Reviews for Fate and Forbearance: Hatred & Heritage
EkoCentric chapter 58 . 6/1/2015
I'm well aware that you finished this instalment years ago as I just discovered it while I was browsing through good old Alistair/FCousland fictions here. However, your creativity and originality of the story is really impressive so that couple of weeks I was spending my free time reading it, I find it's only fair that I leave this review, well it's not even a review, just a short note to say how much I love your story (and your Cousland, many readers may not like her but not me, I love her-and that reality scares me a little bit though hahaha) and thank you so much for sharing this with us. Apart from the most gripping storyline that I love, I think your accuracy about historically-based reference (to the late Medieval/Renaissance periods) to the story impresses me the most as I found myself often massively annoyed by some fictions that heavily delivered in a strong modern/contemporary point of view.

As it has been a long time since your last update for its sequel, so I think it's unlikely that you will continue these precious stories. However if you decide to pick it up later, please know that there will be a very attentive reader waiting for you.
Devil Goat chapter 3 . 4/8/2014
You so must see this for Alistair/Leliana paring
Nerisal chapter 54 . 3/30/2014
Oh poor Nobby, I mean Noble, that mabari was my favorite!
Guest chapter 58 . 11/1/2013
Gwyn is just like Scarlett O Hara, vain, self-centered, somewhat spoiled, but has an intelligent and bright mind. On the outside she seems charming, busy, good, and smart, she makes surface efforts to live up to the expectations her culture demands, she makes efforts to live up to the expectations of her parents, the duty is engraved in her very being, to take care of Ferelden and her people, to be strong and cunning enough, to do everything in her power to achive goals that are justified in her own opinion, sometimes she is selfish, arrogant and blind to some important issues but she was raised up to believe in the ideals of nobility, but on the inside she is insecure and just wants the affection of those around her. She masks her needs, wants, feelings, her desire to be loved because she thinks it has to be like that, that culture and duty demands it. She is so real, character you hate and adore at the same time. You did the great job!
Jaffa Snakes chapter 58 . 2/27/2013
Argh! bone-chilling! That's given me a serious case of the willies! That last line...nay...the whole last scene. The doom, the doom! Please, please say its not stopping there, I don't think I could take it!
But it was the mirror scene that really got me. I was so swept away by theatre and the Remigold and what the Couslands think of Alistair's political future etc etc that I completely forgot about the package, though we had only seen it mere scenes before, and then Pow! Morrigan! Poor, foolish Morrigan! It was heart breaking to see her like that, and even more so terrifying! And now he's loose in the world...argh! Game changer! A cracking end to part one, very fitting, and has left me definitely wanting more! Sorry for all the exclamation marks - you've left me very exclaim-y! Thank you so much for writing, this has been an absolute pleasure to read - taken me through probably every emotion I could name :)
Jaffa Snakes chapter 57 . 2/20/2013
What a beautiful chapter. This is the first thing I have read in quite a while and I'm glad it was. The scene setting was tremendous! I felt like I was with Gwyn in the dilapidated castle. Amazing imagery! And great depth of emotion. The insertion of the smaller flashbacks really worked here to buildup her anxiety and sorrow. And the scenes with Fergus and Alistair were very moving indeed.

I literally cried when they were remembering Oren and just when I'd composed myself, bam, there came the scene in the pantry. Shaking with silent tears while my poor little boy was trying to sleep on me.

But not all sorrowful tears, there were smiles as well. Remembering Alistair's birthday was beautiful and helped Gwynethbe super sympathetic this chapter (I don't expect it to last forever, no worries :-P), but also you got a couple of laughsin with the tears,which felt very organic. Fergus' "piss-head" line made me chuckle (and so true of course!) and also gwyneth remembering how much she hated Duncan was also a moment of lightness when remembering the terrible events.

She really has come a long way hasn't she (and I love how fragile and selfish she was in eye origin story - it was just very real) and she seems like a stronger person for having been back to Highever, difficulty as it was.

An astonishingly fantastic piece of writing. I think it is your best chapter yet! I'm honoured to have the dedication, and just sorry it has taken me so long (for myself as well as to you) to read it!
DoneWithEverything chapter 58 . 2/15/2013
I got serious chills when I read this chapter :)) *brrrr*

Anyways, you did an amazing job writing this story. I loved your Couslands, they were written so beautifully and realistically. I personally dislike kind and goody two shoes Cousland, because for me, it just doesn't seem realistic, considering how Nobles act to commoners in the game (Habren is an excellent example). I also loved your Alistair, because as you said, he was a bit of a jerk in the game, the way he always fights with your player when you make a decision that he doesn't like in the game (I mean, if he doesn't agree, maybe he should speak up BEFORE the player goes through with a decision *coughcough* killing Isolde or Connor *coughcough*. You made this story unbelievably realistic and wonderful and chilling all at the same time, and I'm happy I found your story and had the privilege to read it. It deserves more favorites :))

Hope you have a good day!
Ireland.88 chapter 58 . 2/11/2013
Ooooh! It's finally hit the fan! I've been meaning to review this for a while now, but always kept getting sidetracked...

The last part really made my spine tingle. Very creepy. I liked the almost cliffhanger, a certain dread at what our dynamic duo (or is it trio, now that Fergus is in the know?) may face now that Urthemiel is out and about in the world of the living.

