Reviews for Death is Part of the Process
Etrangere chapter 88 . 6/8
Wow that was very much worth the wait!

(I left a comment a couple of years ago on AO3 about being confused on where to read the completed version of this fic :))

Awesome, epic story; wonderfully plotted and characterized. I love how much love (in various forms) is a theme that runs through everything in the story. How the narrative shifts focus from Reno to Tseng then Rufus and other less often focussed characters seamlessly. I love how much lives you gave to the Before Crisis characters (especially as someone who doesn't know BC directly) and your OCs like Natalya, they're all amazingly distinct and intriguing and oh so very /Turks/; and especially Aviva became my stealth favorite of this gorgeous work. I love how much everyone's strength and weaknesses come across sharply, contrasted by various PoVs. I love how you make SHINRA and its weird culture and history /works/, especially Old Man Shinra given how hard it is to make him a viable 3D characters based on the canon.

Stunning! Thank you for the delight of reading it!
damagectrl.07 chapter 88 . 6/5
I'm pretty sure I left a review after you posted this but it seems something went wrong and my review didn't get posted D: Anyhow, might as well type it up again! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw the notification in my email that you updated. I've waited for a long time and it's bittersweet to have your amazing story come to an end. I am both happy and sad that it's over. Above all, I am thankful you gave this brilliant work and ending. It was very well written. Thank you so much for all the years you spent into writing this and for sharing with us. There are very few fics that have left a mark on me and this is definitely one of the most unforgettable ones. I can't wait to reread this and relive the journey of the various characters again. Their growth was a great thing to witness. Thank you, thank you. Kudos for creating such a beautiful story.
Clement Rage chapter 88 . 6/4
Huh... I'm not sure what to say, really. It's been a long time, I think I need to go back a bit to get some perspective.

See, normally you write everything I don't like, and yet here I am, 550k words later. That in itself is a hell of an achievement, and I hope you know that. I've made some good friends as a result of this fic. You genuinely did bring people together. I'm feeling pretty old, a lot has happened since my one line review on a whim in 2010.

I should probably say something substantive. I think I might have to start again, because I'm a bit lost for words here. Anyway:

Really? They're just going to take Rufus' word that the wider Turks are dead?

The board meeting script felt a bit, well, scripted. No unexpected twists, just everyone playing their roles, and the military a singular block with one opinion. I feel like the time lag impacted on this a bit, maybe it would have worked better if we were still coming down off the other chapters.

And then we get one last Aviva letter to round things out. It was nice, it was what we needed, and I don't think I have much more left to say, other than I still hate the idea of Mink being responsible for shepherding Cloud to safety that time. I have been a cantankerous prick over some of this time, but I'm glad I read it and I wish you luck in your future endeavours and writing etc. I might be back once I get around to reading over this again, but best of luck regardless.

Bobbie chapter 88 . 5/22
Finally! Sad that it's over, glad that you finished. Time for a re-read.
Aoli chapter 88 . 5/22
Thank you for finishing this huge but really interesting novel. I enjoyed it a lot, your way of portraying the Turks with their Kirks, problems and personalities is perfect in my opinion. The story was thick but fluently readable, and the end is well closed. Thank you again and congratulations of finishing it!
The Moss Stomper chapter 88 . 5/21
Oh wow. It's finally complete. I'm sitting here staring at the screen, trying to wrap my head around it.

Long before I signed up for this site, long before I started writing my own FF7 fics, I was reading and following this story. It played such a huge part in forming my view of many of the BC Turks, and is probably one of the reasons I'm such a big Turk fan these days. For months (years?) the mental image of Reno grieving in the dust haunted me. I kept hoping and waiting I would one day see the final chapters and move past that point. Why did I never actually *say* anything in a review, especially once I got an account on here? Dunno. I guess I didn't want to seem pushy by asking for more. X)

I've had a glass of wine too many and I'm feeling too many feels to properly express them, but I wanted to leave a note nonetheless and thank you for this long, wonderful journey. To reach the end, to get that closure, and to then see me mentioned in the notes... Oh man. The feels! I don't know what to do with them!

