Reviews for Harry Potter and Afterlife Inc
Melikalilly chapter 36 . 9/8
I love this story
vampdreams chapter 36 . 9/6
My my
I absolutely loved it
No other words for it :)
Guest chapter 8 . 8/21
"I'm pants at fashion" lol
WillItWork chapter 36 . 8/19
Well, this was quite a story, well done! I like fixfics, and while Harry ended up rather overpowered and unopposed, seeing someone make every right choice and go for perfect execution has its own attraction.

Your extra work done in justifying the various political systems brought the verisimilitude to the whole thing, and made it rewarding.

Thanks for sharing.
noylj chapter 2 . 8/11
I like blood replacement better than bone.
The spell calls for bone of the father, and I don't see magic thinking a squirrel is the father's bone.
Have a Little Feith chapter 17 . 8/8
Pretty sure I've seen "bemused" being used as "amused". And that's no joke.

Gonna continue to the next chapter, after that minor pun.
starlite22 chapter 36 . 8/8
Really enjoyed this story, even though there were a few bits that could do with being re-edited out.
starlite22 chapter 35 . 8/8
Would of liked to of know about Harry and Hermiones children and accomplishments.
Also yay for Arthur getting rid of Molly, hope he found someone else.
starlite22 chapter 33 . 8/8
If Hermione is. Now a Lady and heir of the house of raveclaw does she not have any money/family vaults and possessions left to her?
starlite22 chapter 28 . 8/8
But what happened to the letting Hermione promised to have with the house elves the next day, she promised Harry's Death workers she would go speak to them, before they left the next day?
starlite22 chapter 14 . 8/7
I enjoyed this chapter, a bit grossed out by the breakfast of porridge and bacon combined, never heard or seen it survey that way in the UK before, Hermiones parents seems more like the type who wood eat fruit and croissants
starlite22 chapter 12 . 8/7
Really enjoying this story.
Right at the end when Hermiones mum is talking about the summer, it doesn't sound right,she repeats herself, it could if sounded better.
And as for Tonks, her mother is a Pure blood witch and her her dad a Doctor, yet Tonks sounds like a bad comedy Dick van Dyke cockney, or how someone out of the UK thinks they sound. I don't think, considering who her parents were, she would sound how you've made her,
Rebmul chapter 36 . 7/29
that was a great fic so good infact I think I'm gona check your page for more
Commissar Admiral Kordoshky chapter 26 . 7/29
This last part of the chapter dissolved into almost movie script-like countenance. Not good, stay consistent in your formatting, da? Will only cause confusion when you suddenly change format.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/19
I think obsolete is not the word it is Stone dead
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