Reviews for Students of the Snake
Krieger Techpreist chapter 6 . 5/5
When a fucking Daimyo of a "minor" region, who probaly has no shinobi experience... knows the difference between a seal and kunia? Yeah... shits fucked
Username6166 chapter 76 . 4/2
" "He went back inside, going right thru the wall might I add."
Kisame raised an eyebrow. "Is that even possible?" "

Tobi: Am I a joke to you?
Username6166 chapter 74 . 4/2
"No one ever told me you could seal a demon into a human without it taking control of the human"

Says the guy who shoved his fist through his jinchuuriki teammate in the 3rd war, and the guy who definitely had intel on kumo's jinchuuriki especially since Minato fought Bee during it.
Username6166 chapter 35 . 4/2
Okay, I will admit that this is pretty satisfying.
Username6166 chapter 31 . 4/2
A shame that this became a generic bashing fic
Username6166 chapter 10 . 4/2
"Less cliche"

whitewolfgaming221 chapter 17 . 3/28
Ok that fucking terrifying oto is going to be op as fuck
Fenrir chapter 82 . 3/21
Please tell me you are continuing i truly enjoy reading this story and think it would be a shame to stop now
Guest chapter 10 . 3/7
is this harem…..? it was so nice, but the “nine girlfriends” ruined everything lol
kishinaract chapter 82 . 2/22
i wish there was more. Every time i come back and read this i hope beyond hope you will come back to finish this glorious story. But deep down i doubt you will...i hope your well. till next time.
Crevanille chapter 45 . 2/13
...I REALLY hate overly clingy and entitled heroines... Dammit Hinata...
Crevanille chapter 19 . 2/12
I like harems and so I'm all for the 'marry them all' route.
My issue is when the clinginess complicates things, especially since the build up kinda made this a given. I dunno, this Hinata andNaruto already being the default just seems... off when you consider how early on everybody ttied to steer things on top 9f so many girls already liking Naruto.
I just don't Naruto just n9t noticing or choosing Hinata right off the bat like that.
Default pairs 'before' the harem here felt kinda wrong. I actually expected Isaribi, Haku and Hinata to corner him all at once instead of of being relegated to second place bc of jealousy or all that one woman only bullshit.
Crevanille chapter 7 . 2/12
Oh wow.
A world where Sarutobi straight up lied to Jiraiya and Tsunade about Naruto dying from having the Kyuubi sealed?
...Y'know. Considering how badly Sarutobi handled Naruto's childhood in the vanilla series, this... doesn't surprise me. And it gives a better reason for Jiraiya not being around, though you'd think he'd protest more and see proof before telling Tsunade... though it is in line with how half assed he is in his personal life.
TwistedTwizzler chapter 35 . 2/11
Wow you're a terrible writer. Trash
Leon The Bulletproof chapter 71 . 2/9
pretty good chapter but you do realize that with the issue you brought up with fu's kekkei genkai, hanabi will have the same issue. the children will eitber have the byukugan or time control,
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