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forgetmenotlovely chapter 9 . 3/15
Sad that this story is not going to be finished, but I still wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Akatsuki by itself is funny enough, but your character interactions and narrative point of view really put the cherry on top. I like it when authors keep me on my toes, but I found the language to be sometimes overly cryptic. I had to reread certain sentences, though just a few. That's my only comment. Overall, really glad to have read this even though I don't usually like starting incomplete pieces. I think the story could have taken a good direction with feasible plot development, considering Hinata's impending rescue and brotherly confrontations. And more ItaHina.
sasuhinaneji chapter 12 . 7/25/2015
I usually never read unfinished stories but I am sure as hell glad I read this. I really admire and love your writing style; your characters were very true to themselves (although you stated otherwise) and the little bits of humor were flawless and so terrifically written I couldn't help but be in awe of your caliber in writing. Speaking of which, I had to keep another tab open to specifically look up words I didn't know (you've increased my vocabulary to say the least!).

Although I was a bit lost in your Barebones, I'm glad that you included it because I don't know what I would have done not knowing who Hinata would be engaged to at the end! You've definitely rekindled my love for ItaHina and although you're long gone from here, I wish you the best! You have a writing style that is completely your own and it is definitely worth reading the thousands of words because it is sincerely so unique and captivating.
Shy Whisper Of Life chapter 12 . 2/28/2015
I really, really enjoy this story. I'd had it on my "list of things to read" and then I found out that you weren't planning to finish it, so I put it way down on the list in hopes you'd change your mind some day. Well, I figured five years was long enough, and I finally read it. I finished it in less than a day, and it had me hooked from chapter one. The barebones were rather hard to follow, and I can only imagine as to how you would have expanded them. You have an addictive writing style, and great ideas. (: Great job on this one!

And as a side note, I think you did a great job with the characters. I don't think they were nearly as far off as you think they are (as expressed in your author's notes). The chapters that were fleshed out made the character growth seem (mostly) realistic, and we don't ever really get to see what goes on in Itachi's mind, so that really gives us as writers a lot of artistic freedom. (;

Shy-chan :3
Guest chapter 12 . 12/13/2014
I honestly want to cry and wail and complain that we never got to see this beautiful story finished in all the glory that it could have had. But thank you for posting the outlines - it's wonderful and beautiful (and even just as those barebones, sadly better writing than any fic that I could ever write). If you ever have a moment to even write a spin-off for this story, the world will be waiting :)
fyeahL chapter 12 . 12/9/2014
Woah bless you
I laughed a whole bunch with this story

Anyways you're amazing

FlowerPrincessoftheUniverse chapter 12 . 4/19/2014
I really LOVED the first few chapters, Hirata with Team Zombie and Team Art, very believable and hilarious... but then it kinda fizzled out... I stuck till the end though, and don't regret it. Please please PLEASE consider properly finishing this story, I beg you!
Cats-Catnaps chapter 1 . 3/27/2014
Its one of my favorite stories.
I would really love it if you finished it

aurora0914 chapter 12 . 10/16/2013
Really? Really. You WRITE THIS AMAZINGLY AWESOME STORY AND YOU HAD TO END IT ALL. Really. I am really, really disappointed; especially that you came this far and ended it. Id really appreciate if you continued it.
This is a favourite for all, and I dont know what you were talking about when you said it dragged on. It was perfect.
Sincerely, Aurora-chan.
swallowinthetwilight chapter 12 . 8/19/2013
Soooo normally I don't read crack like this, but suffice to say, I did read to the very end, and it was MARVELOUS. Thank you SO MUCH for posting your outline/notes - it's VERY rare that authors who discontinue their stories do so - you may be the only one I've seen, in fact - and it was so detailed and filled with actual scenes/lines that it felt more like reading an unfinished draft than bare-bones notes! You really didn't feel like you were missing out (on too much anyway), and getting that closure and more plot was awesome. And the OMAKES! (I especially loved the last two, lol.) Of course, I can only wish that the ItaHina scenes had been more fleshed out, or that Itachi's back story (!) had gone into more depth, but really it was altogether fabulous. Great humor, great weaving together of canon plot elements in a very unique and fascinating way, great host of characters and fast-paced mayhem-what more can I say? I'm pretty sure I love a lot of your other stories too (if I haven't reviewed, it's because I'm an ex-lurker attempting to remedy my ways. Thanks so much for writing, and I hope you continue to do so, fanfic or otherwise!
LazyShadowCat chapter 12 . 6/9/2013
This is amazing and funny. Though there were OOC moments, they weren't insane and I rather enjoyed them. Though I'm sad that you gave up writing it, I'm glad that you at least gave us the barebones so that we wouldn't be left hanging. Thanks for brightening up my day (and the days to come cuz I'm definitely rereading this in the future).
Sup Dudes chapter 12 . 6/2/2013
Lovely, It's summer and I seem to want to commit suicide.

First off I want to say this story was absolutely fantastic. You put everyone in character perfectly. You didn't make Hinata a Mary-Sue, Itachi a gentleman, or Sasori tall. Also, I often times found myself either on the edge of my seat or completely off of it, usually from the hilarious occurrences you painstakingly laid out during the story . I found myself to be thoroughly dismayed to find out you discontinued this story over two years ago, this story truly is a masterpiece.

Now back to earlier sentence about suicide, summer vacation has just began for me. As a incredibly bored teenager, I decided to try filling in the rest of story's bare bones in an attempt to hone my so-called writing skills in genres beside horror. that and to preoccupy myself during the summer. I think doing this is suicide because the story appears to need extensive filling. I don't ever plan to post the project, however.

fairlysimple16 chapter 12 . 5/1/2013
I have to say I was quite sad to see this discontinued but the story was great and never failed to make me laugh when I was down - great writing!
Guest chapter 12 . 12/29/2012
I'm not usually for AU realities or Akatsuki based stories, but your story has completely won me over and then some. I'm been sucked into the writing and plot since the very beginning and have been obsessively reading it ever since to the bitter end, including the outline, lol! It's so hard to find a story where you love ALL (seriously, I mean ALL) the character depictions, the parallels between your AU reality and the original story, and the countless one-liners all beautifully wrapped up in a fun and engaging story. If you asked me for my favorite part, I really couldn't tell you, because I enjoyed every bit of it (although I am rather partial to your Hidan :D ) From your notes it sounds like this story was really hard to write, but I promise you the hard work shows! Thank you for sharing such an entertaining story!
woodlandfairykirk chapter 9 . 11/10/2012
such a crack fest... LOVE IT(:
aryaputra chapter 9 . 10/18/2012
Being in Hinata's mind is just the cherry on the top. Now, that's one girl I want as a groupie.
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