Reviews for Nap Time
Guest chapter 1 . 4/19/2019
HoistTheColours here. Just wanted to say that I came back to read this again and I love this even more than I did when I first read it nine years ago.

Nine years. Can you believe it's been so long?

I adore this. I wish there was a sequel. There's something about seeing Taylor written by someone else that just absolutely warms my heart and ignites a special spark.

I can't thank you enough for writing this. It's perfect.

Virusir chapter 1 . 12/2/2010
I would like to inform you that HoistTheColours has ordered me, against my will, to leave a review for your tribute one-shot story. If you don't believe me, please send a PM to HoistTheColours and ask her. Say that Virusir is feeling the frostbite she gave by her cold words and will be sending the fluffy bunnies from hell for revenge. Thank you.


I thought the story was very heart-warming. The fact the Joker saved Taylor from a collapsing building and fiery death shown how much damage Taylor had inflicted to the Joker's character.

A sweet little girl avoiding death twice must be remarkable as a person. I'm happy that HoistTheColours made me read this story. It was nicely done.


Lorien Urbani chapter 1 . 10/27/2010
Now, this is a truly wonderful tribute to Clockwork. What an original idea! The relationship between Mr J and Taylor is quite unique and immensely intriguing and her effect on him is great. You showed this in the one-shot and you really make HoistTheColours proud.

He's constantly trying to decide what the kiddo means to him and he often thinks about killing her. I love it that you actually made him go so far as to almost do it. It was such an intense, bone-chilling moment when he pricked her neck and all that was left to do was his pushing the poison into her blood system. I held my breath for a moment! I am so glad that he didn't do it and his reasons are entirely plausible. It's all part of his plan. But I like the subtlety which shows that, perhaps, he didn't kill her (yet) ONLY because she is at the centre of his plan. Why else would he have saved her from the fire if he didn't care at all, right?

That was a brilliant scene, with the fire, very intense. It's quite incredible that Mr J saved Taylor and it's exactly what he would do, unconsciously, and she really is THE only person in the world that ever got saved by him. Loved that scene!

The ending was really sweet, although laced with an undertone of the recent danger. I can just see them napping together, aw. A weird picture, in a good way.:) Because I just love, LOVE Taylor/J moments.

Great job! This is a great tribute to Clockwork.
XxXHarleyQuinnXxX chapter 1 . 4/19/2010

I'm sorry that came out wrong.

I mean yay! he didn't kill Taylor! I thought he was...and I'm going like "no no no can't kill her!" and then he didn't and I was like "SQUE!"
Citizen Cobalt 1 chapter 1 . 3/21/2010
It's so sweet! Yet still in character.
Kimsa Ki-Lurria chapter 1 . 2/12/2010
Very good, nearly as good as the original. I'm impressed.

I like how, even after all this time Taylor's had to soften him up, the Joker is still as cruel and murderous as before. Yet he's changed; he's actually come to care for Taylor, even if he doesn't admit it. (I rather like how you didn't make him admit that he was merely avoiding killing her because he's grown attached. He tries to stave it off as all being "part of the plan," all his meticulous planning.)

I think this was a wonderful little one-shot that kept both characters true to themselves.

Alpha Bravo Charlie chapter 1 . 2/11/2010
Great story! I liked it very much.

I liked how you didn't explain the reason for the Joker's injury until about halfway through the story. It really built up suspense. And the way he got hurt, a beam falling on him in a fire, reminded me of Bruce's predicament near the end of Batman Begins when Wayne Manor is burning down. Did you intend to reference that? Just wondering. :)

The thought of the Joker organizing and alphabetizing anything makes me grin. :)
Isabel chapter 1 . 2/10/2010
I wasn't sure want to expect with this story since you were basing it off Clockwork but this was really good. Its a good idea, simple and you did it well. How you wrote the Joker's thoughts as he was planning to kill Taylor was really creepy.

Great work on this story.

StupidGord chapter 1 . 2/10/2010
Aw, how touching ;)
HoistTheColours chapter 1 . 2/10/2010
As you already know, I ADORE this story. Seriously, you write better than I do. I love this so much.

It's so neat, seeing you take one of my own original characters and reading how you portray them. It was very exciting to read, and my heart was beating in my chest when I discovered that the Joker was trying to put Taylor to sleep, as if she were some kind of ANIMAL, like a dog. It’s so underhandedly cruel and dark. Why didn't I think of this? Seriously, this is such a brilliant idea. The Joker thinks he'd be getting rid of her in a semi-humane fashion, (as if he really cared,) but yet, it really isn't all that humane at all, is it?

'He didn't have the kind of poison that makes one peacefully fall into an everlasting slumber. It was more like you became very tired and may fall asleep, then depending on the person, spasm before going into cardiac arrest. Which was painful.' -I've read this one-shot three times now, and this line gets more and more powerful after every read. It’s quite bone chilling, really.

I have to say that I loved the dialogue that transpired between the two of them. It was so adorable and cute. I have to wonder if this is how readers of ‘Clockwork’ feel about my dialogue? It’s different for me, you know? I mean, most of the time I already know what I am going to write, and the dialogue has been in my head for weeks now, so by that time it loses some of its charm and I’m not quite sure if it’s good anymore. Anyways, I thought YOUR dialogue was very fun to read. It was so sweet.

I really liked the Joker’s thoughts about Taylor and how he needed to dispose of her because she was jeopardizing his operation. That was very intriguing to read. ‘She had become a danger. A liability. He couldn’t continue to jeopardize himself over her. It was . . . unnatural.’ -FANTASTIC line. I really loved that. It definitely helped to put things into perspective.

The scene with the burning building was incredibly intense. My eyes were tearing down the page, I couldn’t possibly read fast enough. Your descriptions of the fire and the building and the wood groaning and creaking and how the Joker couldn’t breathe - ugh, it was so beautifully horrific.

The internal conflict you’ve placed upon the Joker in this fic was - well, it was awesome. I can’t say I’m surprised that the Joker went back into the burning building to save Taylor - but it was still so strange to read, nonetheless. This may be the first time that the Joker has ever done something (to such a great extent) for someone else. It kind of pulls at your heartstrings, I think, seeing him act somewhat selflessly despite the war that was raging on inside his mind. It would have been ironic for him to have died trying to save Taylor’s life, wouldn’t it? I have to say though that I am glad that didn’t happen.

Oh, and the little bit there at the end? It was PERFECT. I don’t think that was in the original draft, so I have to say, I totally loved it. ‘He miscalculated, now wasn't the time for murder. Now was the time for a nap.’ -This makes me smile inside because it puts such an adorably cute picture in my mind. I loved that you ended on such a bittersweet note. You’re sending the message to your readers that J probably still intends to kill her, yet for now they’re just going to sit on the couch and sleep. I find that rather powerful in a sort of discreet way.

Overall, this was really amazing. This is the first tribute fic anybody has ever written for me and I have to say I am immensely pleased. You’ve done an amazing, amazing job. Write more, please? (:

Most Sincerely,