Can I be pushy now? I do so hope to see more from you in the future, whenever that might be!
HappyHaunt chapter 88 . 5/21
i'm trying to connect all of my thoughts and emotions to my fingertips right now so bear with me. firstly, i feel like i've been transported back to my college dorm room right now - lying in my bed with open in front of me. i didn't even know my account (which i finally managed to log in to) was still actively sending out story alerts. secondly, it's an HONOR to be thanked by you! how often does an inactive fanfiction actually resume?! this is almost unheard of! i'm a little in awe of myself (haha!) that i was one of several people to inspire you to post the last chapters. it means more than i can put into words right now. but enough about me... these last two chapters have moved me to tears - in the best of ways! i can feel the parallel between how this story ended, particularly with aviva's letter, and your feelings towards being finished with it. i'm no longer equipped (due to a shift in both personal and prof interests) to compose reviews that examine what makes this fic amazing in a literary sense. but i can tell you that this fic is an adventure, one that you both get sucked into and extremely invested in (team aviva!). it's thoughtful and emotional but also incredibly intelligent and stimulating! and most importantly, this fic is impressive. you took on the challenge of pretty much novelizing a massive piece of the final fantasy vii timeline in ways i don't even think square enix would do for us. and lastly, aviva. aviva's character means a lot to me and i'm just... i'm happy that she's happy. even though you're finished with this fic, i hope this doesn't mean you're finished with fanfiction completely! maybe years from now we'll receive another story alert from you or maybe not, and that's okay. i wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whether it's in fanfiction or composing your very own novel or maybe even just a new journey in your life. thank you again for sharing this with us.
CBK1000 chapter 88 . 5/21
I'm so happy to see you've finally completed this; I thought life had permanently diverted you (pesky thing, real life; I try to ignore it). I haven't read the ending yet, but I'll be back with a review once I finish it. I just thought I'd pop in to say thank you for posting the end; this is one of my favorite stories of all-time, and not just in the FFVII universe. Thank you so much for sharing it.
Heruhousu chapter 48 . 5/3
So interesting to see others coming back to this in April as I did - I suppose its just the season. I first read your wonderful work two years ago, and it will always stay with me. Thank you.
Happy Haunt 2 chapter 86 . 4/23
So between my last review and this moment, I somehow read all 86 chapters over again! Goodness, what a whirlwind it's been. Not only to revisit this fic but the ffvii universe as well! But now I can't help but wonder if this where you intended to leave off... 14 chapters ago you left a small a/n saying that you had completed the fic and you were going to post twice a week for 7 weeks. I guess your readers, too, are remembering the sunrise of another adventure of a chapter from you. Thank you thank you thank you again for this fic!
Happy Haunt chapter 86 . 4/5
I do hope you'll return to us one day to finish publishing your completed chapters. This is a story that meant so much to me in its days. I've fallen off the fanfiction community myself. But I was at the movies yesterday and I saw the name "Aviva" in the closing credits and I instantly thought of this fic, even two years later haha. It's a shame I can't remember my login for this site, I left you a review once and you sent me the loveliest response. Even if I can't receive your response or you don't send one at all, I hope you know that there are readers who haven't forgot this masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your writing with us.
k chapter 86 . 2/14
it has been some time since i've read any ff7 fanfic, and i am sure there is plenty of great new content floating around, but i still can't help it - i keep coming back to this. i'm no writer, hardly an experienced reader, but this is one of the most masterful pieces i have ever read. i fell in love with every character more than i thought i would or could, because of this. they are flawed and fallible and REAL. my heart sunk and soared, and even on the re-reads i felt it anew. i couldn't begin to thank you enough for your time or congratulate you on your dedication, but i can say that i am proud to have been able to share in reading this. really and truly: well done.
Keveh Kins chapter 39 . 8/22/2016
I'm quietly dreading the chapter I know is coming with Zack's death, and what toll that will take on Tseng. Speaking of whom, kudos for yet again refusing to shy away from that darker, nastier side of him. Utter dickish behaviour to Aerith. That's weird praise, but ya get the gist.

I quite like how you handle the tension of the revelation between Tseng and Rufus. You cut away from it to events happening elsewhere but each event is so fleeting that it keeps the tempo of Tseng and Rufus' lust but at the same time gives the reader a reprieve from its intensity. I also like how you handle the sex itself, cutting in right at the climax, but leaving lots to the imagination. Enough detail to satisfy and you avoid jarring the story to a halt for the sake of a sex scene.

Very nice touch switching to the present tense for the intersecting scenes too.

I'm trying to find things to offer criticism about, but most of it is just trivial housekeeping like occasional typos or a missed punctuation mark. But overall your writing is just so enjoyable to read that it overcomes any gripes one would have. You have a great command of voice in your writing, makes it very personable, I think. Even the darker moments have a weird warmth to them.
Keveh Kins chapter 26 . 8/14/2016
Beautifully written.

Haven't read a retelling of the Nibelheim incident that captures the grimness of the entire incident as well as this. There's something very blood curdling in coming upon the aftermath of a horror, rather than witnessing it happen. The shock isn't the same, because there's finality to it. It's happened already. This chapter captures that so well.

Impressively, even though we already know what's in store for Cloud and Zack and the survivors of Nibelheim at this point, you still manage to create a genuine fear for what they will be subjected to. Hojo is utterly repugnant throughout and it's awesome. Pure, undiluted evil. All his remarks to Veld - just infuriating.

Mega thumbs up.
Keveh Kins chapter 23 . 8/4/2016
Not gonna lie, I whooped when Charlie made his grand entrance in Junon. Such an awesome moment.

You do a great job of humanising the characters in this. Small touches, Veld's fatherly relationships with his Turks, going to sit with Rosalind, taking the bullet in the boardroom like a parent taking responsibility when their kid screws up. Or Tseng's weird pseudo mentoring relationship with Rufus. Aviva's diary entries are always a chapter highlight for me as well. Got a good chuckle out of her line about flushing her head down the toilet over the gun talk, who hasn't had to sit and listen to companions ramble on incessantly about a topic you have no interest in? Very true to life.

That's one of the things I love most about this fic. It's equal parts fantastical (as it should be, it's a Final Fantasy fic after all) and real. There's a good mixture of the excitement and zaniness of the world they inhabit but also the sort of wondrous poignancy that you come across in real life.

Reno's determination to dislike Zack is as frustrating as it is understandable. They're from two different worlds, but damn if ya don't want to see them be friends!

Super stuff, Madam AllSorts :)
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