Reviews for Little Kitten
Jostanos chapter 3 . 12/16/2013
Why did you discontinue this, shy-hime?
The new writer, so far, is not giving Little Kitten justice..

Just an opinion.
narutohinatalover4ev chapter 3 . 12/15/2012
Awwww! I wish you didn't end it. I wanted to know what happened next! *sad face*
Youko's Befuddled Fox chapter 3 . 12/5/2012
I really like this I hope you will post more chapters
Jessica Clayton chapter 3 . 10/11/2012
I mourned when I read that you were leaving this site as I loved your stories but I thoroughly understand the necessity; I hope that you resolve whatever issues are happening to you and I wish you the best in all endeavors.
Mellonie Payne chapter 3 . 8/24/2012
Noooooooooooooo! Stupid cliffy! *scrolls up to the top to look at the update date* Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :/ will this be continued? Pretty please with Kitty Harry on top?
Lw117149 chapter 3 . 4/3/2012
oh please tell me you are still writing this please thank you .
nequam-tenshi chapter 3 . 3/4/2012
UPDATE! I am surprised that you have Harry scatch Draco!
Tilly chapter 3 . 1/7/2012
Do you ever plan on going back to this story? I hope that you do; I'd love to know where you take it.
domsijohn chapter 3 . 1/4/2012
so cute love it
domsijohn chapter 2 . 1/4/2012
love it
Asherit chapter 3 . 12/28/2011
Harry is a nice kitten
Tilly chapter 3 . 12/2/2011
So everyone, including Harry's 'friends', knows about the preventers knowing about the magical world but conveniently left him in the dark? Some friends.

A good and intriguing story so far, I hope that you'll continue it.
tiger lily chapter 3 . 11/14/2011
so is there going to be anymore to this story ?

because i think its really good and i want to know what happens next
temp chapter 3 . 9/14/2011
please, please update soon i really want to know what happens next.

p.s. its a really good story
Saphieralynn chapter 3 . 8/12/2011
Hi I have been keeping up with this Stiry and love it. I love the plot and am woundering where you are going with it and hope to be able to read the whole story and was woundering when you would be updating for I would love to keep up with the story. Keep up the good work and dont let anyone get you down. Hope to be able to read the end rezult soon.

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