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Triforce Guardian chapter 10 . 1h
I'm beginning to really like this story. Most other TDI/Naru stories just rehash the same storylines with a few extra scenes for Naruto's inclusion. This feels much more original, especially when there's more on the line for the campers than just a simple elimination round like it was in the show. Here, you get the feeling that Naruto's strong but not so strong that he might as well be a god walking on Earth (or at the very least he hides it well). I guess the main question I have now is who Naruto is going to pair up with, if there is in fact only one girl and not a harem - though I wouldn't be adverse to the harem either.
donovan123456789 chapter 10 . 1h
well kind of short
grimreaper40045 chapter 10 . 3h
the last line is something you never heard of before
desdelor97 chapter 10 . 4h
This was a great chapter,
please keep up the great work.
Erazor djinn chapter 9 . 10/25
Great new chapter, good luck in future updates.
DragonPony022 chapter 9 . 10/25
Well this will be interesting. Naruto isn't dumb enough to not notice someone clearly trying to play the game. So I wonder how much he will be playing it himself. Which no matter how a person my feel about Heather one has to admit she is good at what she does and she would notice that Naruto unlike the others in the game has a head for it and know he is a shark like her even if he is a different kind which would make her be careful around him seeing how she can't manipulate him like she can the others. I hope we get to see Naruto interact with Eva or something more this time around since she is always voted off so soon I would love to learn more about her.

Anyway great chapter, can't wait to see more
desdelor97 chapter 9 . 10/25
This was a great chapter,

Please keep up the great work.
donovan123456789 chapter 8 . 10/23
as all ways a good story and i want too see more of it soon
Guest chapter 8 . 9/24
Awesome story so far. I LOVE IT!
Erazor djinn chapter 8 . 9/16
Great new chapter, good luck in future updates.
Kiss-Shot chapter 8 . 9/17
trick or chick?
Linkonpark100 chapter 8 . 9/16
Hunter-X? Like Maverick Hunter X!
phantom daniel chapter 8 . 9/16
I thought the hot tub challenge was over?
desdelor97 chapter 8 . 9/16
This was a great chapter.
Please keep up the great work.
DragonPony022 chapter 8 . 9/16
Well this will be interesting I have to say I do wonder if they will vote out Duncan if they lose. I mean he didn't really add anything to the group besides the sexual tension between him and Courtney and with Naruto taking that role he doesn't really add much. Not to mention now they have this Hunter X to deal with and if he doesn't pull his weight with him then he will best chance be out of there lol.
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