Reviews for The Caretaker
Starry-eyed Creator chapter 15 . 7/13
You know, I would read a whole book just for your author's notes. They're hilarious!
Guest chapter 23 . 7/12
Bloody brilliant
Funsizedwitch chapter 22 . 6/16
I don’t know what to say. I loved it and hated it. Screamed, cried and smiled. And thank god there was a happy ending! Though I do hate the way he was treated most of the story by everyone else. I get why you did it that way though. Thank you for writing this!
cassity2821 chapter 23 . 5/23
cassity2821 chapter 16 . 5/22
that was a whirlwind
cassity2821 chapter 14 . 5/22
i dont have any soy chai lattes. but let me tell you. i normaly dont like fics that include children. you have done wonderfuly in this. i love it. i love them
cassity2821 chapter 11 . 5/22
*dances around in a circle doing a happy dance. not that anyone would ever know. slytherins dont DO happy and sits back down*
cassity2821 chapter 6 . 5/22
i always liked phineas. i wish more people included him in fics.
cassity2821 chapter 1 . 5/22
oh this is wonderful. im so excited to read more. i dont know if you are getting any of these reviews. but im reading threw all your storys and i hope you arnt one of the authers who has stopped wrighting. i know people have lives. but i realy love evrythhing iv read so far. and i hope you have lots more for me to read.
ladyofsilverdawn chapter 23 . 4/26
Eeeeee! I Loved this. So much delicious angst in this, finishing with a beautiful happy ending. Brilliant!
pixelbun1 chapter 23 . 4/13
oh very good. Had my heart racing with all the suspense!
audiblyausten chapter 23 . 4/8
This was such a fantastic read. I absolutely adored it. So many SSHG fics end up having Hermione sort of curb her mother-hen tendencies to accommodate Severus’s reclusive, nasty manner, but this felt much more true to the characters and was MUCH more fun to read; I love some good TLC, and this fic was not lacking! Love the way you wrote soul bonds. I don’t mind a good Ron-bashing fic, but this (incredibly creative and surprising) plot was much more rewarding. All in all, I adored it. I’m sure I’ll be reading this many more times in the future!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/16
Different kind of flavour your story provided me. I absolutely love it
Lilly Granger chapter 23 . 3/16
Thank you for such a thrilling read! I think this is the most realistic soul bond fic I've ever read that gives some real conflict to it's characters. Ron slowly going mad and the details with Harry's character were just perfection. Thanks for your work!
Guest chapter 23 . 2/12
I keep re-reading this and never get tired of it. Along with your other stories. I do hoops that one day you will write another. Until then, I hope you are well and I really enjoy your ss/hg stories. I never get tired of them.
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