Reviews for Students of the Snake
DemonicOrder chapter 81 . 9/17
best Naruto fic i have read three days it took to finish this and i love how you change the story completely beautiful F****** beautiful

please don't give up on this story i'm sad it had stop i can't wait to see the next chapter

great story hope this is still alive good luck in life and on this
Redery chapter 5 . 9/15
This is a soooo OOC. Why, because Orochi is a good person? No, ypu clearly stated this is an AU where he is so acceptable.
But for the snake bastard to be so god damn incompetent? You cant call him Orochimaru any more. One slip up ok but for the rest? Lol ok.
Id say juat try to gifure out a different way for them to get curse marks cause that was just bad and unjustifiable.
BlazerBug chapter 59 . 9/14
but theres something sasuke forgot, What About Love, dont you want someome to care about you
marquis.shax chapter 71 . 9/14
I've stated this once before but you unintentionally screwed up BIG TIME as it's PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for Naruto to pass down the Ghost Bloodline as you explained it he has to be using the bloodline in order to pass it down (which also has another unintentional side effect of making Naruto only able to last 9 minutes in bed lol) and since his ghost bloodline makes him INTANGIBLE how the hell is he supposed to have sex with a woman when he can't touch her? Also now that I think about it how's he going to pass the age limit bloodline down as he's going to be screwing a girls (possibly Hanabi?) brains out an suddenly she's going to get younger lol? Also on a final note please change the title of Chomei to NANABI instead of Shichibi as Nanabi just sounds so much better
marquis.shax chapter 18 . 9/13
you know I think you screwed up as only 8 of his bloodlines can actually be passed on lol. How exactly is he supposed to use his ghost bloodline while having sex to pass those genes on? lol
salasdaniel74 chapter 17 . 9/7
... *pouts* no one-piece ability?
salasdaniel74 chapter 10 . 9/7
To be honest I view (for this fic) Anko being the usual sister and Kurenai is someone who he could talk to about stuff...
joecgarcia1991 chapter 66 . 8/9
Great story and about naruto authors thayerblue1 and cjshikage write great stories. Thayerblue1 stories are crossovers but they are well written
Sephiroth'sGhost chapter 66 . 7/27
well.. that was a flop on my part O.o bonus points for at least having the clan member part right? lol :P
Sephiroth'sGhost chapter 65 . 7/27
I still say it's Itachi- almost switched to Tenzou, but it didn't fit with him posing as the Otokage. And yeah, I know I'm not in time for the poll thing but really, this has been an intriguing puzzle that I've enjoyed thinking about :) So fingers crossed! 3 the fic btw
Sephiroth'sGhost chapter 44 . 7/27
I'm gonna call it now- Subsonic is Itachi, isn't he?
soggy noodle chapter 72 . 7/15
Ah, so there ARE restrictions on the age control. Good.

I'm seeing the number nine being a real sticking point in this fic.

Can't say I fully agree with Mikoto telling Naruto he should put his wives-to-be before himself nearly all the time because that is actually a rather unhealthy thing to do. Yes, I read on where she somewhat backtracked and said he can do things for himself... SOMETIMES, but still, that isn't really enough.

If you aren't firm in what you want from a relationship and nine times out of ten are kowtowing to your other(s), then you are establishing a precedent that you are more than likely to cave on whatever issue is at hand.
soggy noodle chapter 65 . 7/13
Who is Subsonic? I'm saying it's his mother, who also masqueraded as the eye doctor woman.

She's the only one who would have him spared and find redemption rather than ending him and moving on. In my mind, anyway.
soggy noodle chapter 35 . 7/12
Damn, that was harsh. And yet, so very cathartic.
soggy noodle chapter 30 . 7/12
Naruto: I used the Extreme Tsukiyomi!

Everyone: What's that? Is it a Tsukiyomi that makes the genjutsu REAL rather than mere illusion?

Naruto: No, it's like the normal Tsukiyomi except it's EXTREEEEEEME! The 'X' makes it sound cool!

Everyone: ... well, we want your babies so we'll go ahead and say good job!

Naruto: EW! No way! It's not right to be with multiple partners! It's disrespectful!

Everyone: Naruto, we ALL want you. We're fine with sharing you. How is it disrespectful?

Naruto: Uh... Because... Because... Hinata, c'mon you know it wouldn't be fair to you!

Hinata: *is currently finishing pulling the straps tight on a skin tight latex corset* Hmm?

Naruto: *cries*

- - - - - -

Yeah, anyway, Naruto is really pulling these moves out of his ass. We've seen no montages of him training with his kekkai genkai so this really reeks of deus ex machine.

BUT!.. I will continue reading this! This isn't enough to stop me! HAHAHAHAHAAA!
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