Reviews for Shibuya Heartbreak
Gunpowder and Tea chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
Wow. Oh wow. There are no words that can possible express the beauty of this story.

I know you said that you were trying a new style with story, and whatever that style is, it is absolutely astounding. The mood and tone, they make me feel like /gosh/... moved. Changed.

Loved the comparison to a locked chest in an attic. It's so breathtakingly and inexplicably accurate. (Okay, wow, words are seriously failing me now. D: )

Also, I love the portrayal of the one-sided Joshua/Neku. It's so subtle, it's almost not even there. But it is. And it just amazes me how you could touch on perfectly on one of the most difficult aspects in Josh/Neku - Joshua's emotions. And I mean the whole /human/ side to Joshua. I mean, seriously, it's easy to make Josh a cocky bastard, but the whole jealous!Joshua or even the secretlycares!Joshua is just so difficult and rare to place correctly... and you wrote it brilliantly.

Your writing is just so... elegant. Simple, yet oh so effective. So delicate like if anything else was added, it would topple over in one silent ripple. I also just can't help but to feel something for Eri and Joshua and Neku and Shiki in this story because despite the bastardness of Josh or the illogical reasoning from Eri, it makes perfect sense. I mean, afterall, logic has no place in love and heartbreak.

Your story deserves full recognition for its complete AMAZINGNESS and AWESOME. Just one simple word. Wow.

Well done, darling.
Hassini chapter 1 . 2/1/2010
For some reason, this makes me feel insanely bad for Joshua.

Even though he's a total and complete bastard in this. But that's okay, because he's... Joshua.

aestheticisms chapter 1 . 2/1/2010

I can't really explain how I feel about's...awe-striking.

*auto fave*