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Yggi Marauder chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
dude, Ron totally deserved that. hahahahaha. and i think Evan should either get with both the twins (yum, lol), or Blaise. if you want him in a het pairing, i say Luna or Hermione. maybe Ginny...

as for Sev...i can't really see him getting with anyone unless it was Lucius, but the Malfoys seem happy as they are. so...make up an OC? i can let you use one of my alter-egos. -nod nod- i'd be happy too. and most of them are now clamoring to be picked, lol.

and YES I'M EXCITED! YAY! i hope to god Evan and Harry decided to get Moony and Padfoot to adopt them. or Severus. lol, Severitis!

Gino Santangelo chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
I LOVE this story! I just spent the past hour reading it and it's fantastic. I was bawling in that last few chapters. PLEASE tell me that in the time jump, Harry is happily living with Severus. I would say Sirius and Remus but Severus is lonely and he is Harry's godfather after all. Speaking of, I would like to see Severus with a love interest. He deserves happiness too! I don't suppose you could bring Regulus back and have him and Severus become an item? I don't know what to do about Evan. You could leave him with the Potters or keep him and Harry together. Oh my goodness, I just love the angst in this story. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Oh and maybe Evan could date Pansy? And then Blaise and Hermione could be together so it would be a full interhouse relationship among them all. Or whatever. The most important thing is that Harry's with Draco. Anyway, I love the story! Please update soon :)
Yana5 chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
OMG what craps parents

i hope Sirius and Remus get to keep him
This guy doesnt have a clue chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
Good story
mumimeanjudy chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
Please, please tell me that someone else is going to get custody of Harry, since what the Potters have done now qualifies as criminal neglect. Evan should be taken from them too, since it has been shown that they can't be trusted to care for a stray cat, let alone a child. It isn't enough that they are thinking about Harry now. There is such a thing as too late, and this is it. And sad to say, it's time for Harry to just write them off as a lost cause and move on. It is obvious that they will never care for him the way he wants and needs them to. Just like in canon, Harry Potter is an orphan.
machiko chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
i know this is going to sound completely random but i think Evan should be paired with cedric! lol! anyway i really like this story i can wait till after the time skip!
dyly chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
you really need to sort out the grammar and spelling in this fic. It's register not registar. It's actually been an issue throughout the fic. I don't know if you have a beta or not, but if you don't find one. Or at the very least, use a spellchecker. There are spelling errors throughout, along with incorrect grammar and generally bad sentence structure.

Also really? a coma? He walked through the snow in his pyjamas. Hypothermia yes. He'd probably be unconscious for a good while too, but don't over do it. It's highly unlikely that it would have gone this far, and Madam Pomfrey would definitely have been able to handle it.

Otherwise, it's a good story line.
Killer of the Night chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
i love this story. it is the most amazing thing since, homemade hot pockets.

as for pairings, evan can be with...a slytherin. a sexy one mind u. nothing but the best for the twins.

snape, i would say someone who is like him only female and hates the potter adults. (lily and james *choking motion*) could be someone from the potion guild or a nurse from the hospital and worked with harry. and she's good with potions and hate the potter parents. (srry i really don't like them right now. u made them very hate-able *i like that*) yea.

well, good luck with the next chapter, and the rest of the story. looking forward to more.
doxiesmom14 chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
love the story...chapter is great..
jv109 chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
nice... poor harry..
Hikory chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
I started reading this chapter and i was so happy to see (read whatever) that Harry was finally thought of by his parents and that they actually remembered they had a second son. Of course that soon changed the more I read especially at the end of this chapter. I loved the joke they played on Ron, I think one of the joke's should be that whenever someone sees him or he looks at his reflection he sees/ is seen as a girl or something that would make him jump every time he looks into a mirror or passes by one. I vote that after this episode that a healer as the hospital (can't remember the name sorry) has to report it to the minister or whomever handles situations like that, and the Potters are put on trial to see if they are fit to be parents. Of course since it was only Harry they ignored he would be the one taken but he goes and lives with Sirius and Remus or even better Severus as he was named Harry's godfather, and as afar as I know that hasn't changed. Evan can stay with whomever he wants, and so he spends most of his time with whomever Harry lives with but spends the weekend with his parents. The punishments that the Potters, only James and Lily of course, get are they have to see and feel everything Harry had to deal with growing up when he was living with James and Lily. Another punishment should be that they cannot be apart of Harry's life UNLESS Harry wants them to be apart of his life, and after what they did to him on Christmas I doubt they are Harry favorite people at the moment or for a while. I wonder if after they see and feel what they put their youngest son through maybe then they will try to get to know their youngest son better and make up for what they did. I look forward to the next chapter and finding out whom all is with whom, and hoping that Draco makes a move on Harry or something. Update soon please.
MyBeautifulPorcelainMask chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
WOh! Totally love it I can't get enough of it! Well is Evan going to be gay or straight is the first question. If Evan is straight then maybe Pansy, or someone like that who wasn't really introduced with the originals...or like millicent bulstride or however you spell her name...If he is gay then maybe like Blaise, Seamus, or Dean, Maybe even keep Cedric alive and have Evan be with him.

And I totally love the prank on Ron Amazing!

CaiPotter16 chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
Ok so I've been thinking about this...about who Evan should go with. I know this may be a crazy idea, but I thought that Luna would go good with Evan. You know she just has that Luanness that I think would keep Evan on his toes. It seems to me that he is always so worked up with his brother and I think that Luna could provide that release for him. I mean she has that dreamy yet sensible look to her and I think she would help Evan see that Harry can fend for himself and can concentrate on other things rather than Harry. I thought about Hermione also but she always seems stressed out and focused on her school work and I really could not see them together.

As for Sev, now bear with me here, I think that somehow he should join in with Siri and Remmy. You know just kinda ease into it maybe take a couple of chapters. If not that then I guess you would have to make up your own character because I really don't see any of the main ones working. But this could be ify because it could go easily very very wrong and totally not work. Because then with your own character you would have to introduce someone randomly which could ruin the story line.

How far into the future are you jumping? Btw I loved the prank I was wondering how you were going to pull that off and I have to say while it wasn't original original you put your own little spin to it that made it look good. Just let me know what you think these are just some ideas I'm throwing out there. Loved the chapter and can't wait until the next!
arashi wolf princess chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
I love the prank by the next generation of Marauders. I couldn't stop laughing. Though poor Harry! He's better staying with Remus and Sirius for sure now. For a few minutes there hope James and Lily actually would remember him.
Sarahamanda Klaine chapter 9 . 2/3/2010
I like this chapter. It is agood chapter.
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