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priest1drago chapter 5 . 9/5/2012
Whoa This is confusing. I hope it get updated soon.
moonpower02 chapter 5 . 6/28/2012
I have to say That I could stop laughing at this story. I LOVE IT, Its very well done. I do wish the chapter were a little longer but its your story. Keep up the great work, and update when you can.
Cyberchao X chapter 5 . 11/29/2011
Ah, yeah, it's kind of disappointing that the chapter is so short...but iirc, it was already displaying 48 reviews before I reviewed the previous chapter, so this should be #50! Time to get to work!:]
Cyberchao X chapter 4 . 11/29/2011's pretty good, but something just feels a little disappointing...

*notices rating*

Ah, right, that explains it. Getting a T when you were expecting an M is obviously going to be a bit of a letdown. Very good, then.
Syaoran Li Clow chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
I knew it! It was The Simpson reference all along.

Sure, this was a short chapter indeed, yet I know what it feels to have writer’s block for that long. I’d killed many projects of mine for that sole reason. Anyway, thanks for coming back.

Signum is signing her death sentence and probably some extra “punishment” in the nights to come for that attitude just then. Now I can see myself that sigh.

Good luck with next chapter. By the way, it took me a while but finally I was able to spot another reference back then, Sailor Moon.
Syaoran Li Clow chapter 4 . 11/9/2011
OMG! Signum being the “seme” in that relationship sure was a shocker. I can’t imagine Shamal holding a whip in her latex outfit while teaching Signum a lesson… its simple too much.

Anyway, as you said, this may look like a short chapter, but it serve its purpose to bring that spark the three of them needed to move forward and face the consequences of those new feelings, that if they’re aware of course.

Damn it, I’m bad with video games, but there was one thing that didn’t belong to an anime. You made a reference to The Simpsons there )

Well, I’ll read the last chapter updated so far.
Syaoran Li Clow chapter 3 . 11/9/2011
Damn it; and I ask myself why I lose track of your stories when you’re in the group of my favorite writers for MSLN. Luckily for me, I can redeem myself about that.

So, after being left with no option, our Three Aces take the hint and went to Fate’s home for the time being. For one moment, I thought Yuuno was the dude who picked the punch, but then it was hilarious to find out he was the one attacked by Nanoha, and with a Drop Kick no less. Take that damn ferret (and his descendants, if he’s able to). Even drunk, Nanoha was able to fight for what she thought belong to her, so Yuuno-kun was just a poor soul in the bad place at a bad moment. Don’t mess with The White Devil and her dear Fate-chan.

The same thing could be said about Hayate. I think being the bystander so far in-between her friends no-existent-love-life-yet, Hayate deserved to hear words of encouragement from someone near them; in this case, fate’s mother. Come on, she got her bliss and Go-Flag for a threesome with her daughter, what else she needs to hear now?

Well, I’ll keep continue my reading.
Syaoran Li Clow chapter 2 . 11/9/2011
So, the memories are coming back bits by bits, despite that, the sole image of them having a threesome is too priceless to let aside. Therefore, I'm more than willing to wait as long as it takes to see them doing THAT.

Now, Suzuka and Arisa's display of affection was such a teaser for those poor souls, bringing back some vivid and steaming images. this is getting better by each chapter.
Syaoran Li Clow chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
I was right to believe in you my friend. Everything is getting hot over here with these three ladies and her lost memoires from THAT night. Now, what will happen?
ZonaRose chapter 5 . 11/9/2011
Lol. Yeah a new chapter.

I didn't know Godzilla could Facepalm. LOL.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

ZR };-
Aleksei Volken chapter 5 . 11/9/2011 are a though negotiator...

And 2nd damn...because this chapter was TOO short!

And 3rd dammit, because I should not read the Photoshoot...(etc) BEFORE reading this. I feel like getting blue.

Anyway, I glad your blocking is kind of over. Good luck with that.

