Reviews for The End
anon chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
Power may come from the barrel of a gun but real solutions aren't as simple as pulling a trigger
anon chapter 1 . 10/29/2011
In Kingdome Come the “Newbloods” spent their whole lives in terror of these villains, they see the older generation as ineffective, although it should not apply to average thugs

The "Newbloods" were locked upwith no fair trial or due process, yes they did blew up Arkham, Blackgate, and Bele Reve, and probably the other countries' "super" prisons, so it was needed to be built but not without their rights being respected

The "Newbloods" obviously took it too far but as they say it was them who put down Ra's al Ghul and Eclipso (some villains do need to be stopped permanently they keep breaking out of prison and butchering innocents the only reason they haven't put down the Joker I can figure is that the DCverse is the type of place someone like the Joker would break out of Hell and probably bring an army of demons to do his bidding) and they had new worse villains like the Slaughter Brigade to deal with, this is probably why the older heroes didn't step in until the "Newbloods" crossed the line, in a dark world heroes can be dark, but after they kill the villains, they have to stop if they still want to fight each other got to the middle of the desert not cities

Don't get me wrong lethal force should be used if and only if all other means are exhausted or unavailable to save lives or stop villains, I certainly don't want them slitting the throats of every single thug they come across (you do that you stop being a hero and become Frank Castle) if only it could be an uncercover cop doing his or her job

As Clark Kent said about Tommy Monaghan saving the JLA, Supes could have used force, Batman strategy but most people don’t have that kind of power or smarts (we can only do what we can do, we can only do the best we can)

Grant Morrison said Batman is the real fantasy, Clark has a job and a boss, Bruce has a butler and is the boss (of one of the world’s largest corporations), Clark pines for one woman Bruce has a harem of fetish femme fatales who pine for him, even though Supes has his fortress of alien tech, Bruce has even more cool stuff, Supes doesn’t stop saving the world even though he wants to because he has those values, THAT is what makes him a hero, when he loses his powers he still goes after Intergang as a reporter, when his powers were severely reduced he asks Steel to give him a couple machine guns and goes after guys who still give him trouble when he’s at full power

It’s been said if you want to stop an asteroid or I guess a natural disaster call superman, if you want to solve a murder call Batman, if you want to stop a war call Wonder Woman

Can’t help but think of government operatives like King Faraday he and Batman reluctantly respect each others’ skill and acknowledge they have the same goals

There is also how Stormwatch is being integrated into the main DCU, they’re the professionals, the ruthless stone cold professionals and see Superheroes as amateurs, as the Martian Manhunter said when he wants to be a hero he’s with the Justice League but when he wants to be a soldier he’s with Stormwatch

Ironically Luthor is the reason Metropolis has such a high standard of living, his inventions and leadership got it out of near fatal poverty, (he’s from the Suicide Slums of Metropolis) and he does such for the rest of the country as well, and as president eliminated the national debt, brought unemployment to almost zero, it was HIS leadership that got us through two alien invasions and even the heroes must admit without it, we would have fallen, it’s not that he’s a good man, he’s not but he’s right about most things he’s too smart not to be

Until the citizens of DC say they’d rather have Luthor work out the logistics on how to actually solve the world’s problems disease, hunger, etc., for example instead of having Superman put out a fire have Luthor create building tech that it never becomes an issue in the first place, (on that note again it’s disgusting the heroes don’t share their tech and do far more good than punching bad guys) than Superpowered people punching things they don’t deserve the cancer cure

Luthor (and so do I for that matter) can’t stand the sit on your butt and hope someone or some magic sky fairy is going to solve all your problems, get off your butt and get to work, study, work, and gain the competence to solve your problems on your own, it’s like in Red Son, people don’t wear seatbelts because Superman will save them, a hero teaches the people to take care of themselves not coddle and infantilize them

Did you know that ancient humans were the settlers of Rann, Thanagar, and Krypton