I can't wait for the beginning of part deux. And thanks for the great read, I really am excited to see what happens next. :D
Ethizen chapter 58 . 1/15/2013
This chapter was deliciously scary and I loved it!
Gaspode chapter 58 . 1/7/2013
Oh very dark and Gothic horror. I do feel sorry for Morrigan. She's one of these people that is easier to admire than like butI did admire her. I can also see how she and Gwyn would share a connection.

There was so much to like here.

Poor Harold. From a coldly practical point of view his life is better now but I do agree a little with Alistair and somebody clever once said, 'You can't make happiness for other people, then it's just a cage.' You have captured his confusion, knowing he should be grateful and yet unable to be as happy with his fortune as he thinks he should be.

It was nice to see Alistair and Fergus sort of getting along. Alistair however, has all my sympathy when it comes to big feasts and events. Even so, it was also nice to see him share a moment of mischief with Gwyn, no matter how small.

Every time I'm reminded of Alistair's relationship with Leliana, I shudder. I just could never warm to her. She hit all the wrong buttons with her strong faith and girly talk, I'm neither religious or particularly girly, I'm afraid. Alistair, who already suffers from an idealised world view, being led by the hand by this pious, shoe talking woman...urgh. You show her with a bit of temper which makes it easier to handle and these flashbacks are always welcome since they show another side of the Alistair/Gwyn relationship and ties the story to Origins.

I cannot wait for the next part.
falloutkitten chapter 58 . 1/3/2013
Great Christmas surprise! Loved reading this on Christmas day! I apologize for not reviewing sooner, i was up in NY visiting family and wanted to give this a deserving review, the word "tribal" in reference to Gwyn's Andraste dance made me think of reese witherspoon's dancing in "vanity fair". Gwyn is so sassy, i think Alistair secretly likes that about her. and i think one of these days he's going to tell her brother to back off, its just a matter of time. the last part was super creepy, your writing is spectacular as always, cannot wait for part 2!
Senekis chapter 58 . 1/1/2013
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Cannot wait for the sequel.
vauseisboss chapter 58 . 12/27/2012
Heh. I was cackling with glee waiting for, and then watching that GoT birth scene finally being brought to life on TV, though it was just as disturbing as it was when I read the book. xD

Anyway, I loved everything about this chapter (as usual) I love how the mood went from fun to tense and finally taking a turn for the scary and unsettling when Urthemiel is finally out in the world and his brides are there waiting for him, it was all so so brilliantly executed.

The sections with Alistair and Fergus were very entertaining, and their rivalry just keeps getting better and better. Even though they're not particularly each other's fans, they are still working together –reluctantly I might add– knowing it’ll be better for Ferelden in the long run (and for Gwyneth’s sake too, I guess).

Why do I get the feeling Gwyneth had something to do with His Majesty not getting the clearance to joust? It strikes me as something she’d definitely do, especially after that scare at the bannorn... Oh, and that oh-so-subtle ‘let’s see who’s lance is bigger’ exchange? Priceless, just priceless. :p

The last part of the chapter –starting with Gwyneth locking herself in the bedroom, I just knew something big was about to happen- was amazingly dark, poor Gwyneth, having to witness someone you care about being consumed by this being and then it reminds you it wants you to have its heir, Urthemiel's scenes always gave me the creeps… At least Morrigan’s ‘gift’ will keep him out of Gwyneth’s head, if only temporarily.

Speaking of Morrigan… her death made me sad, I know, it was inevitable (did he pop out of her Aliens style?) But at least she didn't go without a fight, struggling against Urthemiel to the last moment and the fact that she managed to prepare and send that ring to Gwyneth, it’s hard not to admire that kind of courage and strength of character. I loved that throughout the story she talked to him like he was just an inconvenience.

By the way, I hope that Gwyneth, despite her shock and fear, managed to get a hold of that ‘he is concerned about the bones of Old Gods…’ bit of info Morrigan tried to give her before Urthemiel and his horrible, horrible sense of timing interrupted their conversation. ;-)

Special mention to Alistair trying his best not to lose it after Gwyneth told him what happened, he’s obviously just as shocked and horrified as she is, but he managed to keep his calm and offer Gwyneth some comfort. Though, Fergus barging in throwing accusations and moving Alistair out of the way bothered me, I don’t know why –I know he was just being the overprotective older brother- Perhaps I was wearing my Alistair blinders when I read that part. :p

I started questioning Gwyneth’s decision to let Fergus in on the big secret, but they’ll need all the help they can get and they can’t exactly go shouting from the rooftops what they did, Fergus is perhaps the only person they can trust at the moment. They’ve got some ‘splaining to do though, and they’ll probably get an earful from the older Cousland once they tell him the truth.

Thank you so very much for writing this. Things have definitely taken a turn for the darker (as if they weren’t already lol) And I’m very much looking forward to part two.
Ozzy chapter 58 . 12/25/2012
Found this story and fell in love and the new chapter has only made me wish for its completion even more! Great work here you have a fan who will check on this storys progress regularly. Again fantastic work :)
ShadowCrystal26 chapter 58 . 12/25/2012 it sad that I'm actually happy Morrigan died? I just can't like her, no matter now much I try yes, I really liked this chapter. I will definitely be waiting for the sequel!
And Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
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