Reviews for Bullet The Blue Sky
usumai chapter 1 . 7/19/2011
I'm not even sure what to say, but MAN you write an AWESOME Nick. This was a great story, and I'll admit it had me crying more than once ... But I have to say, even though it was fantastically written, I didn't much care for the 'alternative ending'. I think it was perfectly fine the way it ended in the first chapter.

So, thank you, for letting me get lost in the world of the infected and letting me forget my own worries to instead feel the pain of others. This was an amazing adventure!

Leo Marie Octavian chapter 2 . 11/12/2010
I loved both parts, but the alternate ending makes me giggle and feel rediculously happy. Redneck army, bent on preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Sounds like my kind of people. :D
FrenchToastie chapter 2 . 10/4/2010

This was AWESOME. 3!

I loved everything. X3

Though the alternate ending made me stupidly happy XD

But I really really enjoyed the sad one where Ellis had died.

They're both amazing.

You are awesome. XD
JYue chapter 2 . 6/24/2010
Great story. Character death break my heart, but the original ending was amazing. Nick coming back and finding Ellis' body. Yikes... that hurts. And the part of Nick sprawling the photos on the floor around him was so simple and beautiful. And, goddammit, KEITH! Dude, that was amazing. 'The walking, breathing, human pin cushion'. Loved that one so much ;D

Thanks for the Alternate Happy Ending, 'cause I kinda needed it after all that beautifully written sadness :')
Lex Sterling chapter 2 . 6/4/2010
Unfortunately, I find the original ending much better, too bad for Ellis :'( . This was wonderful. It made my heart ache in all the right places and was so well written. Obviously a little quick, but understandably so. Very well done. I very much enjoyed it. Thank you!
Weeshie chapter 2 . 5/26/2010
Very beautiful story.. Left me speechless. Once I read Claws and Tongues, I knew I would love this story. You have the best stories I've ever read. (:
narut0fr3ak chapter 2 . 5/13/2010
I like this alternate ending better i loved the alternate ending actually... The original made me cry :(

ellis/nick are my favorite pairing tied with hunter/witch... And i hate un happy endings.
TragedyStorm chapter 2 . 4/26/2010
I cried.

Seriously. I can barely type this for tearing up so much. I love this. I hate it when characters die, but the loving gestures that came along with it were so strong. I love this story. 20 million swisscake rolls for you.

On another note, I liked the more happy ending too, but the sadder one had a much bigger impact on me. :'3
CrimzonEchidna chapter 2 . 4/15/2010
I must say. Congratulations on making me cry for the first time in a LONG ass time. I was like, violently sobbing. D; Such a sad story, I read the A.E. to cheer myself up; so thank you for posting it! Very, very good story. I hope to see more Nick/Ellis from you. 3
SpookedRabbits chapter 2 . 3/3/2010
Flat out honest - the first ending made me cry. I can't blame it on the moon, reproductive organs, lack of essential vitamins or stepping on my fingers. This was one of the few Nick/Ellis pairings I think played out extremely well.

P.S: Thank you for the alternate ending. It satisfied my happy ending desire.
Envious Doll chapter 2 . 2/22/2010
OMG! Beautifully written. It drew wonderful images in my brain. I started crying...course, crying in the middle of class wasn't really bright, but still. You moved me to tears

A few spelling mistakes, but damn, you got the characterization right and, nick was done beautifully.

10 out of 10
DxLilith chapter 1 . 2/16/2010
first off...i HATE character deaths T_T BUT this is really really really REALLY good stuff. mainly because first person p.o.v is usually very redundant & annoyin' as hell to read after a while but this was good, i kept thinkin' i was watching it all unfold as oppose to hearin' one side of it & yu made everyone seem real, like actual people. great job BlueRaine _
Martinis and Mixed Feelings chapter 2 . 2/12/2010
this is seriously amazing. bra-vo
Mechanical Animals chapter 1 . 2/12/2010
This is my first review on . Please bear with me :3 I can get to rambling

The first thing I can compliment you on is your excellent selection or relative music, my favorite song being "The Day I Tried To Live." When I first played the game, I played it listening to Superunknown, and Head Down, 4th of July, Half, as well as the aforementioned song, all seemed to narrate the story as the campaigns progressed. I was planning on writing, myself, a story based on the experience.

