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Guest chapter 25 . 3/23
I loved the story. I never knew where it was going
cbsloggingin chapter 2 . 1/29/2016
i just wanted to say that media has a large impact on how we view homosexuals. I myself am a lesbian, and admittedly used to see bisexuals the same, as i became more involved in the LGBT community, i realised this is not the case whatsoever. Bisexuals are like homosexuals who are like everyone else, I realised the media, who had overly sexualised bisexuals in particular, had encouraged this very much incorrect assumptionn
Sunahu chapter 25 . 10/4/2015
Omg yessss!
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from the last chapter after Sakura and Ino broke up, but I am sooo happy that she ended up with Rina! The entire time I was like "Rina's so nice, why can't she just be with her?".

Still, I love the path that each of them took, because unfortunately, that's just how life works. It takes all these twists and turns that you don't expect, but as long as you push forward, I full heartily believe you will end up where you belong. Obviously it doesn't mean that heartache won't happen, but everyone has a place in the world as long as you're patient.

This was my first yuri (I've only recently began looking into yaoi so I wanted to give yuri a chance too). Both realms are different, but I'm glad I found this!
Guest chapter 25 . 5/3/2015
Gua fue una gran trama en la historia la verdad es que si . Me gusto el final no seria correto si se queda con ino rina siempre estubo para ella desde el primer momento
Polyphemos chapter 24 . 6/30/2014
Ino is a selfish and stupid bitch.
Polyphemos chapter 23 . 6/30/2014
Such a bad person. Just an awful human being.
Polyphemos chapter 21 . 6/30/2014
Ino is such a shitty human being.
Killah883 chapter 25 . 4/27/2014
So I'm going to put aside the fact that I hate you a little bit right now and give you the downs first, then the ups. Once again, I apologize for anything I've done to bother you.

-Dialogue was mildly confusing at some points.
-Story often felt kind of rushed, and maybe the bad end of Sakura's and Ino's lives were overdone a little. I know people have bad times, and I know that people with bad pasts and bad interactions sometimes end up like that, but... I don't really know how to say it. It felt kinda off to me, maybe too much focus on the negativity.
-(PS: You made me upset with you a little since I was looking for a happy SakuIno fic. D:)

-Great storytelling.
-The characters were well thought-out and the world flowed smoothly.
-You managed to keep my attention for all 69,014 words. An impressive feat. This means that you're good at putting in enough to keep the reader interested, but a slight warning is not to overdo it and make it seem, well, overdone.
-It's genuinely likable. Annoyingly sad and heart wrenching, yes, but it is an enjoyable read. Among the best I've seen on this site so far.

I'm going to go cool off by beating on a punching bag for a while. Maybe I won't break this one. You're really a wonderful author, and I honestly hope you write some new stories. Maybe try and throw in a happy one, eh? (Humorous tones don't carry well in text, my apologies.) Sorry for bothering you with all these reviews, and this one is... well, damn long.

Thank you very much for the wondrous story,
Killah883 chapter 5 . 4/27/2014
So I wrote a thing after reading just this much of this. You broke my writer's block and I'm incredibly thankful!

Killah883 chapter 4 . 4/27/2014
Only negative comment so far is maybe an overuse of the word "uber."
I'm sorry to say I'll be keeping positive comments for the last chapter, as there are quite a few.
Thanks again for the wonderful story,
Killah883 chapter 2 . 4/27/2014
Yo, I know this fic is done and all, but I hope you're fine if I stick a review here every now and then! I'm doing... I guess you could say research... for a fic of my own. That's beside the point.
I always stick at least one review on every story I read and give my opinions, suggestions. I don't necessarily think I'm better than everyone else, but I know it helps me when people do that. Sorry if it bothers you.
Story's great so far. Non-canon often has a lot of flaws, but this is so far really good in terms of universe. Interested to see how the story will play out. Might be done in a few hours if the quality continues. Screw finals!

Sorry for the long review, I guess!
Thanks for the story,
Zurrick chapter 25 . 3/31/2014
Very very good.
Zurrick chapter 9 . 3/31/2014
Ribbit ribbit motherfucker. That is really hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing for at least 20 minutes. Good story so far and I cannot wait to finish it.
drakenichols1 chapter 25 . 3/31/2014
Love, relationships, heartbreaks... Elements of one's life that we can never avoid. Male or female, gay, lesbian, or straight, we go through it all. It's tiring, to say the least.

So "Exploration" is a Naruto fanfiction written by fellow FF writer, "Enigmatic Ethereality", starring our very own Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka. A story of love, heartbreak, betrayal, lies, all that emotional crap. This story has it all.

Kinda makes you lonely ones feel right at home, eh?

This story..."explores" the lovelife of Sakura, a teenage girl struggling with her feelings for her best friend Ino, who happens to be another girl. Doy! Sakura's awkward, Ino's social. Ain't that a typical setup for some fluffy smexy romance? Well...apparently it's not.

