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purplerose123738 chapter 150 . 11/21
I don't think, I've written any comments throughout the entire fic and I would like to apologize for that. I don't really comment on any fic's because I literally have no idea on what to say, till maybe towards end but that's no excuse. So I would like to say what I thought about the fic, I don't really have the words but I will try my best. Ok so, this is probably the longest fic, I've ever read, so you get an award for that. I just, really love this fic. It has everything, a good vibe, long, and the way you portrait that characters is just- amazing, actually more than amazing, it's just, you know wonderful, brilliant? I'm sorry I don't have to word's for this. But I just want you to know, how good I think this is and I really enjoyed it. Not just this fic, all of your fic's are spectacular and in general, overall pleasant to read, at least to me of course. Ah I already don't know what to write anymore, I have so much to say but I'm not sure how to put in into words, I'm so sorry. It was quiet the journey reading this. In all honestly, I have never felt so thrilled and excited in my life. Reading this was just amazing, I can't even explain. Thank you so much for updating and finishing this story. Now I know that this was finished 6 years ago but still thank you. You still updated it, even though it took 6 years. Most people would have discontinued, if a fic had run that long, I've seen that happen with many of my favourite fic's, so thank you . While you updated this story, I was very young, so I don't think I could understand this and I wasn't into reading fanfiction back than, I kinda wish I was though. Also, as it's been 6 years, so i'm not sure if you'll be reading this, but I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway, again thank you so much, I hope that somehow this review kinda shows, how much I enjoyed this fic as well as your other fic's. Again thank you so much, I hope you are well
peterco chapter 17 . 11/13
Reviewing at chapter 17.

As you suggested in the introduction or A/N, the story does put a novel spin on time travel, and I like a lot of it.

However it feels like Dumbledore put a stupidity jinks on Harry or something, which makes for a poor reading experience overall.
First Harry tries to hide the blood quill damage. We're told Harry learned to be cunning, and this wasn't cunning at all.
Then with saving Sirius, Harry gives Tom the biggest leverage he's got over him for saving ONE person ONCE. In return for taking the dark mark, Harry could probably have convinced Tom to kill Voldemort, thus safeguarding all people on the list in perpetuity. Instead he saves only Sirius, and there's nothing to stop Voldemort from trying to kill Sirius again.
If Dumbledore put a stupidity hex on Harry, it's really backfired.
gracekim4922 chapter 149 . 11/13
Wow really wow just so great
gracekim4922 chapter 144 . 11/13
Oh is that it?
gracekim4922 chapter 143 . 11/13
Umm.. at least Voldmort would be dead? He would kill Tom and they made unbreakable vow so
gracekim4922 chapter 142 . 11/13
I don't know how this ends in 8 chapters
gracekim4922 chapter 141 . 11/12
Oh what now? Wow really
gracekim4922 chapter 125 . 11/12
What bow? No it can't be he won't lose his memory like that
gracekim4922 chapter 120 . 11/12
He really didn't know? I thought Tom tild that to Harry already
gracekim4922 chapter 122 . 11/12
Loophole in prophecy Wow Wow I just thought it wouldn't happen but wow
gracekim4922 chapter 116 . 11/12
Oh my god Rose if you think it is a private conversation, you should’ve leave! They would know but you can’t just sit there and listen to the whole thing because of it! He is Slytherin not just a normal one a heir! Wow what would happen when they find her listening.. Even if they don’t, it would be horrible
gracekim4922 chapter 107 . 11/12
Wow I did said let’s send other one to be Voldmort and that is possible? Wow at least a chance
gracekim4922 chapter 108 . 11/12
Oh my haunting horcruxes with Tom? Wow
gracekim4922 chapter 104 . 11/12
Ooh it is nice to hear about their relationship in other’s view. Voldmort is asking if they look happy hmm
Well and Sirius would meet his uncle! They were dead so early but.. they could be alive maybe?.. Just hiding from Voldmort and to keep the timeline right? They are good friend
gracekim4922 chapter 102 . 11/12
Alphad ha we get to see all of em
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