Reviews for The Heart Of The Crimson Dragon
Frostfire613 chapter 14 . 4/24/2014
lol what a unique way of confessing XD
ThatShadowIntrovert chapter 1 . 8/30/2013
Interesting. But I'm curious, is Hikari by any chance related to Jaden/Judai? They have the same last name.
TvshowsManiac chapter 1 . 1/18/2013
The Queen of Water chapter 30 . 7/12/2012
I love this story.
Alayna Wood chapter 16 . 6/27/2012
Jack reminds me of an overprotective older brother to Hikari...
Brittany chapter 2 . 6/10/2012
I was wonderin how old is your character
Diclonious57 chapter 13 . 3/11/2012
jack seems a bit too nice but I till love ur story
Diclonious57 chapter 6 . 3/10/2012
I really liked how you portrayed Jack this chapter
Diclonious57 chapter 1 . 3/10/2012
yusei/oc story thats complete I'm giddy with excitment(I'm serious BTW)
Green-Chrystall chapter 30 . 6/29/2011
Uhh... I dunno how many episodes that I watched x_x man... Ruka and Rua takes about 5 episodes then Yusei battling Kiryu, Crow vs Bomber, Yusei vs Rudger and finally Jack vs Carly! That takes all day for Jack to reach Carly's place. And there's still Aki... Ukh... *grumble*

Sorry for the rambling _; humm... The flashbacks... Can't they be shorter? Some paragraph or just dialogues are fine, since you just made a little differences than the original one. Hikari's flashback take about half the chapter... And I skipped it XP

Ah... Simple battle. But not bad since it was filled with emotions :)

*go to next chapter* ara? End in chap 30? O_o means time to go to the sequel! :D
Green-Chrystall chapter 26 . 6/25/2011
Yusei Go? Is that Yusei's D-Wheel's name? XD

Hwaaa. What's gonna happen to Hikari? OAO is she became a dark signer? She can't be dead (yet)!

Onto next chapter!
Green-Chrystall chapter 23 . 6/25/2011
My fave duel so far! XD though some nothing to do turns are... Sucks. You can made it into some tension builder :D

Oh, and about your idea for 5ds characters in Duel Academy. I would love to see it :D have you made it? Seeing how late I read this fict XD
Green-Chrystall chapter 19 . 6/22/2011
Humm... You need to recheck your writing more :/ you misstype he as she or her as him and so on. Though it's either I don't understand or that's actually a typo, it happens quite a lot _a and... Isn't it "faith" in stead of "fate"? O_o Godwin said he have fate in Yusei. But then, fate... It's kind of... 'What should happened'? And faith is... 'Believe'? I'm confused with this "fate" _a

Lol. Tonight I made lots of reviews aren't I? XD sorry to not put it in one. I thought I'll just reading 2 or 3 but end up reading lots. Lol!

Looks like I'll stop here. I need to watch the anime before begin reading again XD keep updating your story! I'll catch it up in no time :9
Green-Chrystall chapter 18 . 6/22/2011
Huh? I don't think Crow wears any goggles O_o isn't what he wears on his head is bandana or sort?

Rally and the others doesn't realize that Hikari is the Duel Prodigy? OAO

Trudge? Who is he? _a the one who stalk Jack was Mina and Ushio, right? _a *do some googling* ah, the English name.

About the dub. I don't like the dub version _; yeah, some voices doesn't fit. And the dub doesn't have subtitles! Which is killing me since I'm not English native ;A; -slapped-
Green-Chrystall chapter 16 . 6/22/2011
Agree with you. YuseixAki is almost canon in the series D: (and I feel really relieved to found that Yusei's feeling towards Aki still a mystery) somehow I don't like it that much with this pairing and prefer Yusei with someone else (OC).

Jack attitude towards Mina. Why do I miss it? XD when around Hikari, Jack and Hikari looks like siblings XD which reminds me that at first I guess they are. Lol!

Great scene at the hospital XD
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