Reviews for Fate's Favourite
l30rusty chapter 1 . 5/20
so is this a alternate dimension or a timeline split as this makes absolutely zero sense
l30rusty chapter 3 . 5/15
This story is so confusing
ironhair chapter 1 . 4/14
This felt like chapter 3/5. In the deep side of the pool.
Tonks7777777 chapter 150 . 4/9
That was great! Wish harry never made the horcrux, but other than that great fun! Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this! Tom really grows on you
Guest chapter 150 . 3/14
Thank you very much ! It has been a realy good story to read !
Katie chapter 150 . 3/11
Hi, I don’t know whether you’re ever going to read this, but since I‘ve finished reading this for I think the fourth time since I’ve discovered the story last June I figured it’s about time that I told you just how much I love it!

I took me a while to realise just why I love it so much, but: your Tom is just so unapologetically a psychopath and isn‘t softened except for the few occasions where he is, which makes them all the more impactful.
Harry is amazing, too, except Horcrux-Harry, he’s… uncomfortable to read (which is meant as a compliment) “

I love all the others, too, especially Luna and Zevi :D

Oh, and of course: the almost-but-definitely-not-slash-dynamic… it‘s just perfect! The intensity is necessary, but I just don‘t see Tom doing sex or romance (I love the DD Fear or Fancy one shot though: I don’t see it as slash, not really, both just use it as a means to an end, but it make their dynamic even more enticing :D)

Anyways, your story kept me sane during my Bachelor‘s thesis, so thank you :)
And thank you in general for writing 150 chapters (plus Destiny‘s Darling and Past‘s Player) of pure awesomeness!

PS: Just out of curiosity: I’ve recognised some of your phrases from Merlin, mainly „don‘t be such a girl, Harry“, was that intentional? It always made me happy cause I happen to be a huge Merlin fan :D
umama chapter 1 . 3/7
i love this story soo much, and I've read it too many times to count. I'm beyond grateful that you didn't make it slash, it would have ruined the whole story for me if it had. thank you so much for such a wonderful masterpiece.
Autumn chapter 150 . 3/3
I fricken loved this so much. I have read it many times but always stopped when I go to close to the end cause I never wanted it to end. This is the first time I have ever finished this fanfic and it may have made me cry :p. I wish I could find more things like this! I may have not been here when this started or ended and I wish I was but I wasn't. Goodbye Fictionist!
summer164 chapter 1 . 1/28
This looks fun
Also how Harry acts and how he many be different
Binte Muhammad chapter 150 . 10/31/2023
I dont know if you still come on this account anymore, but I'll leave this just in case.

Fate's Favourite was one of the first fics i read, and I've read ot again and again. i love Harry's character and ive especually love tom's character. i havent found another like him anywhere

solace in shadows is also one of my favourites, thiugh i wish it was finished.

anyway, thank you for writing this and for getting me into Harry Potter fanfiction!
BeccaSheep chapter 27 . 10/31/2023
I'm loving this ace romance/ platonic relationship. I really hope it doesn't become slash, because it's an awesome interaction as is. Why ruin it with sex? I guess I'll find out when I read the rest.
eckert.arian chapter 150 . 10/16/2023
Guest chapter 98 . 9/11/2023
Good story
Sophie3107 chapter 150 . 8/19/2023
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Fascinating story! I love Tom and Harry dynamics
Asaki chapter 150 . 7/30/2023
I'm so sorry that I know the story my poor English proficiency,I read Chinese translation of ShaCheng's version.I like Tomarry's interactive mode in Fate's Favourite.I esteem you for describe them that l am obsessed.
Finally,please forgive my poor English.L just want to express my love for you and Fate's Favourite.
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