Reviews for The Cheesecrafter & The Pet Peeve Lady
PDXWiz chapter 6 . 2/1/2010
Wow! Neither the Prentice cheese nor Paul's concoctions won? What in the world?

But I am glad a Lilla Jordsönian cheese emerged victorious...

Heheheheh...maybe you should sign up for judging, Leslie, you'll know a little bit more...LOL. Actually, that's something Tattoo might have thought of, too.

Oh, goody, Paul won a first prize for his Sunspot!

Most Unusual Cheese...yes, that would be the Love Me, Love My Cheese! LOL... I suspect, though, that the potion probably wore off before the judging.

Heheheheh...George and Paul are going to get along after all! Yes...very cool. Paul can inherit the business, maybe they can open a restaurant, Genia will be happy with Duncan in Montana, and perhaps someday Paul and Janelle will apologize...

Wow! Yes...back together again! Woohoo! So cool...happy endings all around... and it wasn't the first time someone came looking for love and found it with someone they didn't expect!

Yah! Engagement for Paul and Janelle! And he will have his head on straight now, and being an accountant, he'll be good for the business.

Oh! There's hope for Mrs. Newbold after all... and furthermore, one last twitting of Genia for her stunt with the love potion. Doubt if they can make it work so well a second time, though...

Well, Leslie, you were committing PDAs with Christian yesterday...LOL...

What? It's over already? Shoot! Great job, it was just like an episode! And if it was done during the run of the show, you could have used Doris Roberts as Mrs. Newbold...

Again, one of your better stories!

PDXWiz chapter 5 . 2/1/2010
Yeah. They must be REALLY potent oysters. I would hate to think what would happen if Janelle had tried a bite before George and Genia came which case, they might have snuck off themselves only to have a much worse row than Christian and Ingela had that night in Sundborg...

(Eyes pop out of my head) The cheese did that to Mrs. Newbold?

So, it is the oysters...hehehe... Well, at least Leslie won't get in trouble because Christian took her somewhere secluded; after all, it was the fault of the oysters, and Genia's fault for doing...whatever she did.

HAHAHAHAHA! I WAS right...a love potion! Naughty, naughty, must have lifted it from the basement. I'm afraid Roarke will have to disqualify you. Genia, you blew the business... Paul wins, but maybe doesn't buy the company back... Well, let's see what happens now.

Ah, using SOMEONE ELSE'S potion... which are usually dosed up for someone specific. Like tailoring a suit for a specific custmer, I would suspect Roarke makes potions specifically for a targeted person. For example, if he was going to make an invisibility potion for a tall or fat person, it might be made with more ingredients than for a small or short person...

Ah! Ding goes the light bulb...that's what she broke in the kitchen.

HAHAHAHAHA! Genia likes Duncan...oh, rich! She's gonna get him ...a Montana millionaire, eh? Everything is nutso this weekend, and all the threads dovetail nicely.

Oh, just had a idea for a future fantasy. At some point, Roarke's bound to have to have met someone at landing at night (because of a special fantasy requirement, like a vampire needs to avoid daylight or some such), or maybe coming via sea since they don't like to fly (or are in an iron lung, or are Siamese twins, etc). End of idea...

Hehehehe...yup, a fantasy of her own. Cool how it all works out...

Wupsy, there goes the chapter! More good fun... Onward!

PDXWiz chapter 4 . 2/1/2010
Flowers and cheese...hmm, ya know, George REALLY doesn't seem to be a very good cheesemaker or businessman, based on his decisions this weekend. I really think that, unless something happened to Paul's cheeses, George will lose the bizness...

Oh boy, a Newbold sighting...hmm, you know, she really seems to be going full force. I wonder how she is ever going to change her life around?

Good, Leslie saw it and wonders the same thing. Well, at least that teenager won't let her action bother him, unlike Rory. He will be slightly affected (though not for very long). Good thing Rogan wasn't there, or he might have let loose and yelled, possibly even aiming profanity her way (he's got some Irish in him after all, right?)... then again, he might show up later and yell at her for yelling at Rory.

