Reviews for Fate's Favourite
Autoshee chapter 150 . 6/17/2022
God, this is the best fanfic in the HP fandom! I've never felt so many emotions while reading a fanfic, or any book whatsoever. This is genius, hilarious, rollercoaster ride. I love this non-romance romance, it's so adorable and hilarious and fun! Tomarry friendship is my new and most favourite OTP now, living for it!
izukatsc chapter 150 . 5/14/2022
Guest chapter 150 . 4/20/2022
Guest chapter 150 . 4/15/2022
I must be cought in a time loop as well because this is the 10th time I've read Fates Favourite:)) o kinda read it at least one a year because nothing has ever managed to come close to this beast of a Harry & Tom story. Till next time !
Guest chapter 150 . 3/24/2022
I really want to say this is the only fanfic that has intrigued me so much to finish all of its chapters. Usually, I would get bored midway or so in such a long fanfic but no, this fanfic has kept my interest long enough to finish everything in day. Thank you so much for writing this and I hope you continue to write such fascinating fanfics.
NiariaGal chapter 150 . 3/15/2022
nice fic
imasimplord chapter 150 . 3/8/2022
This is the best story i’ve ever read! Can i translate this into Vietnamese please? I’ll keep all your credits and completed it!
icecreme032 chapter 42 . 2/26/2022
Tom is never beating these Gay allegations I swear
DragonStories chapter 150 . 2/15/2022
Hiiii, I’m back again—dude I’ve just gotta say, I absolutely adore your works. You’re legitimately my favorite author in this fandom. I’ll be honest and say it’s been awhile since I’ve read FF in particular, but it was on my mind recently so I went back and found it. (I just love their dynamic so much.) Honestly I don’t know if you’re still active anymore but if you’re not—then thank you for at least leaving your literary art here for us to enjoy and reminisce on. :)
GPBurdell88 chapter 150 . 2/8/2022
This is a favorite of mine. Just finished rereading for the umpteenth time.
Loka chapter 150 . 1/22/2022
A reader from a far far country, I love your work:) Can't wait to read DD
Guest chapter 150 . 12/25/2021
It was so great, like a rollercoaster, almost. Thank you for the story :)))
theFreakno4 chapter 7 . 12/7/2021
well, since you seem to be enjoying having the muggle contraption in your hand I'm going to assume you are a squib
Guest chapter 150 . 12/2/2021
Hey! I don’t know if you’re even still on here - but I just finished and LOVED this story! So this week I was listening to a random high school days playlist and nearly died because “Sinking” by Jars Of Clay has LITERALLY the perfect lyrics between Tom and Harry. If you want to check it out for fun! I don’t remember my login for my account, seriously no worries about a response, but feel free to reach me at if you did want to reply
yochan123 chapter 1 . 10/9/2021
Why didn’t Voldemort just kill dumbledore right there
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