Reviews for Dailies
Amollygamation chapter 33 . 9/20
I absolutely adore these. They are wonderful. Thank you!
ChildrenAreMySoulFood chapter 9 . 8/12
Skadarken-Weiz chapter 33 . 7/27
I had mean meaning to review this Fic for a while but i got caught up with other stuff. anyway, I finally did a marathon on this entire Fic last night reading it From First to Last. And Ive got only got one thing to say: THIS WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST, MOST MIND BLOWING FANFICS IVE EVER READ. I LITERALLY HAD TO STOP MY LAUGHTER FROM COMING OUT AS I WAS AFRAID I WOULD WAKE MY PARENTS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW DIFFICULT THAT WAS! CAN YOU IMAGINE LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF FOR EVERY LINE I READ. OH! DONT GET ME WRONG.. I ENJOYED YOUR SERIOUS CHAPTERS AS WELL. BUT YOUR HUMOR LEVELS ARE OFF THE CHARTS. I BARELY CONTROLLED MY LAUGHTER... THANK YOU FRIEND! I have laughed this much in a long while... So this Fic was a real treat... Thanks for it. Cant wait for more chapters from you. Good luck with your writing Projects. CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER!
Squirrelsareawesome chapter 33 . 7/23
This is the first fanfiction that I ever read. It was awesome, addicting, and drew me into the wonderful world of fanfiction. I love how the relationships between the characters are explored in this story, and I feel like I understand these characters better because of how they were portrayed. Thank you for writing this!
Tenchiko chapter 26 . 7/19
I was actually feeling a little nervous a couple of times while reading this (it felt like reading out of someone's diary) but I MADE IT OUT ALIVE! Very interesting indeed :)
inkspiltt chapter 23 . 7/16
changing as in change, right? hands...ah, well, I got change so (A for effort)
BigFatJellyFish chapter 1 . 7/9
ohmytheon chapter 25 . 7/9
Oh. My. GOD. I am physically weeping from how much I'm laughing. I just loved the idea of Roy teasing Edward every little chance he gets about going through puberty and could definitely see him losing his shit the moment Ed's voice cracks. It just kept getting better and better and then... Riza betrayed Roy by teaching Edward how to woo a lady! THIS IS INCREDIBLE. "Wronged by my most trusted subordinate." I thought I was going to choke when I read that. Amazing!
ohmytheon chapter 23 . 7/9
This is perfect. As soon as I saw "shame-faced Fuery", I knew it was swear jar. But I love how Hawkeye went along for the ride as well and convinced Edward to put his money in. And not charging him for calling Mustang a "bastard"! Ha! You write Ed SO WELL. I can imagine him doing every, little, exaggerated thing that you write him doing.
ohmytheon chapter 22 . 7/9
I AM A BIG BALL OF MESS. WHAT THE HELL. Like I was laughing SO HARD in the beginning. Every one of their "absolute truths" was hysterical. That line about Havoc's love life, oh my god. I had to reread it a few times because I loved it so much. And then when they rewrote them, it was like a punch in the gut. I loved ALL of it, especially how you shed light on characters we don't know much about. Damn that was a sucker punch and it was amazing. Fuery's made me tear up so much! Gosh, I just love your characterization of this gang. And it was incredible how it was from the point of view of someone that doesn't know them at all - that we don't know - because I think it helped us understand them a little more too. I just... WHOA. I'm blown away.
BigFatJellyFish chapter 8 . 7/9
Love it
ohmytheon chapter 21 . 7/9
I swear to god, I was only going to read one, and then somehow I ended up reading 21 CHAPTERS. This is absolutely incredible and I am dying of laughter. I love how parental Mustang and Hawkeye can be towards Ed and Al! The one celebrating Al's birthday had me in tears because of course he would try to ignore it, but then they treated him as a person! And this one, I was so confused, but then LOST it when I realized Ed was having a nightmare. What a DORK. And all of Ed's freak outs when someone mentions his height are PERFECT. Basically, this is one hell of a ride and I'm enjoying every bit of it!
Wrath Of The Heavens chapter 33 . 7/7
Earlier you said something about Ed being more pleasant when drunk can we see that?
kyzalon chapter 33 . 6/30
I love everything about this. Literally. Everything. Nessa, Jake, and Callie are very awesome for OCs (and I'm picky about OCs, VERY picky) and the humor is wonderful! Seriously, this is amazing!
Shadowhunter chapter 33 . 6/1
This is just the absolutely most amazing thing I've ever read. PLEASE do more, PLEASE!
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