Reviews for Here, There and Everywhere
katrinka612 chapter 23 . 3/31/2011
I have to say, I was really hoping there was some way Jasper would come out on top (uh, so to speak...) because I'm a Jasper girl all the way, but I really appreciate the story you told and the realistic evolution of these characters. Your story is really beautifully written and your characters are rich and colorful. Of course, we all read FF for the romance and smut, but this is a nice reminder that, in real life, the growth of a person is one of the most important factors in a relationship. This is a good look at that angle of love.
Here's Where the Story Ends chapter 4 . 3/13/2011
Nom nom cotton balls. Shades of my youth.

With that thought, I made a solemn vow to myself to never drink again. - Did you write this about me, mm?

My first and only semester of college I had an 8:00AM class and if you were a minute late, they locked the door. It was the first class I dropped. Sociology. I blame my shit people skills on this. I don't really have shit people skills but it made the analogy funnier. This is the most random, nothing really to do with the story, commentary in the history of the world. Hi..

Is syllabi a word? It is, isn't it? That's weird. Happenstance is an awesome word.

I really like her voice. It sounds like a new college student. I don't like when I'm reading about a 19 year old and they sound like an analytical 45 year old. You kept her very true to the age range you are writing about.

Heh... I know that Jungle Juice song. It's owwie.

LOL. I don't think I could ever go to class in my pajamas. Then again, today I went to the mall in my husbands fleece and too big yoga pants. It's all relative.

So this is totally bringing me back to the first time I got REALLY wasted. Not buzzed or glowy, but just wrecked. I had to work the next morning. No shower. But I can actually feel that shakiness she feels. So in a nutshell, I love how you're conveying that experience.

This is why I can't have nice things. - Dude, I say this all the time. You're awesome.


And so it begins...

ONWARD. Post groceries, of course :) ILY
llegsp chapter 23 . 3/12/2011
I wanted Bella and Jasper together. They have such obvious chemistry. I don't even feel like Edward is worth mentioning. Both the oneshot and the story just prove how much better B and J are together. I don't even feel like we really know Edward, I think of him as B's business partner, not her almost husband. She knows all of J's little quirks and weirdness, not to mention that Alice had almost no part in this story. Bella needs to speak up and get what we all know she really wants, rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to decide for her. Grrr.
Here's Where the Story Ends chapter 3 . 2/14/2011
OH Lucy! She sounds very similar to one of my hs bestie's college roommates. Right down to the party heels :)

I snorted at Granola Boy. I know that kid.

ROFL at Pucker, mm. It really is glorified Hawaiian Punch, as was the Purple Passion that I drank my weight in during my teen years. Oh the good old days!

Belting out Britney, eh? This girls seems familiar...

So, I am loving how Bella is this blend of canon and original. It leaves me feeling like I already know her, and yet I don't feel like I've read her 88 thousand times before. I LIKE!
Christa chapter 23 . 2/9/2011
Best FanFic ever and I've read a lot! Wish it didn't end, but it kinda just had to.
Boston Blondie chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Substitute Spice Girls for Brittany (hey, it was 97) and that was my same first college party experience ... so ashamed lol
Here's Where the Story Ends chapter 2 . 1/31/2011
Phone reviewing! I love the little details you add into everything you write :) It makes it so easy to SEE the story. Grapefruit lipgloss, stadium classrooms. I also really love the vibe of Bella. She's her, but yet uniquely yours.

And yeah, those high school promises... they feel so true when they're made.

Loving this, the quiet intros. Now, who the hell is Lucy? Is that a Peanuts reference?
Here's Where the Story Ends chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
Great. Start with the heartichokes again. Nice, LSD ;)

SO I was reading on my phone at work, since that is how I do, and I got to this:

"Our actions so long ago robbed us of the familiarity we once had with each other. Time cemented the distance between us, and other relationships filled the void. I seriously doubted that we'd ever close the gap again, since our friendship had languished for so long. That was truly unfortunate, because, for a brief time, we had been the best."

I had a big ass lump in my throat. God, that hurts. (Which you well know means I love it. )

"The porch light had burned out months ago and we hadn't remembered to replace it yet." I found this highly symbolic. I'm guessing that was intentional...

