Reviews for Kingdom Hearts Truth or Dare of Torture
Midnighticycreep chapter 8 . 11/8/2014
Sephiroth-go die in a hole cause I hate you...
Leon-marry cloud cause he's carring YOUR CHILD
Axel-go make out with roxas C:
Demyx-make out with zexion C:
sephiroth-go make out with cloud :D(sorry I just like the pairing sephiroth for some weird reason)
Michael Morningstar chapter 1 . 9/10/2014
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talonflame30314 chapter 1 . 6/8/2014
hey guys/gals/lionesses this my first time doing this so uh ye dare Roxas to make love to Xion or Namienie [your choice]
ImVen chapter 8 . 11/29/2012
This is funny, I dare all Organization Xlll members (except Xion) to battle my oc Greg, he's six foot tall half werewolf half werebear (he says Siax must fight him during a full moon.) Greg is also a very powerful Druid. Also Greg gives Aero (and his parents) one of his wolf bear cubs.
luckycat99 chapter 8 . 8/18/2012
i have my first of many dares
Sora ride on the chameleon from kh1 and kill some people plus u can keep it! :)
Riku go punch talon in the face
kairi go tell sora 2 build a raft and sail away for 2 days
thats all i can think of
bye bye
Guest chapter 8 . 6/22/2012
i dare xion to force feed roxas a love potion with no cure to make him fall madly in love with xion. namine can go die in a ditch. roxas must not resist or he will burn in hell. and riku must make his wife pregnant again, last but certantly not least no killing whatsoever after the rest of my dares or i shall unleash my ungodly power upon you that kills you and you cannot anything to stop it. ps. i love the story. XD :3
Agent Pickachu chapter 8 . 1/28/2012
jeez some of the reveiws are crazy! Not crazy crazy.


Larxene:DUEL!(Do not in form this to larx Me and rixos are ambushing her.)

Roxas:meet Fight STUPID princess mansex,and his stupid sidekick sire puppy.(Thats saix)

Vexen:YOUR A STALKER!DIE!*kills Vexen with a sword,and shows everyone but Aero(Sorry,but its inappropiate for him) a video of vexen stalking Xemnas,Marluxia,Vexen,And especially Aerith,In an inapprpiate way*

Xion:...hi.:P*gives Xion ice cream*

Naminé/Roxas/Axel/Demyx/Zexion:Do thriller or beat it by Michael Jackson.

Secret stuff(Only Dawn,and chosen characters i pick knows) Roxas:Your Agent Light,Master of disguise.

Demyx:Did you know your Sitar can be a watergun?A POWERFUL watergun?


Everyone:Water ballon fight!:D you lose 400 points if you threw a waterballoon at dawn,Riku,Roxas,and me,earn 10 points if you throw it at zexion,60 points at demyx(not trying to be mean),89 points at Axel,And 50,009 points at Xemnas,Saix,sephiroth,Terra(sorry dude),And marluxia.

*gets glomped by Yuffie making Talon jealous*

Yuffie:why are you glomping me?I'm not saying I hate was comforting,since...the death of my dog.*head is down,tears stream down,and Vexen mysteriously alive shows a video of AP and his dog;Cloud(hes a dalmation) having special man best friend moments,making Zexion cry,and making Yuffie glomp Ap More,and now is being hugged by everyone* AIR!
Zexion and Josh chapter 8 . 1/25/2012
Josh:*waves* tape recorder:*zexion*I'm in The castle being tortured,So Josh I can't Translate you right now so use your voice.*Dawns Voice*Zexion Come back here! *zexion*Meep.

Josh:*Wide eyed and shakes head* Recorder:*Zexion*If you said no DO IT! Josh:*sighs,and ALMOST sound like Jesse Mx cartney*fine


Larxene:I'm Over you now!*throws Sharper knives at larxene*There,Now I'm not Larxenes fan...I'm Kairis fan!

Kairi:Soras lucky,BUT DON'T Breakup with him!Zexion says I'm Annoying.


Dawn:Dawn 2 people are going to fall of a cliff Full of Rabid Fangirls,the 2 people are Xion,And STUPID $%# PRINCESS Mansex,pick wich one,And tell why you pick that person to save.(Dawn saves Xion) Roxas:Your Da MAN!Kiss any KH female character,but Larxene. Luxord:I...WILL BEAT YOU AT CHESS,AND CARDS!:D

Demyx:Your my brother!