I will always prefer villains who at least have a point and frighteningly may even be right about everyone being better off under their benevolent dictatorship (of course make education great so the common man does know what is best for him and his children's children and democratic republicanism can work) like Ra's al Ghul if the environment isn't brought into balance no matter the means or cost the future for the human race will be worse than any dystopian fiction and will lead to the extinction of the human race not through misadventure but suicide through stupidity or Lex Luthor who as he says if he was calling all the shots could end famine and cure cancer and he could his mind is capable of anything perhaps give everyone ultra high-tech non polluting technology and maybe even superpowers (without the White Martians ancient experiments all humanity would be like the Kryptonians or Daxamites) lead humanity and the rest of the universe to unimaginable glory remember Red Son he united all humanity and led us to a golden age that lasted millions of years, no poverty, disease, war, crime, terrorism, or environmental problems and science and art advance, he’s about the advancement of the human race by any means necessary it’s not that he’s a good man he’s not but he’s right about most things he’s too smart not to be

A lot of villains seem unaware that if they used their mind and/or other talents for legitimate business causes or the government could be far more profitable than any crime spree

Luthor has fanatical Nietzschean beliefs, that Superman undermines humanity’s worth and accomplishments

Of course vigilantes can be sanctimonious hypocrites judging others and letting themselves go unscrutinized condemning others when they do the same thing for less reasons I think it is disgusting they don't share their scientific breakthroughs (of course inventors should be well compensated) with the scientific specifically medical community or their skills with law enforcement agencies far more good than beating up thugs and psychos fight crime at its source ignorance and poverty. I realize due to rarity and complexity mass production may not always be possible or at least cost effective and due to difficulty not all could take brutal training but a little bit could go a very, very long way. A hero doesn’t just save people a hero teaches the people to take care of themselves. The ability to think of future generations when calculating pragmatic utilitarianism is what separates us from the animals. The world is not the way it is because of thugs and psychopaths, corrupt businessmen/politicians (which contrary to fiction are the exception not the rule) but because most people are too stupid to know what is best for them the extreme left and extreme right get caught up in their ideals and refuse to acknowledge brutal facts of reality no real world understanding of the extreme complexities of politics, economics, technological logistics, and how they’re all interconnected in the long run. People want everything right here right now the whole world just handed to them on a silver platter think just by complaining something will happen without a tangible plan. Such a plan will require a lot of long, hard, boring work all day every day for generations.

There will always be some exploitation, the best and brightest will elevate themselves over the common man, it’s nature, best for the species, it improves the standard of living of the human race as a whole, as long as they don’t kill anyone or otherwise actively oppress, free trade and enterprise is the only thing that has ever led to long lasting meaningful peace

I'm glad the government has Suicide Squad, Cadmus, Checkmate, the Elite, Amanda Waller, and the new female Spy Smasher, Cameron Chase I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting accountability from Superheroes, having checks and balances on these living breathing weapons of mass destruction seems quite reasonable to me, one will go left when they should go right and innocent people will die it WILL happen, not saying black ops don’t have their necessity, they can be used as a force of good

Have you heard of The Boys

Say you’re Harry Truman do you drop the bombs or do you drown the home islands in the blood of U.S. Marines, BATMAN has no answer to that question, people hire soldiers so they never have to use moral courage themselves
TL chapter 1 . 2/11/2010
and then she gets with Clark and asks Bruce the be their new kids God father?

Eh, I guess it works though I would think SHE would be the one doing the grabing not him. But then I never did quite get the Salena/Eddy thing from Kingdom.

I remember that seen, though the part that always got to me was what Bruce's vary presince did for the fighters, the shear fact that Batman was THERE! kept them going...

Untill SHE crossed the line. It was always powerful.
The-Lady-Isis chapter 1 . 2/10/2010
Brilliant :)
Mr. E chapter 1 . 2/9/2010
I know I've talked to you about this before, but it is so odd to see you write Batman with anyone other than Catwoman, in fact, I half expected him to think of Selina in his "final moments".

Nevertheless, very interesitng to see things from Bruce's POV given how the battle royale was all over the place in the book. I particualrly liked the way you counted down with actions and memories, sort of like the whole life flashing before your eyes phenomenon.

One question, do you still intend to write your other Kingdom Come story, the one focusing about Dick and Bruce's relationship being mended? I do hope so, this was a wonderful read and no doubt that one would be even better.
Matt the Batman Fan chapter 1 . 2/9/2010
Have to admit that was an interesting take on Kingdom Come. Still, it's always tricky to try and tap into an already great story and I'm still not certain if I can buy that people as tough as Bruce and Diana would give into their passion when other people were in danger. That being said, the presentation of those last thirty seconds was really well done and being able to see that great conversation between Bruce and Diana from a different perspective was well worth the price of admission. Good work as always, DC.