Reviews for Blood, Fire, Shadow
Kalira69 chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
First I have to tell you that I love you for this, seriously. I have so rarely met anyone who actually knows these stories, and you wrote for them, and . . . I made embarrassing flaily gestures when I began to read.

Apparently I must add good knowledge of mythology to the short list of things that reduce me to such, along with fine literature and complex words and etymology.

*deep breaths*

All right, then. The writing was beautiful, beyond the subject matter being just . . . amazing. It was made more interesting by the vantage point of a part of Cú Chulainn's story that seems to be sort of glossed over, most of the time.

The way you painted Cú Chulainn's vision of Scáthach rang true for me, in that place between respect and love and awe and devotion, and I liked it even more as you kept the feeling - she is his Master, but it's a balance kept easily by the both of them, not something forced or uncomfortable - all the way through the story.

That's leaving aside the almost delicate way the story shifted between the scenes and stages, very smooth and natural.

As I try to write further I'm starting to make less sense, so I'll stop here, but I had to tell you how wonderful your story was, and how much I loved it - I hope you're still around on the site and read this!

Thank you for writing and sharing this lovely work.

pandora midnight blue chapter 1 . 5/20/2010
Thats so cool.I didn't know people were writing about Irish mythology on this site!Well done!I love the topic so much(I'm studying it in college)