Reviews for Ikkou sentences
The Countess of Monte Cristo chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
So...I loved all the sentences, so I tried to contain myself a bit in this review. Lol. :)

. Sanzo and beautiful definitely do go hand in hand...but he'd never own up to it. Lol.
, I agree. Sometimes their interactions border on cruelty, but they know each other well enough to know thier respective limits.
17. "...or Sanzo sat down silently next to him, both of them knowing that just his presence was enough to vanquish any ghost." So true.
21. This one might be my favorite. It's simple but very profound.
27. It has beautiful and elegant phrasing!
30. Wow. I especially loved the phrase about the closed doors.
33. So true. You really understand Minekura's characters so well!
35. Hakkai is transformed into a babysitter, indeed.
36. I really want to know how Hakkai and Hakuryuu found one another...
38. I love this one! So insightful!
40. Lol for "spiritual lo jack" as I call it!
48. Very deep!
49. I love any reference to Gaiden!
Starfool chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
Wonderful! You have them all down perfectly, and I absolutely loved reading them. Especially love (Settle) and (Terror). Do be careful with your sentence construction though; a few of them could be better phrased (and now I've forgotten which ones ; ). Keep up the excellent work!
YuriyTalaIvanov chapter 1 . 7/18/2010
omg this is awesome! i absolutely LOVE all your sentences fics!
Lauand chapter 2 . 5/22/2010
Lovely. I really enjoyed reading this, you nailed their personalities and interactions perfectly. There are many sentences I found outstanding, but one of my favourites was 6-Breathe. Thanks for sharing!
Metsudo chapter 2 . 3/31/2010
One of the best Saiyuki fanficts ever! Thanks! :)
Mako-clb chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
Interesting, sweet, insightful, and different are all words to describe what you've written here.
scindo chapter 1 . 3/30/2010
very, very deep and significant. I love all the sentences at heart, and it's hard to choose what's best. But here are some of my personal favorites:

5 - I admire Goku's positive and easy perspective about life, that even the least detail is noticed with its own significant beauty. His perspective might have been brought about his imprisonment; thinking about his experience nevertheless makes me sad, then smile after about his sweet freedom. 5 certainly identified his joy. 3

16 - The ikkou had their own dark times- Sanzo losing his master, Hakkai losing Kanan, Gojyo almost being killed by his own mother... But what struck me most is that in Goku, his darkest time was being without anything, unlike the rest of the ikkou who had held something close to their hearts and lost it. I think what hurts more is being without rather than being with and losing it. (gah, it's hard to make up for the right sentence O.o )

17 - It's true that Goku has his own ups and down somtimes; it only prove that he can't always be the happy-go-lucky saru the ikkou knows. The ikkou cheering him up is so sweet. 3

18 - The cycles proves to be so true. I love the way you detailed the things they do and the meaning you gave in it. It gave me a new perspective on the four of them.

23 - About the kind of bond Goku and Sanzo has, I guess we can say it's unconditional love. Sometimes I don't like the way Sanzo treats Goku; Sanzo calling Goku a bakasaru and hitting on him, while Goku doesn't even call Sanzo any silly name- he just calls him by his name... and a lot more times of inequality ... (especially from episode 39 of GS)... But even all through that Goku still acknowledges Sanzo and respects and cares for him. I love the way you caged that idea in the sentence. 3

39 - I noticed Sanzo doesn't say sorry at all, while Goku says it all the time. I love your concept here. On Sanzo, actions speak louder than words. So yeah. xD

49 - I've always wondered if ever the ikkou felt de ja vu about their Gaiden life, and accidentally point out familiar things that aren't really there. You answered me. That Gaiden remembrace is sublime. 3

50 - It sums every sentence you've given in perfect blend.

Thank you for the beautiful 1st chapter. It was eye-opening for me. 3
UpperClassK9 chapter 2 . 3/30/2010
3! (Prime): Poor Jeep! I like this whole chapter a lot! I promise to leave a more detailed review next time... Danged being busy.
mimi chapter 2 . 3/29/2010
im in love with this story especially the parts about hakkai
RainingCoffee chapter 1 . 3/14/2010
2(sleep) was very cute

3(inspire) was, well, inspiring. it says alot about him

5(lovely) yeah i'd love to see the aftermath if he ever did call him beautiful. :3

6(breathe) this was kinda lol for me because for one it'd be kinda creepy but for two i love to see the boys so close

14(all) they might not like to admit it but it's true :)

17(hurt) aww it makes me feel so bad for Goku what happened there. :(

18(kind) it's kinda like a circle, they work well off it.

20(pattern) Lol

26(figure) poor oblivious Goku. i mean he gets some stuff but not other stuff.

32(cut) at the risk of being sappy, yin and yang

34(cover) Lol'd the whole way through

37(slight) what would it be like to know someone that well?

40(call) Goku still hasn't left? no wonder sanzo's so silent, he always listening to something in his head

43(house) i can so see him doing that

47(record) after it's all and done with the stories will say sonzo was bald and never sinned lol

49(shape) love Gaiden 3

50(live) so right fo them

Your writing style is wonderful, you had them all in character and i saw no spelling mistakes(that i noticed). :D
FEARMEfrancis chapter 1 . 2/9/2010
I loved this! I swear it's all true! And some of them were so funny, while others made me think. I really enjoyed this!
verity candor chapter 1 . 2/8/2010
Beautiful. I love how you express the brittleness and flexibility that makes up their group, and the delicate balance that they have attained to maintain it. A totally, utterly gorgeous and pitch-perfect fic. Wow. (And as a side note: What mild yaoi? I (happily) see none...)
Waifine chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
1. The first one, about going West, was just so…them. So needy, and so providing.

