Reviews for Here, There and Everywhere
Lizzie1211 chapter 23 . 12/27/2010
I'm so glad you updated! I went trolling for this story a few weeks ago b/c I didn't know if I missed an update. I am so happy Jasper & Bella have gotten their "closure". In my mind it's not really closure, but enlightenment & moving forward b/c they'll still be a part of each others' lives. I would adore an epi! Thanks for the story.
IdPattThat chapter 23 . 12/27/2010
I'm a little teary-eyed. I'm PMSing, shut it. I'm glad that they found their closure and their friendship again. And that Bella can move on because, let's face it - Edward is all kinds of perfect. *swoon*
IdPattThat chapter 22 . 12/27/2010
AccioBourbon chapter 7 . 9/27/2010
So, while I'm working on the next ICV chapter, I'm reading some old material I had on Myers-Briggs, and I dug out a cool book by a socio-linguist about conversational styles between men and women.

So, as I read this chapter, I'm trying to read and decipher the "meta-messages" that both Bella and Edward are sending each other. Admittedly, this is easier since this is BPOV, but... I have to wonder how much of the "issues" Bella is raising in her head about her relationship with Edward are, in part, because she's assigning meaning were he might not have intended there to be any other meaning.


I also went back to read ch. 1 again, and it's so much sadder to me, on the second read. I feel like Bella is in a place right now where she can easily make both her past and her present fit (or NOT fit) into idealized images that she's created in her head.

I don't tend to hang out much in the black and white areas of a story. I'm live in the gray areas... and methinks there is some gray here, in your story. And I like it. :)
AccioBourbon chapter 6 . 9/23/2010
"He stretched his legs in front of him and leaned his head back, hands pressed up to the sky. He looked never-ending. Infinite Jasper." I'm gonna bet that all of the Jasper girls just swoon over this passage. :) It's fabulous.

"Yeah, so it's really a quarter to twelve." think I love Jasper. No, seriously... his sense of humor is irresistible. I "hear" him and all of his dry humor, his sage wisdom.

"How are we going to be friends if I can't stop staring at his lips?" This is gonna get really boring for you pretty damn fast, LSD, as I just keep typing the same thing in these here review boxes: God, I love Bella's inner monologue. She's just adorable.

And Jasper lives directly across the courtyard? OMG, that's wonderful. It's like a movie...

I love this darn story SO much. :)
AccioBourbon chapter 5 . 9/22/2010
Black and Milds? I do not know this smoke? Imported? Hmm...sounds sophisticated and mysterious, Jasper.

"At some fraternity house with a triangle, an X, maybe a square thrown in there somewhere?" Yeah, Greek letters. In college I was all, "whatever." (I was a townie when I went to college, so I never had the dorm or greek experience, I'm afraid.)

"I think I called it right then and there; this guy would be either a boatload of trouble or a whole lot of fun." I'm thinking win-win, myself.

""I most certainly am aware that these things happen in college. It just caught me off-guard, you know? It just seems early for things like that to happen. I don't know, call me old-fashioned but we just got here. I don't think that we need to be jumping in bed with the first people we meet or kiss." Oh, I'm having flashes of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" here! (One of my top 5 favorite movies of all time.)

"He got up and walked over to the garbage can, tossing it in before returning to sit on the bench once more." I love this detail! It really works to show us something special bit about him.

""Are you in for the cleanse experience?" Oh god. it's so hard for me to read that and not put "colon" in there somewhere. I KNOW! eeww...

So, yeah. I lurrvve Jasper.

Sigh... I just want to sit and read this whole thing, but I have to get ready for the halflings' imminent arrival and the ensuing chaos this causes.

I was a huge LOST fan. I was more attracted to Daniel Farraday than either Jack or Sawyer, frankly.
AccioBourbon chapter 4 . 9/22/2010
"I didn't need to be pre-med to know what that meant; if there's a bare ass, there's a bare front." OMG, love Bella's inner voice. She's completely charming, even hung-over.

Flannel PJs and a fleece pullover. When I was in grad school I shared an apartment for one semester with an undergrad. That was her standard uniform, as I recall.

"That lasted all of about three weeks, and then another three weeks before I expanded my comfort-level to include afternoon classes." More laughing! :)

God, hangovers like she describes are just the worst. I remember being petrified that I was, in fact, still drunk, and that's why the room wouldn't stop spinning.

"Friday's a fickle friend, huh?" Hey, say that 5 times fast, Jasper. ;)
AccioBourbon chapter 3 . 9/8/2010
So, how many "I LOVE LUCY" comments did you get? hee hee. Notice how I didn't go there, but actually did anyway? ;)

I loved this. It's a great example of that little bit of Bella snark that I mentioned in the last review: "She said it was important to blow off some steam. I'm not sure how much steam one could build up in the first week of college but I played along."

"I looked around and saw no one I could connect with. Once again, I was surrounded by people, yet alone." This one hit home for me. A familiar feeling, perfectly described.

"The one that I visited first wasn't mine, exactly, but the one next to it." Ha! Once when I was closing my favorite bar with my friends, I got into an unlocked car that looked just like mine and got my key stuck in the ignition. Oops.

Hearts, sweetie! Love this story. :)
AccioBourbon chapter 2 . 9/8/2010
Ah... Beatles tunes... my almost-10 yr old has "!" cd of hits on her little ipod shuffle now, and she is a fan. This makes me smile very big.

Anywho... I found this sentence to be endearing as hell, which means that I read it 3 times: "We went to school together from the time we were finger painting in preschool, to the bad hair days and braces in middle school, to 'the firsts' that came along with high school."

