Reviews for I'm Okay
Anini mouse chapter 1 . 12/13/2012
I really liked this the best part was henry's postcard.
NekodraK.D.LaCroix chapter 1 . 12/11/2011
I think that was really well written and for all we know that could be very similar to canon. I have seen every episode, many times, and that could easily be how it went. For his age and what little we saw at the age for Shawn, I can easily see him using that as the perfect opertunity to skip town, plus I can image Shawn would have only gone to granduation to merely support Gus or to pull a prank, but its hard to image Shawn going to graduation. I think you did a wonderful job, they felt very in character. I feel that's likely how Shawn would have acted at the time.
BrokenSky49 chapter 1 . 12/3/2010
:) I absolutely loved this
iLoveRomance2o11 chapter 1 . 8/13/2010
Poor Henry:( Great work getting everyone very in-charecter. Nice story overall(:
NickTonyK chapter 1 . 4/1/2010
Really, really good!
EmptyGo-Gone chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
Very nice story. I enjoyed it very much, I liked the italic parts and it in general. Lovely story.
me chapter 1 . 2/5/2010
zekeschance chapter 1 . 2/4/2010
Loved it! I thought you captured their relationship very well. I like the insight of Madeline not really wanting children. I think from they way she's portrayed, that's correct. Thanks and looking forward to more.
Lizzy Loves Pancakes chapter 1 . 2/4/2010
I opened this expecting another slightly over-the-top angsty Henry-Shawn moment, but this was altogether different. I really liked reading this. It shows the more serious side of Shawn, and ends with a father/son relationship that I can see leading to what happens in the show years later.

No canon discrepancies that I noticed, so no worries.

Nice job, really a lovely story.
gnbrules chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
I like it! Nice job.
Sparky Dorian chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
Sad and sweet, and so like our dear Shawn.
Gala000085 chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
Super one shot regarding the Shawn and Henry relationship. Awesome writing.