"It was a sad, pathetic gesture and I felt it wasn't enough in the way of goodbye. It was a silly thought; I would probably see him within the next few weeks. But it would always be with our others and they were quite significant."

I bet Edward is significant, iykwimaityd. Seriously though, this was breaking me a little. *sigh*

Okay, that is as far as I got at work, so from here on it's review as I read. Yippee!

"Our eyes met despite the distance the front yard put between us. Ducking behind the door for a moment, I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to leak out. Once more, I looked out toward the car sitting under the streetlight.

I miss you. I miss us."

GD, you are killing me. I have the lump again.

He said he'd stay up and he went to bed? Um, Edward, things aren't looking good for you and me this time around.

Oh, Bella. I totally feel for her. I'm curious about how things really are with her and 'the most incredible man.' Reading on. Love you. Always. You're a rockstar :)
Legna989 chapter 23 . 1/26/2011
Well, I guess Edward and Bella must have had a talk at some point - he was pretty insistent on it. But I get the impression that he probably already knew about Jasper and Bella's history; that's all been handled with such maturity that I can't really believe it was new information to him, I guess.

And Jasper and Bella finally talk. But Bella doesn't really seem to get the answers to the questions that have been plaguing her (and plaguing readers), like what Jasper thought after that night, and whether he hooked up with Maria, and whether he wanted more with Bella at any point. Of course, the answers to those questions aren't really the point, are they? Bella only thought she needed the answers because seeking them, thinking about them, was a way to avoid making a bigger decision about her life. I guess maybe all she really needed to hear was that the past doesn't matter. How you got someplace isn't as important as the fact that you got there, and the most important thing of all is to make decisions based on what is, not on what might have been.

It's been lovely. Thank you for writing.
LoreliD chapter 23 . 1/13/2011
Closure IS a glorious thing. And you did it well. Yes, Bella may not have had to say much, but she said what was needed for herself and for Jasper. The end result was what the both desperately needed to happen.

Also, YAYAYAYAYAYAY FOR MY HOT, STAR-GAZING, PANCAKE-MAKING EDWARD! If she didn't marry him I was going to.

Bravo, bb. congrats and it was WONDERFUL. So proud of you. 3
LoreliD chapter 22 . 1/13/2011
You light up my life too, bb. You really do. So do your words. I'm so happy they're moving toward a resolution and closure. Also, I love Lucy. She reminds me of me. Sans accent. ;) I heart girls who tell it like it is. No sugar coating bs. I'm so proud of you, bb, and proud of the writer you've evolved into. xoxoxo forever.
TheHeartOfLife chapter 23 . 1/8/2011
Okay, so I begin by saying (like I did in the gdoc) that I love the first paragraph. It's a beautiful parallel to have her talk about the way the school has changed, because that school and her time spent in it was sort of the...what's the word. The backdrop or the setting to what happened between her and Jasper before, during and after that one night that changed everything. So having Bella see all of the ways in which the school is different - the subtle changes, even - and then circling that back to them as a group and individuals is really lovely. Loved this line:

"In the time that it had taken me to complete college, here I was, four years out, and so very different than I had been when I started there eight years prior. None of us were the same, really."

That is college in a nutshell, isn't it? Man, you do SO much growing during that time. And sometimes you don't even realize it until you're on the other side of it and you look down at yourself and just think, "well, damn." I feel like Bella has one of those moments here.

" I had no idea how the actual conversation would go but I wasn't scared any longer, just anxious."


I LOVE - LOOOOOOVE - that you bring them back to the place they first met. Hello, full circle, nice to see you. And it's so poignant that he was there waiting for her, not to mention that she found herself there in the first place. It shows their bond and the fact that they still have that to hold on to, even if they aren't what they were for that brief time.

I also like that it's a little stilted at first. I mean, there's this huge thing looming over them like the elephant in the room. That's bound to be a little awkward at first. But once they get going, it's's really good. It feels cathartic. Totally necessary.

"Three sides to every story, right?"

Still love this. Going to steal it. Definitely. Jasper is WISE.

"Maybe we were each other's internal scars. Reminders of the past and visible only to those who knew where to look for them. "It's healed.""

This is so lovely. I love this thought, and then what he says directly after it. Gorgeous.