You are right, Leslie. It's kids, not adults. She must have had this happen to her when she was a kid... and now, Roarke must break the cycle, for this is a form of child abuse, I think...

Oh ho! That's how the cheese will throws one into sexual overdrive!

Oh crud...she used a love potion, magic, I'll just bet... Help! Leslie, grab your father, quick!

Oh, well, in that case, maybe a little lovemaking induced by non-magical oyster cheese is cool...

Yes! Zing her, Christian!

But interestingly, he didn't lose his romantic mood...hehehehe.

PDA PDA! Hahahah... you'll love this one, Christian!

Hm, yes, people rarely use the word paramour. That's a shame, because I like that word. And it's been too long since I used it myself...if ever...let alone reading it!

Jiminy Christmas, but she is nuts! Why wouldn't a happily married couple enjoy PDAs? So much for thinking she merely goes after kids...

CRAP! SHE did put a love potion in it! How the heck... But is amusing that it helps put Janelle and Paul on an interesting footing...

OH CRAP DOODLES ON THE PRAIRIE! He's going to find everything out, now... :(

Huh...another side to the story of the selling of Mahtonen Cheese? What's going on here?

Amazing...what a scene to end a chapter on!

More great stuff!

PDXWiz chapter 3 . 2/1/2010
Glad it's okay that he wanted to talk to Roarke for a minute, that he didn't upset her with his lateness. But then again, I suppose it is possible she wanted to make up, as it were, for telling her family who the real competition was at this event.

Guess he doesn't realize that having too much cheese at one time, you'll get tired of it (even loving cheese as much as Christian and I do).

Well, at least she is available, as are you...if you don't blow it, Paul!

Oh, Janelle...shaking my two would be good for each other, if only Paul wasn't so cheese-obsessed and you hung up over his obsession...

Heheheh...eating too much cheese, my friend? Nothing to do with your age...

A checkup isn't a bad idea, Leslie. It'll be a good thing to help him stay around for a long time...

I am surprised that Paul didn't run into Janelle in the kitchen on Saturday...

I wonder if Genia tried to mess up a batch of Paul's cheese?

Ah, the pink liquid...which I actually am fine with the flavor thereof.

Did Christian say the word (skoal)? I didn't know how that was spelled, but I've always spelled it like the chewing tobacco (yuck).

Yum, scrambled eggs! Haven't had eggs for a while...

Aw, so cute...stuffing their faces with dry oat cereal circles...

Cool, he did some thinking on his own over what Janelle said, not over something Roarke might have said (as usually happens in fantasies). Typically though, something happened unexpected.

And NOW Roarke gets to make his wise observation that helps spur us towards a better ending. Usually, it's a surprise turn of events, not a specific observation that someone appearing in the fantasy makes, which is followed by the Roarke-ism, if you will. Nice little change of pace, but still within the normal flow of a fantasy.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Teeze man, teeze man! Oh, excellent, Tobias' memory is working for new people in his life, not just the usual people like his sisters, parents, grandfather, Ingrid, or Mariki...

That was a wonderful scene! You really write the triplets well! :)

Paul is having a great time; Roarke and his family are giving him an excellent weekend he'll never forget...the competition, reconnecting with Janelle, getting the company back perhaps, and making a little child very happy.


PDXWiz chapter 2 . 2/1/2010
Very good...Mariki knows what I thought was an American custom of spelling out certain words to hide things from small kids (usually Christmas-, birthday-, toy-, or food-related). And smart not to make anything with cheese for at least today.

Very cool cheese deal that you made there, Christian! I approve!

That mysost actually sounds interesting. I wonder if that can be found here locally. At IKEA, maybe?

Uh-oh, looks like Mrs. Newbold is not in a good mood...