In fact, I like Bella's whole narrative tone here: full of fondness for those days, laced with just the tiniest bit of Bella-sarcasm - but not too much - and mostly very level-headed, just like canon B.

And I'm going to go right ahead and say that it was very canon of jasper to realize her predicament w/ no conversation required. ;)

I have so many kind gestures in my recent memory that I cannot even count them all. When my husband had his seizure at the neighborhood pool and spent the next 3 days in the ICU, there was kindness everywhere I turned (including your loving little email- ILY for that). The day after it happened, I answered the front door to find a family I'd never met before. They had been at the pool the night before, seen what happened, and had brought me an entire meal, thinking I might be too tired to cook. And they were right - I'd had 1.5 hrs of sleep the night before. That's just one example of the many gestures I'll never forget.
TheHeartOfLife chapter 21 . 9/5/2010
SHIT, SON! I suck. I didn't do this one either.

Okay, well, you know I love this chapter. I love that Edward was a straight-shooter, that he was honest with her, that he didn't freak out and flail and run away, but rather sat her down like the adult he is and told her how he was feeling. I think she desperately, desperately needs to see that this kind of interaction is possible, because she's a bit of a runner.

"I was scared of everything: of moving forward, of growing up, of that next step."

OMG, haven't we all felt this way? This is like, basically my daily emotion. Fear is a powerful driving force in either propelling us toward things or making us run away. I want Bella to understand that it's okay to be scared. It's NORMAL. But it doesn't mean you have to run from it. It seems like she's taking steps in this chap to come to that realization and finally put on the breaks.

I really feel for our lady B in this chap. She's confused and sad and in pain because she's hurting Edward. I'm hoping Lucy (I LOVE LUCY) will provide some objective clarity for her next chap, and that she'll finally be able to sit down and talk to Jasper so they can both move on.

ILY, ILthis, ILY again.
TheHeartOfLife chapter 20 . 9/5/2010
OMG WELL I AM LAME BECAUSE I THOUGHT I'D REVIEWED AND I HAVEN'T. : This is unacceptable. I'm remedying this immediately.

Anyway, I loved this chapter. I loved the evolution of Bella and Edward's relationship. I've said this to you, but you're really elegantly able to show a genuine connection between Edward and Bella that we as readers care about, which is saying something considering we were all so connected to Bella with Jasper at the beginning of this story. So way to go, snood!

I loved the easy banter between the two of them. Loved the interaction between them and Tanya. It showed that not only is he a great ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't surround himself in relationship drama. He seems so even-keeled, so open, and Bella needs that. I also loved that they were on the same team during that exchange, a "we." :)


Loved this:

"Isn't this better than pizza alone?" His eyes glowed in the darkness, illuminated by the glow of the lasers. Even in the dark, I could see that he had a bit of pizza sauce on his chin. My fingers itched to reach out and assist him.

And surprisingly, I let them.

"Definitely better than pizza alone."


And I also loved the Beatles quote at the end. I feel like it's pretty prophetic.

ILY, snooder. You do such good work with this. It really is a beautiful story of growth and growing into oneself. You should be proud of that.
AccioBourbon chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
Hi there. :) I'm here, and I'm so glad that I am.

Right off the bat, I'm reminded here, at the beginning of this chapter, of a scene from The Big Chill, where one female character tells her women friends about the night she slept with one of their mutual guy friends, some time in the past. She says something like "So, we finally consummated this long-held, lurking passion, and all it did was put up a wall between us. Alex withdrew from me then."

I always loved that scene, because it was so honest - sex, even after years, can leave its "mark" on a relationship.

These sentences speak to that, I think: "Our actions so long ago robbed us of the familiarity we once had with each other. Time cemented the distance between us, and other relationships filled the void."

Now, I don't know if that's what Bella is alluding to, some prior intimacy with Jasper. But I'm already pulled in, anxious to read more. I love honesty, and this first chapter is full of it.

Thank you! Hearts to you, sweetness.
Hev99 chapter 21 . 8/22/2010
Aww I'm so happy I got time to read this today! This was a really sweet chapter. I love that Edward is so patient with her, and is willing to wait for her to work through her issues because he loves her strong and doesn't want to lose her. I like the idea of her timeline being split into two parts, but that she defines herself by the time she spent alone in spite of the split being placed where she met Edward.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get to reading it! I'm so behind on everything since I got back from Italy! But this was awesome, thank you as usual for sharing your incredible talent with us all!
rameau chapter 21 . 8/19/2010
I want to try, but I can't muster up a milligram of sympathy towards Bella. I do realise her character is very real - real as just as confused as any real person - but she's drifted through her life and in a way will never stop. Sure she's about to face few truths soon, because she's finally being forced to. Still it's not enough to make me care.

At this point I think I'm feeling like I felt towards the end of the books: It's the main couple and all, but I don't care. The only difference is that in this, I think Edward is too good for her whereas in the books I thought he was a nut who should have been left alone in his misery. Or almost.

Where in the books she was the one who had to convince him of her love and devotion and that they should be together, it's the other way around here. And because I don't like Bella, I can't see the love in him and rationalise why he would want that life he talked about with her.

But I'm too curious to stop reading now.
IdPattThat chapter 21 . 8/19/2010
This hurts my heart. Sad Edward hurts my heart. Why do you insist on hurting my heart? I have no insightful words. OMGILOVEYOU. And Edward. I love him lots.
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