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ele05gs chapter 26 . 3/11/2010

That was mean of you! cliffhanger, I hate cliffhangers! lol

I may or may not be about to cry now...

AMAZING chapter! loved everything of it, EPOV was heartbreaking...

I just hope Bella goes after hirm, or he goes after her...

OMG! Please update soon!

Luv, -E.
AlexaET chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Nilla u almost make me choke on my sandwich that was cold already for having it mid air with my mouth hang open for like a minute! OMG woman, ur mean! Hahahahaha but nice mean, not ugly mean so take it as a compliment hahahahaha...

Well I really loved this chapter, first of all I had the oportunity to be in the mind of my Loner Edward who I adore... and it's great to know what happen from both of them at the same time in the same chapter, I mean sometimes the writers like to put in one chapter the POV of one and next chapter the other POV but of the same scene and it gets kind of boring cause as a reader you want to move forward not get stuck in the same stuff... yeah is cool to know what is going trough everyones mind but if you must add it is better to do it in the same chapter so the story least that is my opinon, so I really loved what you did!

I'm so glad that it was not that much of a bad news! I mean I get what Edward got all upset but I'm also really pleased that James is not a treat to him so far! Hope he stays in the coma really! Don't want him back at all!

I really don't get why Carlisle had to ruin the dinner I mean it was not as if James was coming the next day so he could have waited for next morning or whatever, but ok maybe that is what was needed for Edward to let it all out and maybe it will actually help for him to open up to Bella!

I'm so glad u read my reviews and like them! I really love ur story dearly and think ur an amazing writer! My admiration goes to you!

Yupi! Can't wait for next chapter :D! Enjoy ur day and the almost weekend :D
fvprosey chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Good for Carlisle. I think he is acting in Edward's best interest. Hopefully one day Edward will see that too. Thanks for the update.
Evangeline the Gothic Angel chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Well dang.

I'm so glad for this new chapter. Thanks!
notreal17 chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
so he rushed out of the room... but not out of the house. i hope he wants to see bella because i think that if he doesnt and she comes to him anyway then he will just push her away... i cant wait to see how everyone handles this new news... what would be really nice to see would be bella being able to comfort him and clam him down and for carlisle and esme to see the effect she has on him, but idk if that big of a revelation is ready to come up yet...
Parker137 chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
So heartbreaking, really... just when I thought they might make some progress. I hope E lets B at least comfort him a bit after hearing that news. Wonderful writing. Thank you!
MrsDuckyFuzzles chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
o scary esme and breaking down edward. keep going! lol
clary shadows chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
angel27eyes chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
oh my God! my poor sweet tortured Edward! Bella has to save him! Glad you posted here even though I read on twilighted...I was starting to go crazy with no update!
Salix caprea chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Another fantastic chapter (and I didn't spot any errors)!

I loved the conversation between Esme and Bella, and especially how Esme's motherly concern was for Bella as well as Edward. I wondered about Victoria Masen... does this mean she is Edward's relative? We don't know if he is Masen in this story, but this is typical.

Edward's anguish was heartbreaking, as always. I think Carlisle made a mistake by pushing him about therapy when he was already so distressed, he should have let him process the new info. But it's my opinion, I realise how hard it is for Edward's family :)

Thank you for writing, this story is captivating!
1twifan4evr chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
OMG so Edward is safe now? Forever? Now all he has to do is work on his recovery? this is great news even though Edward is beyond issed right now! Bella will help.
LAN809 chapter 26 . 3/11/2010

Great Chapter!

So James is in a coma and has been out of prison. You can see both of Carlilse and Edward's points in this. Hopefully B can help him through this.
karalian70 chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Another great chapter,Nilla!Good job,girl!
EisleyGirl chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
yikes! heavy stuff, but i loved it! update soon!
mitihifi chapter 26 . 3/11/2010
Im struggling for poor Edward. His emotions are so confused and i think Carlisle got it right when he said "How long are you going to let him keep destroying your life?" hopefully edward can allow Bella to start brightening up his life. im glad the news was about james and not edwards birth mother. that would have been a bit stressful for this soon in the ExB story. hopefully next chapter we can have some more ExB dialogue and see what edward can give to bella. awesome chapter :)
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