Reviews for Students of the Snake
CaptainToast321 chapter 10 . 1/30
The idea that the bijuu are responsible for the kekkai genkai makes a lot of sense. Assuming the history of the in fic universe goes back far enough, it could explain a lot. The having multiple kekkai genkai is a bit absurd though. The only able to use a single one at a time is a good limiter though. Still going to be ansurdly powerful, but at least not complete bullshit.
CaptainToast321 chapter 6 . 1/30
I feel like the children shouldn't of been in that meeting with the daimyo. It just doesn't make much sense.
hilt51 chapter 80 . 1/25
Loving Student of the snake, just finished reading what is up so far and its amazing but just one minor suggestion, if you have time you might want to go back over the first 10 or so chapter, there filled with mistakes and changing tense.
Guest chapter 71 . 1/22
*nodnod* Fuu's situation is a sensible reason to add another girl, maybe, that draws on canon for it's logic. The problem with female Jinchuuriki is the strain of pregnancy and birth, and how that can affect the Seal. Though I suspect the other girls are going to try and sort out who would be passing on what first and see what's left, and then if anyone minds adding an extra kid who suits the last bloodline, before considering another girl outright. They'd probably rather have an extra kid each than add another girl unless they discover someone they actually get a long with really well and like and wouldn't mind including.
Guest chapter 45 . 1/21
They even get to mess with Neji, by accident. "I must be more tired than I thought. ..." XD
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19
I forsee Orochi-jiisan teaching Anko-chan how to summon his snakes as soon as she's skilled enough with her own chakra to do so safely. Instant backup! XD
I wonder if there is a way for adult summoner's to add their children as temporary, limited summoner's for their offspring's protection. Clan summons probably just have a few around the clan compound a lot and have their children sign the scroll as soon as they can safely, but I'm sure at least some types of summon's would have the thought process of needing to protect offspring. Not everyone can summon a couple specific ones and order them to stalk their kids... Unless the chakra cost is a one time cost and not continuous? Hmm...
Nate chapter 29 . 1/17
What the stupid fucking crapsack shit is this?

One more chance before I drop this into the shitfic pile.
QuantumZero chapter 30 . 1/18
The 3 months thing is ridocoulous they should have ripped obitos sharingan out of kakashi head and permanently sterilised sasuke or just outright kill them all.
mugetsuga1998 chapter 39 . 1/15
I'm sorry . I'm loving the story bud I'm especially love in the way that you got it setup torn are so has all of these kekkai genkai
Navn Ukjent chapter 31 . 1/14
Some fun stuff in this story, but I get irritated when professionals perform so badly and do such idiotic things for no reason!

1) WHY did Zambuza attack Kakashi and his client? No reason has ever been given!
2) Why would the team from Oto play with their enemies from Leaf instead of knocking them out OR killing them as fast as possible?
3) Why would the team from Oto hold a party at Tsunamis house when they KNEW that the Leaf team would be back?
4) WHY would they reveal so much about themselves to the Leaf team? There was NO need for them to know that Kushina was alive, that Naruto was her son, a lot about their skills and powers and so forth.
5) Why would the Oto teams split up when they KNOW that there are enemies from Leaf still in the area, and why would they play around with them when they get attacked again?
6) Why would Naruto bother with suppressing the sharigan and making Sasuke infertile for 3 months? This is just a temporary inconvenience, while death or castration would remove the Uchia from the future Leaf forever!
7) Why would Naruto spend all his energy on a silly "ultimate genjutsu" that doesn't bring any real benefit to Oto, and simply leave him and the team more vulnerable?
Reasonc chapter 80 . 1/13
Just read it all in about 2 days great story keep it up
Erin-TheMasterThief-Assassin chapter 80 . 12/31/2015
I'm enjoying this story :)
Kiara.Queen.of.Kaos chapter 80 . 12/30/2015
Awesome story.
toonlink111 chapter 80 . 12/29/2015
goddddd i love itttttt
LordKallig977 chapter 57 . 12/28/2015
I know I haven't finished the story but I'm kind of disappointed. It seems like Naruto is exactly the same except with Kekkai Genkai. He still uses shadow clone and toad style stuff. I was hoping he would use snake style. One, its an original idea. Two, what's the point of him being raised by Orochimaru just to have him be like Jiraiya? That annoys me to no end. Especially since the earlier chapters said he was good with both snake and toad but he's only been doing toad. He should be snake, not toad. Otherwise, great story, and I can't wait to continue reading.
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