Going back to Jasper being wise, I love what he says to Bella about her reasoning for her preoccupation with what happened between them. He's so right, too, I think and she really needed to hear that from HIM. I think it could have only come from him for it to resonate, you know?

And then the whole last part with the "I'm not going anywhere" and the "me either" and the pinky swear. Just perfect and poignant and I think it completely reinforces that scar analogy. It's healed. And I'm so glad they had this time to themselves, to talk through what happened and make amends and still be okay, albeit in a different way. I think they both needed this in order to fully move forward.

It's fitting that this story was all about Bella's growth, because having the privilege to be a pre-reader for this story has allowed me to see YOUR growth as a writer. I know getting here hasn't been easy and it hasn't always been pretty (although YOU always were, no doubt), but look! You got here. And you're even better for it. To have been there with you through that is pretty fuckawesome, snooder, and I'm so, so, so proud of you. I think this story is something that anyone can identify with, and isn't that what we want? To connect and relate? You've done that.

Anyway, you know I love you, but I spelled-out love you and I spelled-out love this story. I will always be shaking my pom poms for you on the sidelines, babydoll. Always.

TheHeartOfLife chapter 22 . 1/8/2011
Sigh sigh sigh. I have missed these guys so much. Bella's straight-forward voice and just-a-touch-of-snark internal dialogue is always so refreshing to read. I know I've told you this plenty of times (I like to repeat myself, okay?), but I love, love, love this Bella. You've taken her canon characteristics and have made them a) not annoying and b) SO relatable. I know this Bella. I identify with her. I understand her struggles and her flaws. And even better? In this chapter, so does SHE. I love the lightbulb that's going on over her head.

I also really love her and Lucy's friendship, which I've also said before. It bears repeating! I have a friend like that, where we can not talk for three months or six or a year and when we get back together, it's like we were never apart. I think that kind of friendship is pretty rare, the kind that really spans time and distance and isn't fractured by it. They both live their lives and check in and all is good and Lucy calls Bella on her shit. And Bella listens, is the thing. I think that's important. Lucy knows what she's talking about here and I love that she gets Bella to dig a little deeper.

This is so quintessential her. I laughed and high fived myself, pretending it was her:

"Well, it's about freaking time. He grew a set and didn't let you run. Give Cullen a high five from me."

Major sighs to the conversation between Bella and Rosalie. I mean, obviously I love any mention of Emmett and seeing glimpses of Em and Rose's relationship in any capacity makes me so happy. But I love especially the purpose of it here - to show Bella that kind of vulnerability and also to show her that sometimes these things need to be said out loud to really be understood, you know? I think that could be applied to her and Jasper. And hell, to her and Edward for that matter. She's the type of person that's totally in her head; sometimes she needs to let it all out so that it IS out there.

GAH, and then Jasper and Bella have that run-in and you think, "is this it?" and poor Jasper is illin'. What I particularly love about this part is that Bella acknowledges that they need to talk, even if it's to herself, even if it doesn't happen right then. She's not putting it off because she's scared anymore. She's come to terms with the fact that it has to happen. I love that subtle acknowledgement of "it will happen, just not now." That shows so much growth in our girl.

Excellent chapter as always, my Santanasper. I love Bella and the journey she's taken from the beginning of this story to now. You show the progression flawlessly.

On to chapter 23!
Hev99 chapter 23 . 12/29/2010

I love love loved this! I'm so happy that they finally talked properly and hopefully healed their friendship after so long. Now they can both move forward knowing that the past is behind them but they still have one another.

So the little tiny part of me (who am I kidding? Little tiny part! It was HUGE!) that wanted Bella to end up with Jasper is appeased that they can stay in each other's lives at least. He's an amazing character that you created and he would be an awesome friend to have.

Great job and I hope so much that you do an epi! xxx
rameau chapter 23 . 12/28/2010
I'm going to play nice and say that closure is a glorious thing indeed. If I weren't playing nice I'd say something along the lines that she waited too long to have this discussion and when she finally braved to face her fears she got off scot-free. He was the one leading the discussion, wasn't he? Good for him, shame on her, but she better enjoy her prize ;)

More importantly, congrats to you on finally getting a step or two closer to the finish line.
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