The base storyline was excellent. I loved the way you defined Ro and Coaches persona; Rochelle's documentation provided her with personality exceeding the "loving/accepting mother" that many typecast her as, and Coach, past the all-shepherding father he really isn't. I love how Ellis wasn't quite the submissive little kid that he, too, was typecast as. Nick was out of character, I think, but its all perspective. Ellis being left to die and Nick crossing the country to stumble upon his body solidified that this is a hard, realistic world where survival was dependent on others and the alternative was not isolation, but death. The love the pair felt on their last night together was short but fulfilling.

Past this, however, was slightly disappointing. I never saw Nick as someone who would be able to adjust to life after zombies, and not for some time; without Ellis, after the connection you crafted for them, the period of adjustment would be that much harder and not without several confrontations and probable breakdowns.

The realism is lost on the Alternate Ending. How Ellis would have survived crossing the country, after the confrontation on the bridge, and somehow stumble upon his oldest friends. Should and explanation prove or provide itself, how could Ellis have forgiven Nick for leaving him behind, even against Nicks will? Would they struggle adjusting again, or would the struggle be for one of them to bear? Would Coach and Rochelle ever hear about the details of Nicks second journey? Just some things to think about. The ending was a bit rushed and lacked the flowing detail the other pieces of the story possessed.

Overall, though, it was a great story. I loved reading it, loved many of the songs you picked, although I have yet to read it with the music ;3

If you read all of this, thanks for putting up with me xDD

La Mouette Lunaire chapter 1 . 2/12/2010
You automatically get a giant gold star for effort (and I hope that phrase can actually have a positive connotation oO;), because the work you put into this and the soundtrack is worth so much and it's bloody impressive.

Now for the actual story, I loved your characterisation of Rochelle (especially) and Coach, because in many stories they might as well be cardboard cutouts (at best reciting their lines from the games), so that gave it a lot of dimension.

For the fact that there's comparatively little interaction between Nick and Ellis (by which I mean 'as opposed to stories which let them get lost together or start after the evac') you built up their relationship really well, almost a bit like it's actually a playthrough where the focus is still on going places and killing things while dropping gradually bigger hints and that's a very nice set-up (especially because the words you find to describe the 'going places / killing things' thing are ace).

The sex, while taking up surprisingly little story space in comparison, is again beautifully written, what I enjoyed most by far was Ellis taking the initiative, because I don't see much of that and you pulled it off really well.

I can't believe I'm saying it, but no matter how much I squeed, "seagulls pecking at its eyes with slurpy vomit-inducing sounds" is only my second favourite part.

My shiny 'it had me rolling on the floor choking with laughter' award goes to "Ellis corrected me, almost in a whisper, 'They're gators, Nick.'", because that was just completely fucking brilliant and so beautifully IC for them.

Nick's despair towards the end, when being dragged into the helicopter and later when finding Ellis's body is amazingly written, I could see it happening so clearly and it was heartbreaking and awful. Rochelle's thoughts in addition give the situation more dimension and were a great element to use.

I still can't quite warm up to the things after that, admittedly because 'Nick settles down after the zombie apocalypse' is one of my least favourite plot elements, but also because I really enjoyed how you write Keith and Dave and that made me think your portrayal of them could use more spotlight than it got here. Still, it all read better the second time because I knew what to expect and instead of going 'Hm?' could focus on your descriptions which, again, are wonderful.

SO. Enough rambling? I think so. That's some of my favourite aspects anyway, maybe I'll drop another comment on LJ in case I can manage to make myself listen to the soundtrack while reading (hey, listening and reading at the same time is COMPLICATED, didn't you know?), so I can see what sorts of impressions I get from that.

Anyway, thank you very much for writing this!