Nope, it's a setup for one of the most emotional roller-coaster rides I have ever seen in my life. This story is not the typical "gets the girl in the end" tale, but more of a delve into the more realistic aspects on what some, if not most, people go through in relationships. Love is often mistaken for lust, and thus is always a subject for exploration and experimentation. The line separating them is thin, so one can never truly tell.

It's amazing on how this story makes me realize that no matter the sexual preference, people will still experience these things. People fall in love, the apple of their eye is confused about themselves, they want to experiment, they can't find the answers they desire, it leads to pain... Just what is it about love that makes it the most dangerous thing mankind has to go through?

The characters were actually very realistic. I like how we get to see what goes through Sakura's head throughout the story and her analogies of the situations she experiences. You could tell that we're inside a teenage lesbian's head who apparently is more concerned about the one she loves than her own sexual identity. She's come to terms with herself, so where does that leave her and Ino?

Apparently in a rock hard place...

Ino's curious so she makes out with Sakura to find out what she wants. It hurts the latter and she doesn't even know it. Talk about being a bitch. Who does that, seriously? Friend or not, nobody should be put through that regardless if they mind or not! If anyone, guy or girl, were to ask me to kiss them to satiate their curiosity then I'd give them the finger and walk away. I ain't gonna go through that. Then things get a little more complicated.

Ino finds our about her secret, she finds out about her feelings, and it ultimately leads her to start an experimental relationship with Sakura later in the story. Of course, we don't know that until after spring break. Was it spring break? I gotta check it again.

Things seem fine for a while until Sakura starts to notice a few things about Ino. Puking, hickey marks, the fact that she didn't invite her over at the beach despite being her girlfriend... Who wouldn't figure all this out? Apparently Sakura was smart enough to do it and yet she kept quiet about it. Talk about willpower and patience.

Then we eventually see the truth. Ino has been screwing around left and right, guy and girl, and pretty much just labelled her as "Slut of the Year". I don't care what people say, nobody should sleep around behind their partner's back. If you want to play then dump whoever you're dating and have your fun! Don't wait until the other person gets hurt!

I like the realistic reactions Sakura makes. You can tell she's a real person and not just some character in a story. I felt I could relate to her with my history of heartbreak, though she's had it rougher. And not just her, but the ones in the sideline as well.

I actually felt that Rin had an even bigger role to play here. I mean at first I thought she was just a fleeting fuck that Sakura needed before she could claim Ino, but the events of the story proved her to be quite the gal. Sakura deserves her, and she in turn. And she was a nice confidante to have since she's so patient and understanding, but honest with how she feels anyway. Sure she was a little naive with Temari but that's not really something anyone could control right?

This story's theme is obviously "Love". But not just the idea of "love". Love can lead to many things, some not even happy. In my opinion, love is the source of all pain. That one emotion can lead you down several paths that you know nothing about. What is there to expect at the end of said paths? Will you find happiness or grief? It all depends on the person.

It was all good until it reached the last chapter though! I felt this was rushed, with all the flashbacks summarizing events happening off-screen and suddenly jumping to a VERY distant present. Granted that some other parts of the story just jumped a few days or weeks, but the epilogue, if you could even call it that with how long it is, just makes all the build up so useless. I felt that more could be done after Chapter 24. EE just explained how Sakura grew to like Rin more and more. In all honesty, I felt that EE could have expanded the story more to focus on a "Rin Arc" since she's such an important character.

Despite the happy-ish ending, I felt unsatisfied. More could have been explored with Sakura's recovery. And also, many more encounters with Ino and Sakura having sex? Jesus, how imbecilic can one be to do such things with someone who ripped their heart to shreds more than once? It just didn't make sense.

But I digress... I like how this story teaches people about the aspects of relationships. In fact, all relationships are complicated. You can say, "It feels right" or "We're meant to be". Haha, one year later, "Sorry dear, but I'm just not feeling it" or "Eh, was just a phase". One thing you need to keep in mind about relationships is that: don't expect much. You'll never know where you and your lover will end up.

The story was good, characters were believable, some typos but not that noticeable, a half-assed conclusion to the story... Tough weighing options for a fair and proper verdict.

But if I were to decide, my final verdict of this story would be:


It was good, but I felt that more could have been done. Just saying. It felt like it needed a few extra chapters to add in better development in characters.

Thanks for the read!

Calo Wolf chapter 25 . 2/9/2014
Good writing but I have to honestly say I'm a bit kiiind of dissapointed, since I read the whole story thinking Sakura and Ino would be together (it said Sakura/Ino yuri in the summary and every chapter afterall), and since I don't really like OC's that much, I know it's an old story but maybe you should change the description to Sakura/OC and add OC in the characters now that it's allowed, just to warn picky people like me, even though I knew how it would end near chap. 20 I kept reading, it was a nice read afterall!

Hopefully you got a lot of virtual cookies from this, I know how writing can be tiring and I have to say you did a really good job, specially with grammar (I die a little on the inside everytime I pick a fanfic to read with a decent summary only to find it was horrible grammar, it can make my eyes bleed xD), nice writing! 'nuff said, this review is way too long.
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