Riku:High five man!And dude congrats!:D

All,But Larxene:I will teach you my secret language.

Talon:...KISS YUFFI!And be humiliated by Roxas,Dawn,And Riku!

Yuffi:Slap Talon,And don't be hyper for a whole chappie!

I want to be hybrid too!

Axel:Dawn,forgive I DUEL WITH YOU TO THE DEATH!Except Roxas,and Zexion *brings out 2 keyblades same as roxas,and wins*Me,Roxas battle against Axel and Zexion!

Xion/Dawn:Get along!It makes me why you hat Xion?She battled roxas for a reason,She chose to die.

Xemnas:I want to join The organization!Let me or Heart moon gets it!


Xion:In the game why did you say to roxas that he free kingdom hearts,and you said to Riku that he has to stop roxas?ME AND MY BROTHER DEMYX CONFUSE! Yeah my dares Suck,I'll try again!When Zexion helps me.

I give Dawn and riku Dragon eggs,Don't eat em!The baby gets a training keyblade.
Mysterious Masked Girl chapter 8 . 12/29/2011
*wears a Hooded Orginization Cloak thats red,wearing a black mask* I'll tell you what I look like...Later

Pyramid head kitty:You get a Xemnas Chew toy.

Roxas:sing "Leavin" by Jesse Mc Cartney

Jack sparrow:Luxord is yor brother give him an arm hug.

Luxord:Jack sparrow is your brother give him an arm hug.

Luxord and Jack Sparrow:sing "I got a jar of dirt" OR Sing "Why's the rum gone" Everyone sings it and dance.

Marluxia:I'll Kill You in my Cheetah,Jaguar,or Lion Form,So watch your back.*growls at Marluxia*

*Mysteriouslyscares Demyx Behind his back saying boo*Demyx:Do 9 laps in running,9 laps in swimming,20 jumping jacks,and 5 pushups,Don't use your powers or Pyramid head kitty will eat you.

Roxas and Xion:Redo the scene when Xion Dies,Roxas say something else other than *Does Roxas voice*"Xion!Who else will I have ice cream with?"*does normal voice*You could do better than that.

Axel:If you hate water,Do you drink water,or drink Lava?

Riku:You get a Day off on the dares.

*Takes hood,and mask off showing Naminé's and Xion's face,but has Brown Cat like eyes,and Brown hair,Then puts Mask on,And Hood on,Weird Reason Xaldin Attacked MysteriousMaskedGirl,but she blocked his attack with a Keyblad looking light saber*

Congratulations Dawn and Riku.*gives Dawn a whistle to call MMG*you may call me if you need me,also here is a Female kitty who also likes to eat Xemnas,The Female Kitty May Get Along with Pyramid head kitty Very Very Very bye see you my transformation has 5 Animals I Am:Cheetah,Jaguar,Lion,Wolf,and A Snow Leapord.*summons dark corridor and leaves*
TigeressXina chapter 8 . 12/19/2011
Hello people!Congrats Dawn and Riku!*gives dawn a Puppy that doesn't eat Cats,only she eats Xemnas.*

I have some dares.

Naminé&Roxas:have sex,in clothing,&get married(sorry I couldn't think of N&R dare)

Axel:Your name is Bunny until Aero is 5 yrs old.:)

Xemnas:wear a Dress,say I'm a Moron 9 times,and Let the KH cast,and Dawn to pick the most Humiliating thing to you.:)

Vexen:Tell Demyx that he is a Idiot.

Zexion:same dare as Vexen.

Larxene:...*gives Larxene new and sharper kunais*I'm regreting this.

Saix:Put on a Ballerina costume(girl kind),hop on one foot,while saying'I'm a balletina' 12 times.

I'm part tiger!:3 I'm really sneaky,so I Might scare Roxas and Sora Mostly Roxas CAUSE I WUV THEM!X3 I turn into a tigress when I'm mad or...having inner kitty mood.(when i'm relaxed)


I'm alittle,Tiny Tiny Gothy or emo. Axel if you say I'm a Phyco Fangirl I'll kill you 18 times!

Simba:Scare Demyx without letting him know.

Sinbad(from"SinBad Legend of the seven seas):Battle Saix til you Win!:3

Roxas:Beat Demyx in a music contest.

