Reviews for Fullmetal Shinobi
grimmich chapter 29 . 8/6
I still dont like how he just lets women walk all over him (especially like sakura who is so much weaker then him...), they are ninja if they hold back against women or just let them beat on them then they might as well as just lay down and die... Other than that minor issue i really like this story so far.
grimmich chapter 4 . 8/4
I thought he wasnt suppose to take shit from anyone but he sure takes a lot of it from sakura...
Guest chapter 11 . 7/19
Kakashi and Sasuke's reaction to Naruto's cock block almost had me in tears. Great story!
MGStarFire chapter 28 . 7/17
if Naruto joins ROOT i'm dropping the story
MGStarFire chapter 18 . 7/17
ok i have to ask in the description it says NarutoXOC but from what i've been reading it seems like it's NarutoXHinata so can you please tell me which one is it
Yami-Guy chapter 8 . 7/15
I know this was your first story and all but the speeches that keep getting thrown around in this story in the middle of fight scenes are putting me off big time. I mean really...your going to explain everything you are doing to the guy trying to kill you?! It makes no sense!
YouseiTeikoku8 chapter 35 . 7/9
some... random place in the middle of the ocean? another review you made me write... i wish fanfic has a thousand more people like you...
YouseiTeikoku8 chapter 31 . 7/9
seriously? Luck of the... Blonde Kid. you just made me write another review! Love ya man!
YouseiTeikoku8 chapter 11 . 7/8
i am reading your story. so far it's great. i'm planning to finish it. but seriously, you got a fucking sense of humor (that's a compliment). i was seriously lmao at the orator of the generation comment. that "hnm" is awesome. but this... showed the bastard flower bed who's boss, it made me wrote this review. fanfic need more people like you.
Guest chapter 68 . 5/27
...Naruto is truly too stupid and forgiving. And why the fuck would Sasuke get to be Hokage?! He was a traitor...fucking shit. I'm glad I read the ending after 10 chapters of Naruto being bullied and put down and underestimated.
Guest chapter 16 . 5/1
I'm super confused so is Naruto going to be paired with Hinata or something or an OC and of he is what's going to happen to Hinata you going to kill her of or something?
Leroy-San chapter 68 . 4/21
Kenchi, great job with this story. I'm very glad I read it and found it to be completed. Your writing is always excellent. I hope all is going well for you and that you continue to write these stories and finish the other ones you have started. Thanks for the great story.
Leroy chapter 41 . 4/20
I'm glad you switched the pairing. I'm read so many naruto hinata pairings already. This is a great story. I can't wait to continue reading more
Leroy chapter 18 . 4/19
I really liked this chapter. A twist compared to most fan fics.
Leroy-San chapter 4 . 4/19
Your description of assume was awesome
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