eachother's stories and no one else's.

*looks around* Ummm... I think that's long enough.

*smiles* And thanks for reviewing on mine! Since summer vacation began, people started disappearing...

Anyways, remember! I'm still here!

- Jade, "Pigeon!"
Koneko-dono chapter 9 . 6/11/2002
I am review-ing! Do you want me to send this twice? I can do that... just keep writting! I am reading! I love this fic! I sooo romantic! And think poor K&K in the middle of space ::sign:: how romantic... of course I don't think Oro-chan would think the same way... he's so clueless, but cute.

Damn! Just keep writting! Send as all that Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, etc ,etc future stuff into ass. I love it all.

Go on!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/28/2002
I love this sci-fi, the first one of RK I ever read. The comedy is a nice touch, there's just one thing that really bothers me. Kenshin and Karou seems almost painfully pathetic at their relationships, so chicken and hesitant it gets really old by now, so can you please give them some courage and lemon. Anywayz, great a/u, keep it up.
dfourthhorseman chapter 8 . 5/28/2002
I love this sci-fi, the first one of RK I ever read. The comedy is a nice touch, there's just one thing that really bothers me. Kenshin and Karou seems almost painfully pathetic at their relationships, so chicken and hesitant it gets really old by now, so can you please give them some courage and lemon. Anywayz, great a/u, keep it up.
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