Me:I dare myself to kill Marluxia. All Human and nobody,and hibreeds(i hope i got that right)Males: Sing Boyfriend(song from big time rush)to the someone you Riku.

Don't worry Dawn Boyfriend isn't a mean song,its actually romantic. Again Congrats,
Zone the Hedgehog chapter 8 . 9/3/2011
I have a dare for this fic!

Sora: Go to the Pridelands in your lion cub form, and confess your undying love to Shenzi! Do this in front of Simba!

That's the dare I have to offer for now. And thus, because of this dare, a thousand Sora x Shenzi fanfics were born! To be honest, I like the Sora x Shenzi crack pairing.
Awesome Man 7777777 chapter 8 . 6/10/2011
Yay! Anyway...

Axel: Falcon punch Vexen.

Zexion: Why do you look emo?

Demyx: Listen to crappy/annoying music.

Luxord: Get drunk and play poker.

Cloud, Riku, and Sephiroth: SHINY HAIR FIGHT!

Xemnas: Darth Vader lightsaber duel!

Roxas: Namine or Xion?

Xigbar: One, what's up with your name, and two, are you a stalker?

Scientist Nobody: NOOOOOOOOOO! Not the masters!


... sorry about that. Keep up the good work!
Ms. Kairi's hooker chapter 8 . 5/21/2011
Kairi: I dare you and sora to have smut sex in front of everyone.

Axel: Slap larxnen's but and force everyone to watch hardcore gay porn.

Xaldin: I'll name you peggy

Vexen: You... ugly!

Lexaeus: Do you watch miley cyrus naked in the shower.

Zexion: Have you and ksiti ever had sex

Saix puppy: Have sex with mansex in front of kairi

Demxy: Show your bare but to kairi and flip her off.

Luxord: Force everyone to watch a man having a sex change.


Roxas: Kill Kairi and pee on her grave.

Xion: "Holding up sigh
Ginger chapter 8 . 5/14/2011
Hi! Your ToD is awesome! I am giving Dawn and family life time passes to Disney world and a vampire bat, snake from series of unfortunate events, baby bunnies, a little girl who can torture talon and for the baby, a bow and arrows when he learns to use it. For Riku, EVERY WEAPON FROM AROUND THE EARTH!(old, new, and futuristic)

Dares: I dare Mansex to kill himself in the show a 1000 ways to die in a 1000 ways!

Riku, Dawn and Aero, I will let you guys go to the world of Coraline and kill the Other Mother cause I think she plans to rule kingdom hearts with Maleficent ( I was bored)

Maleficent , I read this book called Diary of a Fairy Godmother and this witch girl named Hunky Dory is supposed to be your niece and the main character so it also says u have a son, how do you feel if you don't remember your son?

Mulan an Shang, do it and get children cause it is boring if you two don't have children who can kick ass! Roxas I dare you to hook Xion up with my brother cause I hate him when he teases me on how scared I am of scary movies and I secretly love scary movies!

Namine, I dare you to kill a mean girl in my class who's name is Jasmine cause she hates all the casts of KH! I dare Kairi to give Sora a pickle filled with fake blood( drools about how tasty blood is) and make sure sora bites it and gets scared about the blood coming( don't show this to Sora)

That's all and congrats on the wedding Dawn and Riku cause I am happy Riku isn't alone :D
SlainBladeHellStrike chapter 8 . 3/31/2011
Hiya. I love to read this story and since I have something against some certain characters (glares at Marluxia and Xemnas) I was hoping that someone could beat (or in some cases decapitate, dismember, etc) their asses. But first I want to put some Ts and Ds in here.


Riku: Wield two ways to dawn and annialate everyone who dares to call you emo.

Marluxia AND Xemnas: Get thrown into the deepest fanpit and let me keep your crappy weapons (for life that's for being the gay bastards of the organisation)


Dawn and Riku: wat was in the first wedding present? (yeah i get curious often)

Sora, Roxas and Ventus: Wat would happen if you guys switch keyblades


Dawn and Riku: You may not know me since I have never reviewed your stories and all but here's a late wedding gift (customizable keyblades and outfits)

Everyone else (except Marluxia and Xemnas) : have a lifetime supply of sea-salt ice cream, pizza and coke

Keep writing and never give up!
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