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Ravenclaw Person chapter 150 . 17h
It was amazing. This is definitely the best time travel fanfiction I've ever read.
SernaJ chapter 150 . 7/10
I'm so glad I re-read this. Yes, the beginning was clunky, but you weren't exactly an amazing writer back then. Also, this was the first Harry Potter fanfic I read, so I wanted to see how I changed myself since I read this, a few years ago. Interestingly, I felt I understood(?) more of the story this time around, back then I just read for the sake of reading. I found parallels to my own life and relationships, as weird as that may sound. Compared to last time, I am in an actual relationship, and wouldn't that sound impossible to the old me? It still kind of does. I never understood (and still can't!) love (yup, self-diagnosed aspd here!), but I think I do feel something of an equivalent. Your story in some way helps me, and did you know that in order to be sadistic you actually have to have some sort of empathy? To gain pleasure from pain you have to feel that pain on some level, and isn't that twisted! Anyway, great story, will probably read it again in a few years (maybe in 3 years, on my 22nd birthday? heh), I wonder where I'll be then
P chapter 150 . 7/10
May I just say that this is a lovely work of art. This may be my decks time reading it, but both times reading this I have been amazed at how you make it flow together and give it the proper twists and turns that a masterpiece would have. Thank you soooooooooo much for writing this story; it really brightened my day.
SernaJ chapter 119 . 7/9
Why does their dynamic ideally encapsulate that of a 13 year old me and my friend? Not to mention the fact that that was our age when you were writing this... creepy, but cool Also kinda sad since I'm not friends with her anymore. I do get bored of a person when I don't interact with them.
dark.moony.13 chapter 150 . 7/8
the-laziest-athlete-you-know chapter 150 . 7/3
this was absolutely amazing, complex, riveting, and a whole bunch of great adjectives. I think my favorite part/ theme is the constant compromise between the two of them. unstoppable force/ immovable object style. I sincerely applaud your patience for writing such a long story too
Guest chapter 150 . 6/26
There's really nothing to say other than This is absolutely amazing, and thank you so much for writing it! Everything you write has so much thought put into it, it's just crazy (in a good way)
Guest chapter 118 . 6/26
Voldemort as a therapist. That would be horrific "The solution to your problem is: Avada Kedavra"
sparkla28 chapter 77 . 6/25
this story is amazing! btws u named this chapter 26 instead of 76.. no problems there just though u ought to know... Ur writing style is amazing! how the hell do compose the dialogues btw Harry and Tom?
Dog Lover 120 chapter 150 . 6/23
That was to put it as simply as possible the most beautiful story ever. This story is the best I have ever read. You understand who Tom and Harry are on a level beyond anyone else. I honest to God cried when I saw this story was over, my classmates were freaking out thinking I was having some kind of breakdown when I was filled with so much joy at the happy ending and sorrow at the actual ending. I just love u and and all your writing so so much and it is my privilege to favorite tbis story and you as an author. Thank you so much for this master piece.
Guest chapter 150 . 6/22
Quite simply brilliant. Not sure I’ll be able to read any other TMR-HP fics and believe in their characterisation!
tumna.falls chapter 150 . 6/19


I really really love the characterization of Tom and Harry specifically, and everyone else. They're portrayed really well, and I love that when you wrote this you were very much against the idea of it being slash but it is still very open in the sense that it can easily be interpreted as slash. I think it would really interesting if you came back and edited it and rewrote it into slash (which wouldn't be too much of a change in some scenes tbh), but that would be SUCH a project that it wouldn't really be realistic.

This is going to be one of those stories that I will just reread multiple times, I can just tell. Thanks for writing such a great story and sharing it!
Guest chapter 150 . 6/3
Damn thats was soooo good
Dancyon chapter 150 . 6/1
Lmao i know this is FFN but i have the bad habit of rereading fics i love even years later so here i am back here again because i felt like rereading and i still love it just as much. Wanted to let you know in case you still get notifs for this fic
Darke13 chapter 150 . 5/30
OKAY first I would like to say WOW. just WOW.
I loved this.
I can’t believe I only read this in three days!?
I loved the bromance. It was beautiful and I so appreciate a story that is focused on a relationship and not romance. It is really refreshing and I really appreciate it. Thank you. I don’t even have words for how much I appreciate it. And this was so beautifully written.

My only complaint would be the typos. There are a couple of minor typos, things like writing him instead of his. Some incorrect tenses. And then there is the FFnet funky formatting that occurs(totally not your fault FFnet can be kinda stupid that way but I just thought I would let you know it was happening). Really nothing major though.
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