ASIDE of the painful fact that this is short, it was good. Good to BT. The healthy side of my brain loves Signum-Shamal together (the pervert one loves Fate & Signum together) but I think I like SigShamal more with this wild and sexually agressive Shamal. I can help myself but imagine Signum being smashed over a full grocery shelf, with a mess flying around including part of Signum imagination didnt end there but I will save you the rest.

Its cute they worry for Fate. And well... I really want to know whats coming NEXT! And I want to read more of that awkward post sex tension between the three of them...And really want to know what the Wolkenritter says when they know and if they can be together and ...

4th damn...I shall not eat peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich for gets me all hyper and excited.

Nice chapter, I will be waiting for the next...and will try to make more people to read to get you 50 reviews!

God job

Mystic KiBender chapter 5 . 11/8/2011
A nice littke in between chapter that i'm sure will bridge into a deeper plot... eventually. Or not. In fact, if it bridged into more more yuri that'd be fine too. I kinda feel bad for Signum because shes going to get it when they get home lol! But bad cooking is bad cooking rofl! Moar plz! kthxbai
Aleksei Volken chapter 4 . 8/4/2011
This is review number 40! (Ten to go, my god I need to talk with some one and get the other 10!)

Sado-ShamalSignum? I dont know if I can think of that. Wont be healthy.


I havent play the videogames...I am out for the references there but at the anime you have the calling by their names thing and...

I liked to see the "regular" Hayate back on the mood thanks to Lindys little push. I wonder whats happening in Nanohas mind. Does she likes seen Fate and Hayate touching together? I wonder whats happening in Fates mind. Does she likes being touched by Hayate while Nanoha watches?

I know whats happening in Hayates mind (I guess) but I wonder what are Nanoha and Fate going to do with that.

What I dont know is what are Hayates plans by getting alone with Nanoha. Yes, Nanoha seems to be the most "affected" one by the situation but...

Anyway, this chapter raised to many questions on my mind.

...I am still thinking at the references.

Would you consider to make ONE lemon chapter now that you guys have FORTY beautiful reviews?

Aside of that, I know you hate it but...get off of your ass more frequently and update. I really need to know what happens next.
Aleksei Volken chapter 3 . 8/4/2011
I couldnt help myself...I promised (to myself) that I was going to read JUST one chapter before bed, and here I am!..breaking my own promise to myself!

I loved that chapter start. Awkwardness...And .God ¡¿Lindy...KNOWS?...I am not Fate, or Nanoha or Hayate and want to die just by reading "I heard you girls had quite a nigth"

Beautiful scene in just two paragraphs...

Wow, Yunno bashing is nice, Yunno bashing is the nuts is GREAT, but Yunno bashing in the nuts BY Nanoha is just PRICELESS.

That scene with Lindy was nice. I was really not expecting it. Thats "openmindness" You really went a step ahead figuring out that. Not many people can see her daughter with one woman, lets just not mention two!

Seriuosly, even if you say part of this is humor, this is an interesting topic. Most people dont even think about.

Ok, I will fail miserably to go to bed after this chapter. I really need to know what happens next!
Aleksei Volken chapter 2 . 8/4/2011

I will have to make twelve more reviews in order to have that lemon chapter.

Ok, this is the first one. You know at the begining, I was not sure about how you could handle a "relationship" (of any sort) between the three Aces AND I am not quite sure it would be so unlikely that they could end together in bed...well, in strikers we saw a VERY nice is of them...skirtless...on bed (damn, my nose)

I loved that scene in breakfast with Suzuka and Arisa, how that kiss made them remember and have the three remembrances was AWESOME. To bad they dont remember well and that they had to do IT in a drunk state. will be good material now for their interactions... I am dying to see how are they going to spend the time together after THAT for a WEEK!

This story is so unconventional, and so nice. I wonder how are you going to handle the three perspectives, seems to me that you are trying to balance three of them so we can know what is happen through every Aces mind...and body.

Two more chapters ahead...after I read them I hope you are ready for me pissing off you with an update (or doing another ten reviews to have the lemon chapter...I will do it, man...I really want to read a lemon chapter with those three)

And yes, this chapter was DAMN HOT...

Aleks, out.
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