Reviews for Time Will Tell
Guest chapter 26 . 8/2
I think you took a huge wrong turn putting Roaie and Edward together. That plot is a little too neat. They each need a mate, let's take the one that's left. But that isn't how mates work. Other than that, great story!
ariyana.lenae chapter 32 . 7/6
This was so amazing! I loved it start to finish! Do you think you'll finish the series? I'm dying to read the prequel and the sequel! Again, so fantastic! You are a work of art! Thank you!
orchidluv chapter 33 . 6/15
Oh pretty pretty please please please write Time on my Hands!
FaultyImage chapter 8 . 5/26
I laughed so hard I fell off my bed
asallam1 chapter 1 . 5/8
Hi, I truly enjoyed your story, and devoured it in just two days. I even recommended it to my friend Roxy from Ecuador, who loved it as well.
So… I saw that you intended to write a trilogy, but is not in your profile. Is it published somewhere else? If so, where?
Congratulations on your effort, it created a beautiful fic.
All the best from Chile.
Deessa Whitlock chapter 33 . 5/8
Hi, I loved your story; it had me reading literally nonstop. I adored this couple and particularly the way you managed the time travel plot.
I have to say that I fell in love with your human Emmett, but your manpire was simply irresistible. Thank you for sharing your enormous talent.
I send you a big hug from Ecuador.
Rose chapter 33 . 5/3
Such a beautiful story! I usually don't read other pairings but I'm so glad I read this. These two are meant to be and thank you for sharing their journey with us.
twilight-et-the-vampire chapter 33 . 4/17
Super fiction , par contre j'avais hâte de lire la suite mais je voit que rien n'est poster , j'espère que tu le fera car j'aimerais lire et voir ce qui se passe quand elle se léve dans sa nouvelle vie a bientôt
SassYNoleS chapter 32 . 3/31
Second time of reading this story and I love it just as much as I did the first time around ;)
Nihama9492 chapter 13 . 2/29
The last line of this chapter...just beautiful!
Vriska-2016 chapter 33 . 2/22
Aww you never finished it:(
Espied7 chapter 33 . 2/13
Your Emmett is awesome :)
Jo.tequila chapter 33 . 2/9
I just read your story. Took me 2 days and I slept like 4 hours last night because of you, just so you know.
Loved it.
I like how you made Emmett so real. I like how you made Bella less Stephanie's-Bella-ish. I like how I was able to feel with the characters you "made". I cried, I laughed and I smirked while reading your story. Even a lot of time has passed, I sure hope ya thinkin' 'bout continuing. I would read it with the same passion as this one, probably will read it again in a couple or days.
Lots of Love from Germany!
Guest chapter 33 . 1/30
Sooo did you ever post this somewhere
juliet709 chapter 29 . 1/20
so far i love this story thought i have to say i cant stand alice in this one. shes a bossy nosey bitch. and i really dont like how the whole cullen crew seem to pick on bella alot. weither about her sex life or her being human and such like that.
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