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Foxxy123 chapter 1 . 7/19/2014
Most fav story! But anyways this is for the fans. Attention Yin Yang Yo will re air starting with a movie! That's right new seasons and new episodes. Also Bob Boyle will try to get Jetix back! If he does Yin Yang Yo will air in Jetix! But if he can't then it will air in Disney or hub. And for YinxYuck fans a good side of Yuck will be with Yin in season 4!
Foxxy123 chapter 12 . 7/19/2014
This is for both YinxYuck and Yin Yang Yo fans. (like myself.) now yin yang yo will re air in fall 2014! Begins with a movie and here is the most best part! Bob Boyle will TRY to get Jetix back! And the movie will air there! But if he can't then it will air in Disney or hub. Now for the YinxYuck fans, in season 4 good yuck named Hunk will be with Yin!
C.R.Martin chapter 1 . 7/18/2011
Young man, you are bustling with a lot of great ideas. Your description is nice and very convincing, and the characters are all real to me. Just watch out for your punctuation (too many commas, and it's hard to tell whether a new sentence has started) and grammar, and you'll do good.

BTW, I've seen you around on YouTube. And it's great to see a fellow Triple Y fan from the same country (taga Pilipinas din ako. may sinusulat din akong fanfic para sa Yin Yang Yo!). So anyway, I'll catch you around, and hope to hear from ya. Hope you haven't given up on Triple Y, kid. ;)
Digidestine-Faith chapter 17 . 1/9/2011
UGH DID U HAVE TO TURN IT INTO TWILIGHT? Its pretty good but the twilight refrence will deduct quite some points
GriffinsMustFly chapter 2 . 4/8/2010
HAHAHA u are quite the writer indeed...I really like this story, it's really cute. just keep up with fixing your grammar and dialouge and it'll read faster, smoother, and be even more enjoyable to read :)
WooFooGirl chapter 26 . 3/5/2010
Aw wow! 8D this is one of greatest & best fics I've ever read! *w* it has everything! action, love, it made me shock a lot of times! I love this end! THEY COULD DEFEAT THAT DAMN BASTARD! 8D , I'm also sad for Lee :( cuz Yin doesnt like him but at the same time I'm happy cuz Yin & Yuck are together! I REALLY CANT WAIT TO SEE ANOTHER FIC OF YOURS! YOU'RE AN EXCELLENT WRITTER! 8D and... I can always help my friend! dont mention it! PLEASE KEEP WRITING! 8D
WooFooGirl chapter 25 . 3/5/2010
I...I...I...O.O! OMG! I THOUGHT YANG WAS DEEAD! TT-TT Damn I was so scaared! T-T BUT HE'S ALIVE! 8D and Lena too ! but... Poor Rayee! T-T I'm gonna miss him! Who else is gonna die! T-T PLEASEE U GOTTA KEEP GOING! THIS IS GOING ME CRAZY! 8D KEEP THIS UP! 8D
PenGator3 chapter 25 . 3/5/2010
WooFooGirl chapter 24 . 3/4/2010
WOWOWOWOW! O_O" This battle seems to dont be NEVER ended! :O dammit T-T I dont want them to be hurt! T-T

Oh No! Is Lee going to die in there? :O or... How could this damn Night Lort show the dead body of Raye's sister! :O No! HE'S A JERK! I HOPE RAYE CAN DEFEAT HIM! PLEASE KEEP GOING..! I CANT CANT WAIIT..! 8D
WooFooGirl chapter 23 . 3/3/2010
Wow I thought Yin was going to die! TT-TT I almost cry! :O and.. Woow! Coop sacrificed himself! :O Poor Coop D: gosh this is getting SO MUCH BETTER EVERYTIME! I'M BEGGING YOU! KEEP GOING! 8D
PenGator3 chapter 21 . 3/1/2010
Oh... Shit...
PenGator3 chapter 20 . 2/28/2010
Oh Dear God...
WooFooGirl chapter 20 . 2/28/2010
Ohh No! RAYE CANT BE DESTROYED! NO! TT-TT damn this is getting so much worse to them..! PLEASEE KEEP GOING! I JUST CANT WAIT FOR MOREE! 8D
WooFooGirl chapter 19 . 2/27/2010
Wow T-T this is so sad! T-T POOR RAYE! T-T I thought he was going to die T-T DAMN JENNA & DAMN JACOB! T-T Next time they shouldnt trust anyone :S I'm really sad for Raye T-T PLEASEE THIS IS GETTING BETTER..! 8D PLEASEE KEEP GOING..! 8D
WooFooGirl chapter 18 . 2/27/2010
Oh no no noo! Everything's getting worse..! :O I'm so afraaiid T-T How can they deal with this! :O And... why Jacob did that? O.o I totally dont trust him O.o"

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