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afeltyz chapter 61 . 6/25
Another excellent chapter.

I can't believe that I'm still hooked after 61 chapters.

I thoroughly look forward to your future chapters.
Passerbye chapter 61 . 6/24
I could not really put to words my appreciation of your writing. Pardon any clumsy wording. Your blend of canon and fairy tales is exquisite, the elements you take of each is a foundation to an elaborate and well built story. The character growth, especially in regards to Sesshomaru, is gradual and feels natural. Never did I feel like anything was rushed or out of character for the situation. Your descriptions paint a vivid portrait, a complete world that I can see clearly. The attention to detail and respect given to the origional tales is wonderful. I can really see and feel the research you must have done and found immense joy from trying to guess from what tale, or multiple, you were referencing throughout your chapters. In your latest chapters I have been delighted to see all range of characters and from so many backgrounds! Baba Yaga is a small favorite of mine and so it was a perfect surprise. I greatly look forward to reading any future chapters that you might post. Thank you for sharing your tale.
the Honeycomb chapter 61 . 6/17
Ugh see this is what happens when I don't read multiple chapters at a time, I forget all the little details! I remembered the sparrow but forgot the fruit and the value of those cards. I was actually nervous that Sessho would lose a card game or that Baba would eat the sparrow. This way is much better!
Estefania chapter 61 . 6/14
Esta muy bien esta historia. El transcurso de los cuentos a sido divertido y loscambios de kagome y seshomaru an sido prometedores.
Lo leí de un tirón, como es larga pensé que estaría terminada así que me lleve un chasco cuando no vi final. Este último con ella como un León y seshomaru tan juguetón y jovial , pensé que quizás los dioses le terminarán dando algún regalo a kagome como la inmortalidad un ser celestial o bestial. O quien sabe quizás kagome desde un principio fue una de esas tantas diosas olvidadas o reencarnadas. Seshomaru sienta algo por kagome pero aun no muy fuerte y no esta enterado además. Así que espero que con su búsqueda resuelva sus sentimientos y cuando vuelvan a reunirse sea paga comersela ja ja ja. Suerte y sigue pronto porfabor.
Roseanna817 chapter 60 . 2/13
I have spent the last week and a half reading your story, and I must say I love the way you portray everything. The alterations to the "classic fairy tales" is so very creative, and Iike how you didn't limit either Sesshomaru or Kagome's participation in the stories to roles that matched their gender. I still get a chuckle out of imagining Sesshomaru in some kind of long gown dress from the 1600's. I hope you update soon, because I look forward to reading more of Sesshomaru's reflections about his own life and how he interacts with other people. Keep up the fantastic writing! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/9
Okay.. pheww it took me two days but I have read it all!
Great story! Loved the details in it all .. the build up .. how each chapter and each arc becomes more and more intricate..
i love how it feels like now that Sesshoumaru is the one looking for Kagome the style of the story has completely changed. And you are using other stories for it. And how he is playing more ‘by the books’ than Kagome did.
I don’t know what will happen but I really like how this is solely Sessh’s POV. The comedic style has left a bit now that the roles are reverted but I can’t wait what you come up with.. I regret reading it all so fast and for me to have to wait likee the rest but I have the patience, I think

Owww and i can’t point out all the chapters but indeed there are still mistakes in the story mostly spelling and you forget to finish your sentences .. and even the latest chapters you wrote his name correctly.. It’s Jaken and not Janken.. and Rin not Rinn .. otherwise yeahh ..
ow and thank you for the explanation of the stories you were inspired by. i don’t remember all the stories my self but it is very lovely to see this alla once upon a time/ anime mash up .. it’s awesome
Ok i am done

Hati chapter 60 . 2/3
Ohh I love any updates of this story and they never disapoint! Baba Yaga is quite charming as a character and Sesshomaru's maturity always captivates me, little things like how he knows how to avoid verbal baiting and his aunt's interests gives a lot of insight to his many experiences and years as opposed to how he is portrayed as a bitter teenager in many other stories, even in cannon Inuyasha a little.
P.S. Wouldn't have minded meeting Dawn, Day and Deepest Night ;)
(Forgive my spelling errors, it's not my first language hehe)
sesshylovr chapter 60 . 2/4
This story deserves SOOOOO many more reviews! Happily awaiting your next chapter!
twotoed chapter 60 . 2/3
Haha, the story has to end some day? With the amount of fairy tales out there I can definitely see needing a limit somehow. Otherwise we'll wait hopefully for your updates until the end of fanfiction, most likely.

Thanks for posting!
SilverDreamer chapter 60 . 1/31
Haven't even read the new chapter yet, no time now, but just wanted to say, thank you so much! I always keep this fic in the back of my mind, checking every so often for an update. It may be slow, but it is SO worth it.
Glad to know that real life is going well - better that reason for few updates than the other one! I'm also glad to hear that you plan to finish Dis-tressed. It's a really fun concept and I'm looking forward to see how Itoko develops (physically and otherwise) and how the heck he is going to finally relate to Lord Sess.
Seriously, thanks!
FallenRaindrops chapter 60 . 2/1
PHEW man oh man I've been hacking away at this fic for two days now and I'm fucking living it. My only disappointment is finding I've reached the end of current chapters and will join everyone else in update suffering. I've thoroughly enjoyed the fairy tale adaptations and the careful blending of tales. I also appreciate the research you've done for this fic as it makes it that much more interesting and heartfelt. The Easter eggs have been fun to try and catch, too.
I also like the whimsical nature of the gods shining through because who else but a deity could get Sesshoumaru to be knocked down a peg or two? At the same time, you've been able to preserve his character, as we see in his moments of needing to school himself.
Of course, I also loved the development of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's relationship. While I fully hope to see them banging out by the end of this (unrealistic, I know), I would still appreciate it ending with just them coming out as good friends because with an in-character Sesshoumaru, isn't that the same thing?
I'm also curious as to if you'd calculated the passage of time between the realms. It's hard to tell how time has passed for Kagome's crew vs the fairy tale realm. The last part with Sesshoumaru saying he'd wait three days before seeking her out himself - did they have the same three days? Does time slow and speed up as whimsically as the gods? It feels like they've been in the fairy tale realm for at least 2 years now but I can't imagine the real world crew taking two years to get to Enoshima.
Anyways, it's late again and I have to actually try to get shit done tomorrow (today) so I'll leave this here long review for you. I like this fic enough to maybe reread in a week or so and hash out comments for the previous (59) chapters.
lady sesshomaru sama 949 chapter 60 . 2/1
afeltyz chapter 60 . 1/30
It may end but I hope there will be subsequent sequels 333

I am so greatly excited
the Honeycomb chapter 60 . 1/30
WOOO! I broke the camel's back! I feel like that should be on a plaque. Or certificate. I need some bragging rights! Also, I read up a little on Baba Yaga to try and predict what could happen, and I think I know why you included the sparrow! If it transforms into a firebird I'm giving myself 500 points. And maybe a cookie. When I first read that Baba Yaga was as likely to help someone as eat them, I was afraid she was storing up Kagome to eat her, but then I couldn't recall if Baba was the one Anansi said was holding Kagome or if she would simply know where she was/who was hiding her. And I also have to say, until this chapter I thought we were supposed to be in Antarctica. We were in Africa right? Then moved Southwest? But now we're in northern Russia? Looking forward to your next chapter!
the Honeycomb chapter 1 . 1/26
*abandoned not answered oops
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