Whoa! She is actually having a GOOD time...wonder when the down phase of her fantasy will start, after which Roarke points out something which will enable her to learn from her visit...

Eat and run, eh, Christian?

For a moment, I wondered if the website was for Janelle's dad...LOL

Back to Janelle and the crazy oyster-cheese... Yup, she's a good girl all right. She'll doubtless marry Paul and save your firm...LOL

Boy...even with cream...losing to Paul will both hurt them and help them. This is an excellent fantasy, it REALLY feels like a classic episode come to life!

Poor Janelle...loyalty to family, loyalty to Paul... Maybe you could propose to him and save everyone's bacon?

Good idea. Ingrid and Jonathan babysitting the kids...good sitters, and good time to enhance their closeness...

OOPSY! Rory is here, huh? Wasn't his mom going to try and make some of her own cheese? That would explain why he couldn't have any earlier...

Oh boy, poor overworked Julie...a family reunion on top of everything else?

Ya know, as much as I love Julie, it's still hard to equate your version of Julie with the one from season five. Whether or not I saw any episodes with her originally, I couldn't remember her by the time she became one of your characters, and now that I've seen her in some season 5 shows, I can't go and conflate the two in my mind. :(

Well, Julie should have told Rory to pick it up and throw it away. I didn't suspect Mrs. Newbold would show up and take her peeving wrath out on him...and now poor little meek and mild and overworked Julie is going to be the one to lay in on the guest...

Schnell, schnell, indeedy...LOL

I'm sorry Julie...although you are right, another minute and you would have gotten him to pick it up.

You are both right: she's steam shovel and wrecking ball!

Yes, more than mere coincidence; he's behind it, as I suspected.

Another excellent chapter, and onwards I go!

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
Great way to begin a chapter, with the 'smiles' quote! Also nice to see him bring back the '79 welcoming theme.

Dealing with pet peeves is an interesting idea for a fantasy, one that feels like something Roarke would grant.

Okay, the shopping cart one might be hard to do, as I didn't think any store on the island was big enough to need grocery carts! LOL...I think all the other situations could be found in abundance. And these are annoyances to me as well, to greater or lesser extents.

This Cheesemaking Competition and Fantasy will hopefully be fun, at least for Paul if not for us.

Hm. A couple of twists that are all ready and lined up waiting to shoot him between the eyes, eh? Sounds like a serious tale, then.

Oh, I see. Well, it would be nice for Haruko and Chikako to visit their grandmother, especially if it turns out to be their only chance to see her. It's nice that Leslie and Christian are understandable and flexible about taking care of the children now.

Oh wow! What a cute scene with the triplets! Especially with Tobias' 'me help daddy'! :)

Wow, good timing there, Roarke! She is loaded for bear, and I can see why Ashley is so stressed out by her aunt right away!

As she says, she wants to 'make people understand just what they're doing by disregardin' others'. This is one that could backfire 100% due to Roarke's planning to make HER understand that SHE is disregarding others...

They do provide excellent service on the island, and she probably will tell everyone how great of service she received...not that a lot of people will book fantasies, but at least some people might come down for a vacation.

Yes...I can see she'd be hard to take. That should turn out to be a very interesting fantasy, can't wait to watch it unfold...

So the trips are cheese fiends, eh? Wahoo! Sounds awesome...and I'd love to try what Paul is going to concoct...

Hmm, his Nuts and Bolts sounds awesome! Not as sure about the dessert one, I'm not used to sweeter cheeses, but I'd give it a shot. I wonder what Sunspots would be like...

So, Sunspots is tomato-oriented. That would be very different, and likely to appeal to fans of tomatoes. Very interesting...well, let's give it a shot, too.

Oh, it will be so neat to see the kids try out the cheese!

Glad that everyone likes his cheese. And I betcha the kids will run hog wild if we don't watch 'em carefully with all that cheese lying around just for the taking...

Yup, that's what I thought...burstin' with desire for the cheese!

