Reviews for Rocking the Boat
harrypottergurl10 chapter 33 . 2/22
I love this story. keep up the great work and can't wait for the sequel. Loves!
AnnaOxford chapter 5 . 2/18
The start was very promising, now it's kinda turning into a joke. I see the appeal, but I prefer a more realistic, dark story.
AnnaOxford chapter 4 . 2/18
I don't like this Tonks much.
AnnaOxford chapter 3 . 2/18
Hm, since Dumbledore is so smart, why did he tell Harry about the blood wards? That's taking a huge leap of faith that Harry would never talk about it with a knowledgeable wizard or witch.
AnnaOxford chapter 2 . 2/18
If not for the "sexy clothes" comment, I would have loved the chapter. Seriously, I understand if Hermione gets excited about clothes for a special event, but after such a strange, urgent letter she has to put on her sexy clothes? Kinda OOC.
AnnaOxford chapter 1 . 2/18
Interesting start, it felt great to see Harry talk to his so called family.
gwillem chapter 11 . 2/14
Ok. SOMEBODY has watched Pirates of the Caribbean WAY too many times. Funny as hell though.
Pulsar747 chapter 17 . 2/13
Every time you mentioned minions in your end authors notes, my mind went to the minions of despicable me.
Dreaming of the Horizon chapter 1 . 2/8
I was recommended to read this fic by a reader of mine. It's pretty interesting so far.
InArduisFidelius chapter 31 . 2/8
This chapter was absolutely brilliant! I love the escape plan.
Stormshadow13 chapter 33 . 2/7
Awsome fic!

Love the pirate Harry and looking forwards to seeing what happens in the next book.

I loved all the characters! You did an awsome job on the story!
Guest chapter 7 . 2/5
Great chapter great stuff
My dad was born in 1919, my mother was born in 1921: my brother and I were born 1963 & 1964. Rose Kennedy was also 43 when Ted was born, Lucille Ball was 43 when Desi Jr was born.
Rock on
Guest chapter 2 . 2/5
I like this very much. Tell Pffft & asdfjkl I said hi.
Rock on
Guest chapter 1 . 2/5
I love your betas and I want to have their house-elves.
Seriously this started just the way I like 'em.
Rock on
tricorvus chapter 20 . 2/6
Harry needs to yell at Molly, something like, "but you didn't raise me, did you?! Because I was an orphan!" - in my humble opinion.
Great story, loving it
Rock on
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