Reviews for Forever & Always
Dizziespell chapter 1 . 6/13/2013
Pmsl grate job
Esha Napoleon chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
NeroAnne chapter 1 . 2/3/2010
Awe, you're way too precious, XD! I love it already, XD!

Ooh, XP! Jody! I like it, XP! I love all of the couples! XD! Winnage! MALE PREGNANCY! YAY!


LMAO! Great opening, XD! "I'm Matthew...and I'm a sexoholic." XD! WOOT!

Sheesh, what a web...that's gonna get so tangled! 0_0! Haha, I'm so eager to see how it spans out, XD!

XD! That weird guy that mops the floor is not worthy, XD! Their daddy knows? XD! WOOT!

Treehouse! I've always wanted one...they seemed fun. Poor kid! XD! Hiding from his brother in a tree house! XD! That must suck. HAH! Matt can't climb! XD!

Matt's a pervert, XD! And dear Jeff knows he loves his Cody! XD!

*reads on*

0_0 My Teddy bear tried to touch Cody? Grr...not good, Teddy! NOT GOOD!

If the teachers want you to be together...then it'll happen eventually, XD!

Ted knows better, XD! Jeff would have knocked him a good one,XD!

Awe...Phil has a boy crush! That's such a cute way of gaining it too! HAHA and with Madam, XD! A FACT. XD! Matt is so dense, XD!

Darkness babies..XD! I love that. the babies will be evil? XD! Oh that is so delicious, XD!

JUST IT. XD! Like good little virgins, they don't touch the subject! SO cute!

*reads on*

Jeff in art class! XD! That's so damn right!

Hand...down his pants...MATT! XD! WOOT! OMG and a slap to boot! Wow, that cheek must be stinging,XD!

I love how cocky Matt is with Jeff, XD! That just shows he's dom! XD!

XP! Their attitudes! XD! Oh yeah, Jeff is kickass, Phil's a slut and Cody's a baby! XD! WOOT! I LOVE their clothes...GAH.

Jeff made Matty a present? AWE.

..And of course, Matt fucks it up, XD!

Damn teacher...interrupting something good. XD!

Haha, Jeff's day! XD! LE GASP. Phil is going to YUM on Cody!

*reads on*

Awe, Jeff's upset that his little Codester has a date! XD! Phil is such a nosey nelly! XD!


..Not from Matt? Then WHO?


XP! LOL! Matt FLIPPED!...and he plays SOCCER, too! OH HELL YEAH! XD!

I LOVE how Phil got so excited when Adam looked at him. I can'thelp but sigh girlishly at that! So cute!

CHEMISTRY! The bane f my FUCKING existance! GRR!

Jeff, XP! He got played in a joke! XD!

*reads on*

Jeff is asleepin! Ooh, XD! I want to sleep in a treehouse! No blanket! Alright!

PURPLE HAIRCLIP!3! Matt is climbing the tree..OMG he's gonna rape Jeff! XD!

YUM YUM! XD! Kissy and touchy on Jeffy! XD! Woot! XD!

Hehe, Jeff is gonna wake up like, "WT?" XD!

0_0 Ted is so amouros! It's like he wants to EAT the Cody!

OMG, no! He can't deflower Cody!

Him? Cody love "him" XD! As in who? JEFF?

BLOW JOB! But dammit...he should't be doing it... leaat Ted has a heart.

Cody is cute, he has to be good at something. LMAO! Phil and the flute, X3!

*reads on*

Matt is gonna rape Jeff! XP! I love it!

Wait, Wait, Wait! But if Matt rapes Jeff...then he'll get pregnant and...uh oh...

Matt is fucking Jeff..I love it! XD! Rough, rough,rough! XD!

Awe, Jeff is crying...

Dammit, Matt. It's not a laughing matter! That child could...ouch.

Awe...Jeff must feel so broken.

Noo...Matt can't leave, it wouldn't be right!

That baby is going to be...the antichrist!

Matt's taking it rather well...he wants the baby. He's so cute.

Hehe, XP! Adorable brothers.

*reads on*


...Who'se he? bamboozled us! XD! I love that! Jeff is with the Cody! XD! YHEY!

Poor boys...this is so difficult.

0_0 damn is COdy blunt.

Uh oh...Matt caught them!

OMG! Jeff is makes so much sense! It was ADAM! Matt would give Addy a chance...he's cute.

SIXTEEN! *DIES* I forgot how young they were...

Their sounds so familiar, XD! They're really adorable together. I still can't believe it! XD!

Haha, XD! Matt is BLIND! XD!

Awe, advice from baby brother! So cute.

Jeff made love to Cody! AWE!


Sorry, Addy. Jeff is Cody's, XD!


WOOT! I knew Matt was dense! XD!

HAHAH! Phil won't leave anyone alone!

...What's Matt gonna do?

*reads on*

Matt got Phil pregnant! ...Oh, wow. The beginning was right! He is addicted to sex! SHEESH

It's not Matt's fault...that's like a sickness or something...Addy can fix him!

Awe...they're all gonna be taken care of! I love that!

HEY! XD! Cody's good at a lot of things! XD!

Oh...cute baby...XD!

...Lambs blood? Wow. That's interesting...I would have thought human blood but hey, XD!

LMAO! Matt hates Math but works in it! Oh the IRONY!

Odd..but very cute.

Lydia! I like that name! It's one of my friends names, XD!

OMG! PErfect ending! I loves it!

I LOVE YOU TOO, BABY!Wow...THREE! XD! Just send them to my email, XD! I love you SO much! Thanks for this! I LOVE IT! I can't wait for you to read your little package of V-day stuff, XD! They'll be starting soon! XD!



xxVioletxxRosexx chapter 1 . 2/3/2010

Awesome job writing it! :)