No want lunch, want cheese... Yes, I might have that problem too, with all the yummy cheeses around...

Nice to see Sunspots is doing so well...

Ah hah! I bet this Janelle will be the competition...who currently owns the Mahtonen cheesemaking concern...did Roarke catch the part about 'ignoring his social life' and decided to hook 'em up together? :)

Hmm. As an accountant, that can make him a good businessman as well as a cheesemaker. Nice...

Cheer Me Up? Oh, must be the dessert cheese...

Hmm, so Janelle's family needs some kind of help, too, eh? Tailor-made fantasies, then. Not sure about this oysters-in-cheese concept, though. Another one to try first, but I'd probably prefer the Sunspots one; it might taste kinda like pizza. :)

Love Me, Love My Cheese... okay, that is not a good name from my perspective; it's a better name for cookies.

That would be the weirdest cheese! Actually, I better salmon-flavored cheese (or from some others seafoods, but not all) would be good, but not necessarily shellfish-based cheese.

Ever since Grandpa bought it off that old sick Finn years ago... oh boy, yup, I was right. Here we go...

Good, sic Paul's cheeses on 'em! His are going to be much better!

Great opening chapter and I'm very much digging this fantasy with our cheesy Michiganders! Tis cool!

Harry2 chapter 6 . 1/31/2010
Well, alls well that ends well. I was somewhat wrong about the ending for the chees making contest, but your ending worked out better for all. And as usual, may your muse NEVER cease to give you solid ideas! *I am your host, Mr. Roarke. WELCOME to Fantasy Island!*
Harry2 chapter 5 . 1/31/2010
Well, NOW we know what got Christian in a VERY romantic state of mind! And while Mr. Roarke may not have approved of what was used in the cheese, at least it has had a very interesting effect. Now, lets see who takes the blue ribbon.
Harry2 chapter 4 . 1/31/2010
Well, things hit the fan in more than one way in this chapter! Paul found out the truth about the lady he was interested in, and broke off any plans for getting together with her. And, as for our Southern Lady, I think she found out that there are certain things that one does NOT interfere with! And messing with Leslie and Christian is just that!
Harry2 chapter 3 . 1/31/2010
Sounds like their might be a THIRD contestent in this Cheese festival! If that is the case, then bring it! Might really shake things up a bit.
Harry2 chapter 2 . 1/31/2010
I think that Paul is going to be in for a SHOCK when he finds out who Eugina is related to! But, I also think I know how to fix things between Paul and the family that owns the cheese making factory back in his home town. I look forward to seeing if I got it right or not.
Harry2 chapter 1 . 1/31/2010
Ahh, its good to see you out with a new story my friend. And I love the plotline with out cheesemaker! As one who loves Pizza, I KNOW what good cheese tastes like. Be it with pizza, or part of a quiche, good cheese makes ANYTHING taste better! And I was sorry to hear about the passing away of the other author. She will be missed.
jtbwriter chapter 6 . 1/31/2010
That was a great story-like all the delicious cheese you HAD to include in this fantasy-it left me wanting more! From Leslie and Christian's children showing how very smart they are and their father's way with them, to the humor of Mrs. Newbold and the hysterical "PDA" of Leslie and Christian-this was a really enjoyable slice of everyone's fantasy coming true-thanks! Congrats on the first trip to the islands this year-hope we see many more!:)
Lady Margot chapter 1 . 1/31/2010
So glad to see something new from you - and so entertaining. I especially like that it's set closer to current days rather than back when the story first was on the air. Some of the cheeses mentioned actually sounded quite yummy! And being a Southerner myself the character of Mrs. Newbold was quite funny to me - southern ladies can be quite determined when it comes to pointing out bad manners. Though most would think it rude to comment directly to the offender - later on behind closed door, whoever, is another story .

Hope you keep writing Fantasy Island. It's better than any of my stories and so much more entertaining!