Reviews for Rootless Trees
Divinely Ethereal chapter 2 . 2/19/2010
Daang, that was long!

But, wow, you really have a way of making it all seem so realistic. Just love it _

Loved the banter between Liz and Steve( kinda surprised he didn't end up with a Tekken gal. He doesn't seem like a very happy bunny, though, not like Hwo. Urgh, I sure hope he got over Julia. Adult love traingles are full of fail, especially when their centre appears to have moved on. That's right, Kate/Sawyer/Juliet, I'm talking to you *sigh*

Aww, poor Nina. Sucks to be her :(

Haha, I'm liking this Graham guy. He's pretty amusing. To think Steve was originally supposed to be called Dean Earwicker, oh man *shudders*. Aaron's an awesome little tot, too. And Charlie 3

I think you did a wonderful job walking us through Steve's life after the tournament. You really seem to have put a lot of effort and imagination into it. I'm quite gutted you don't get a boatful of reviews :(

Once again I have to ask about Jin. Have you had a change of heart concerning his fate? But seriously, whatever you do is fine. And Lars, is he gonna be in this? Cuz I'm finally playing T6, and I'm kinda miffed that this Swedish upstart gets to hog ninety percent of the screen-time( but then again, he's not insane like some other people I know, so s'all good). Now I need to get him out of my system with a good dose of fanfiction _

OT, but I saw in your LJ that you've watched/read Death Note. I read this really awesome Death Note/ Harry Potter cross-over one-shot called "12 Moves Sideways". Check it out sometime. I thought it was incredible. Oh, and keep working on your SD. Your readership is getting impatient :)

~Happy Writing!
Razer Athane chapter 2 . 2/16/2010
A bit word happy here, are we? o.o Still working on that fanart btw.

So Aaron's Mum's name is Elizabeth :3

'"I don't know how to do this." He leaned forward against the smooth surface of the worn leather, his eyes closed and head throbbing. "For God's sake, I'm not ready for this."

"Well, neither is she, I bet. You just gotta brace yourselves and roll with the punches from now on." - Win.

"Yeah, they sounded good. Maybe not Anna personally but... they could work." - WIN!

Graham had an entirely different view on the subject.

"As long as it's not 'Dean'. Just... ugh, no Deans, a'right?" - OMFG!

'As Steve found out soon, Aaron didn't just cry.

He roared.' - LOVE!

'He found himself banished to the lonely hall, properly ashamed at not being to help any more.' - ...D:

"Liam and Noel. They're Siamese Fighting Fish. And Brandon the Goldfish."

Liz snorted, then went back to the chopping board. "Figures. You can tell he's our son. The other kids go around singing stuff by The Wiggles while Aaron listens to Oasis and Incubus." - aw XD

"Your hair sounds pretty indecisive to me. Maybe we should just go and dye it a different color altogether." He paused, settling on a particular shade in his mind. "Maybe red." - OMFG XDXDXDXD

I loved this just as much as the first X3.
Sei Honou chapter 1 . 2/12/2010
Sei is mucho in love with this. :3

Sunny is such a charming little lady. And Aaron was as charming as well.

Penpals. They really do make the world quite smaller.

Mucho love for this, Ran. I am DEFINITELY waiting for the next chappy. I'm pretty much (not that) sure that Sunny is a mini-Julia, same like Aaron being a mini-Steve.

loves. :3
TeaC0sy chapter 1 . 2/6/2010
~She thought about asking him about it in the next letter she wrote until she remembered that boys could be cruel and she didn't want him to think she was a silly chicken too because she wasn't, honestly, and it was just that the world seemed so much bigger when someone was so far away like he was, but she was learning as quickly as she could, really. - Brilliant, a little mind just chattering away. Lovely.

~She'd told Aaron about him, his long hair and his light brown eyes (like hers), drawn him a picture when she'd run out of words and hoped that it did her father justice. On paper, he was a stick figure with one arm shorter than the other and crayon-colored hair. - No word other than "ADORABLE!"

This was so cute. A brilliant little gem here :)
Razer Athane chapter 1 . 2/5/2010
Ran, you have no idea how much I loved this (read it on my phone this morning). The cuteness that oozed out of it just... wow. I love how you introduced the names slowly. You also chose a perfect name for Steve's son! I'm actually too happy to comment on a Korean error right now, I feel like doing backflips and going "aww" for hours!

Ran. Can I please do some fanart for this? I loved it that much, seriously. More than "Twice As Much" and more than "Sonagi" - which is a BIG thing for me to say in regards to "Sonagi". This whole thing was just gorgeous, my favourite piece of yours by far. I've already got an idea on how it'll be. I just need more descriptions on Sunny and Aaron's appearance.

Excellent work.
Divinely Ethereal chapter 1 . 2/5/2010
"Adding to her current inability to focus on her multi-chaps, her laptop has also suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be sent to Silicon Valley rehab (she's updating from her Dad's PC :P). "

Ha, been there, done that, and got caught (... on Dad's work laptop containing VIP stuff, or so he'd like me to believe )

At first, I was confused, with who the hell was who and whatnot( Soon-Yi and Aaron, for a moment I thought I was LOST _ ), and I didn't understand the foreign expressions, but it all became clear. Lovely letter writing theme; equally excellent rendering of Future!Tekken characters, and nextGen!Tekken characters. StickFigure!Hwo sounds cute, loved Baek's role in this( red-headed monkey and gorilla ftw!)

I've been looking forward to some new pieces from you and I'm sorry this won't be updated regularly. Would really like to see who Steve ended up with and what the hell happened to Jin( I know you're not a fan, but please don't let him be dead _) and the others. I wonder if Wang would go down the Master Roshi path and end up outliving everybody else XD

~Happy Writing!