Reviews for Fate's Favourite
SlytherpuffGryffinclaw chapter 19 . 6/9/2020
I thought Dogfather was a mistake, but I now appreciate the true genius behind it.
SlytherpuffGryffinclaw chapter 13 . 6/9/2020
I totally ship Harry and Tom.
SlytherpuffGryffinclaw chapter 7 . 6/9/2020
Oh damn. Tom is good.
Loftcat27 chapter 150 . 6/5/2020
This was amazing! chapter 150 . 5/25/2020
i'm crying so hard. thank you for an amazing emotional ride
Loftcat27 chapter 28 . 5/22/2020
I know in your author notes you say it is awful, but I disagree. This is amazing! I love it and I truly think you are a talented writer.
Guest chapter 150 . 5/17/2020
That was... quite spectacular to read, actually. I really enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised by the plot development and characterisations by the end, regardless of how sceptical I was in the beginning. Thank you for sharing this story, it was a joy to read :) .

Side note: I was looking at when this was published (2010! to 2012! Wow, it's been a while), and I was having a fun trip down memory lane seeing remembering what I was like at the time, and wow have I changed and grown! I can't believe that I was so young and not-a-Harry-Potter-fan when this was written and a decade (a decade!) later from the first chapter release I am reading this. It's just- wow.
Clio chapter 150 . 5/16/2020
It's so cool !我用谷歌翻译看完了全部!这真的非常有意思
UUSERID chapter 150 . 5/13/2020
I really really enjoyed this story. It made the quarantine period way better and I have no idea what I should do now since I finished this and other stories I will read in future will probably look pale in comparison. Thanks a lot for writing this! Now I shall drink a hot chocolate and contemplate what I should do next coz my mind is still deep inside the story and refuses to come out.
Guest chapter 150 . 5/13/2020
I LOVED this fanfiction. Out of the thousands of fictions I've read I've never written a review this fiction was simply incredible. I wish you could write a squeal no doubt I would read it. This was epic just epic
Guest chapter 37 . 5/12/2020
I read the ending as:

"Shoot," he said. Tom arched a bow.

And I was sceptical why they were suddenly doing archery until I reread it
Guest chapter 150 . 4/23/2020
That was one of the best stories I’ve ever read, which is saying something since I’ve spent 4 years reading Harry Potter fanfics. I finished this story in two days time, believe it or not, which is a shame really, I wanted to stretch it out as long as I can. You impressed me which, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, takes a lot to achieve, I applaud you, really. The story is fascinating, it is so original yet so not original at the same time, the thing with the going back in time is done way too much, but the way you played it out was...I have no words to describe this, honest. I do hope you’d make a sequel, I’m not sure if you already did, I will check though. Thank you for this, so much.
Izziel chapter 150 . 4/22/2020
uwuwuwu chapter 1 . 4/21/2020
this is honestly one of the most interesting ones ive read but i am so fucking confused on the chapters. i mean, 1, 12, 4, 6.1? what universe are you from for the numbers to be so different? is it word count? the date? im so confused
astxrismx chapter 1 . 4/11/2020
im only halfway through the first chapter but this is making me ridiculously happy right now at 4:58 am lollllll
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