2. The second one about when Hakkai went to sleep was so insightful into his character. It was wonderful.

3. I love how you make it so clear that Gojyo has to be an inspiration to Goku. It’s like the lyrics to that song (I forget the name, but I think it’s “Hero”).

He lives on the edge, he’s old enough to decide.

His brother who wants to be him is just nine.

He can do what he wants, because it’s his right.

But choices he makes change a nine-year-old’s life.

Anyway, loved #3.

4. I love the way you parallel and balance out the chaos and the laughter of their lives. And all in “sweat!” XP

5. This one is wonderful! Because of course Sanzo can hear Goku’s voice, so he must be careful, even in thought! Sweet as can be. LOVE this sentence.

6. The breathing one is sheer gold. And I can completely picture it. Just… gold!

7. There’s much too much angst made out of the Party dynamics. This sentence is wonderful for showing it as the Child’s Play it is.

8. The torment is excruciatingly beautiful! And frighteningly plausible.

9. The way you handle Sanzo is masterful. And the bit about Gojyo is very, very true.

10. This is wonderful, and seeps as deep as Gaiden~

11. “Not in the backs of their minds but in the bottoms of their souls,” is an absolutely gorgeous phrase. And the way they bring it up on drunken nights just pulls the smile.

12. Hurray for backseat attempts at trying to balance out the imbalance! Sanzo and Hakkai get into catfights. It’s so true. XD

13. Insightful, as Hakkai’s sleep sentence was, deep in how it just hints at his past, this sentence about Goku’ eating and drinking is just great.

14. I love the fact that you address the age old cliché of “all for one and one for all,” and how it works for them in the most unconventional, conventional manner.

15. XD Hakkai really is just such a mommy~

16. The way you address the “Before” prompt, and the way you make it address Goku, is wonderful.

17. The way you address Goku’s “Hurt,” his discomfort with it, and everyone’s way of dealing with it for him is wonderful.

18. Again, you convey the subtlety of the group with an all encompassing warmth.

19. This is very sweet, very warm, and oh-so wonderful~

20. Hurray for creepy team dynamics which you write much too well! XD

21. I usually don’t like Season Interpretations. But you pulled it off very well.

22. Your explanation for their tolerance towards Sanzo is, once more, extraordinarily insightful and wonderful.

23. This observation is truly wonderful!

24. Once more, wonderful. And I love the: (and only when).

25. yes, Yes, YES! Ehem… Hakka really is a time bomb perpetually waiting to go off, isn’t he? Heh.

26. I love the way you present this: Goku’s conception of himself, and Hakkai’s admiration.

27. The way you explain “Then” is fantastic and true. And three cheers, Homura reference!

28. Really though, they’re all pitiful liars – because we all know the truth. P

29. I love the Clarity you give to Sanzo here.

30. I adore this sentence. I adore their interaction.

31. I NEVER thought of this connection between Goku and Gojyo, and it is WONDEFUL!

32. The way you balanced them out if fantastic. Orange plane against a blue sky~

33. Oh my god, the way you convey their relationships each to every other is just brilliant and wonderful!

34. Once more: you’re great with the manic team dynamics and life style.

35. Oh dear. What I said abouve… copy past that here. XD Poor Goku.

36. Hakkai would b the scariest-back-seat-driver in the WORLD! XD

37. Hurray once more for the way you write them getting by!

38. The way you managed to establish permanence to the “Fling” prompt is wonderful, and so very, very true.

39. Again, adore the way you write their relationship.

40. It’s wonderful how you address that trait which is never actually discussed between all of them: the Goku radar!

42. Eerie, and fantastic, the way you write Hakkai’s trepidation.

43. Pay homage to the cleaning master that is Hakkai! Homage. Homage.

44. Again, the way you write their duo relationships is wonderful. And three cheers for Gojyo’s smugness!

45. I completely see them as a family, so this sentence just made me beam~

46. Oh dear god. The way you wrote that “Interesting…” When it tried to envision it… it was positively terrifying!

47. Now THAT is a hilarious concept. Oh GOD. If only Sanzo knew the wuss he would be remembered as! XD This is just… brilliant.

48. Detailed and amazing.

49. Because I adore Gaiden, this sentence is just sublime.

50. The last sentence was very, very poignant.

Okay, so, the reason I didn’t read this immediately was because I was put off by the “mild yaoi” in your description and I just don’t like Saiyuki yaoi. But then I decided to skim through it anyway… and I began reading…and I was planning to only comment on the sentences I liked… and hence I commented on all of them.

Your writing is subtle enough that any romantic indications that there are I was able to interpret for myself as platonic (making it that much more enjoyable for me) and the intuition and life in your themes is just smile-spreading. Really, just an amazing sentence-fiction. I loved reading it. Every phrase is an enjoyment, and a revelation or an assertion. Loved the read.
UpperClassK9 chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
I like number 8 (strike)!

And 9 (help), 12 (taut), 16 (before). 18 (kind) makes a nice circle. :)

omg, lol at 20 (pattern)! That's quite scary!

24 (wonder) feels good as well. (attack of the fuzzy feelings!)

32 (cut) and 33 (double) are good too.

Ahaha, I predict gunshots in the morning of 34 (cover)!

Regarding 43 (house), I need Hakkai in my place too... Think you Gojyo will loan him out a week or so?

44 (swim), 3.

46 (interest)- a lightly smiling Hakkai is a very very very scary Hakkai.

49 (shape) full of love as well! :3