Reviews for New Moon with Carlisle
Laurie143 chapter 4 . 8/8/2014
Pretty please update really soon!
angelgirl0324 chapter 4 . 1/8/2014
"It's an awful feeling to wake up one day ..." Carlisle cant sleep. And Esme is his mate for his eternity if one follows the background of the vamps as described by SM. I can believe he and Alice would have come back to Bella from guilt for leaving her behind. Thank goodness the vamps don't approach love as humans do.
ElSaTa chapter 4 . 8/4/2012
only just found this story today. is a good start.
why did you not continue it?
GracefulDemon chapter 4 . 1/3/2012
SuperSupaFreak chapter 4 . 12/30/2010
Pleaaaze updat im begging u this story is amazing!
Melbi chapter 4 . 9/22/2010
SNIFF! That was so sad! As much as I love Carlisle/Bella, it's still so sad when Edward dies! But that was soo good! Thank you, I really like this story, please update soon! D
teamvolturiere chapter 4 . 4/2/2010
I really like this story, its soo very sweet, please write more soon, im desperate to know what happens. I adore this pairing, and you really brought out their personalities.
DoctorWhoAreYou chapter 4 . 3/27/2010
Oh that's so sad! :,( But i do like Carlisle with Bella...
kelseytheskier chapter 4 . 3/27/2010
Please keep writing. These are so good.
MarveyTibbsMcGarrettWilliams chapter 4 . 3/24/2010
AppealingToHeaven chapter 4 . 3/7/2010
That's so sad, but I'm happy Carlisle will be with Bella.
x- in.luv.with.vamps -x chapter 4 . 3/3/2010
oh my god thts so sad!
SensuousVampire chapter 4 . 3/3/2010
keep going please.
Olinka chapter 4 . 3/2/2010
ok, crying now :(
natzbadfairy chapter 4 . 2/27/2010
that is so sweet :)
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