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TheDarkKunoichi chapter 13 . 11/22/2017
Oh my god, I keep coming back and reading this and I still get so depressed at the cliffhanger you left. This js truly the best FY story I've ever read. All the emotions, scenarios, the characters are perfect! I read my previous review and wanted to smack myself upside the head in my stupidity. You wrote Ryuuen and Houjun so wonderfully I'm angry at myself for saying otherwise. Especially since their both a bit mentally unstable. I love their relationship; Houjun acting like a big brother figure to Ryuuen just makes my heart melt. Especially during that scene where Ryuuen is asking if he is pretty and Houjun said he's beautiful like he's sending his sister to prom. Wonderful description there. I really can't wait for Miaka to meet them and I'm just continuously hoping for more angst, especially for Ryuuen and Houjun. Please update soon, I'll keep checking!
FLONNIE B chapter 13 . 6/21/2015
Hey so, I read this fic years ago abd loved it! So, I've been checking back once every couple of years in the hope it will one day be finished. I was wondering if there is any chance at all you could finish it? I'd love to see how the reunion goes. You left off right before the the best part! Still even unfinished its an exciting and well written piece! Thank you!
TheDarkKunoichi chapter 14 . 3/22/2015
You said you wouldn't leave your stories incomplete! You're breaking the promise! I'm anxiously waiting for the moment they all meet and the return of Mitsukake's memories, and this is what you give me?! A horrible cliffhanger?! You're just as evil as Nakago! Waaaahhhh! T_T

But seriously though, this story is one of the best I've ever read in a long while! You're truly awesome! But Nuriko's acting so childish here... I mean, I know he's abused and all.. But I guess this is a bit too much? And Chichiri's a bit OOC. Actually, everyone is. But I guess I'll just have to cope with it huh? This leaves me wondering though, where's Tasuki and Chiriko? Don't tell me Tasuki's like, arrested because he's a part of a gang like those bandits? Or maybe they think he's a crazy drug pusher because he keeps on telling stories about his past life. And I'll have to guess that maybe Chiriko's smart enough to keep his past life a secret huh? He could be studying in Harvard for all we know. XD

OMG, I'm going mad at the possibilities! Please! You have to update! Swear on the stars of Suzaku! Swear it! SWEAR IT NOW PLEASE! T_T
FLONNIE B chapter 14 . 2/25/2013
I know this story was posted a loooong time ago and you probably have no intention of continuing it but let me just say that, that, even though it's not finished, is probably one of my Favorite fanfics I have read on this site. The plot was so interesting and there was never a dull moment! and writing it through the eyes of Mitsukake or 'Myojuan', a former secondary character was just such a brilliant idea! It really made me see his character in completely different ways. In truth, I though he was really boring before This whole story is brilliant and though I really wish you would write the last chapter, just know that you have really done well with this. I really appreciate your story! It's 14 chapters entertained me greatly. May you have a wonderful day and keep up the good work!
Shinyaa chapter 14 . 11/25/2012
As other people do, I've been reading this story again and againg for years now, having the hope that one day you'll come back and finish this (or other) stories. It's so sad, because you write so well, your ideas are so good and you describe Nuriko's feelings so wonderfully. And you made Mitsukake a funny doctor, I really like this. So, maybe with yet another review you'll get an email and come back and finish this story! You just can't leave it here, without Nuriko having a happy end! :)
Juu-chan chapter 14 . 2/26/2012
I just want to tell you that I still check in here to see if theres an update.

Sadly there is not. But I will not give up hope.

Maybe one day, you will read this again and see the potention of the story, and write on.

I'll be waiting.
nequam-tenshi chapter 14 . 12/9/2011
Will you finish this story? I want to know how Tasuki faired in this story of your's.
Juu-chan chapter 14 . 4/20/2011
Hi there,

I'm still coming back. Still reading your story frequently. Still wondering why you stopped writing.

Maybe if you read the Manga again?

I'd love to read the rest of this wonderful story.
Free the Bug chapter 14 . 9/11/2010
I have continually come back to this story over the last five years in the vague hope that you might have updated.

did your computer break and you can't get a new one?

did you get sent back in time and are nowhere near technology?

have you sworn off all things nerdy when you realised that torturing nerds with a cliffhanger ending would be fun?

or did you just get unmotivated by the Fushigi Yuugi fandom?

please if your there anywhere, please update! or put it up for adoption or something, i am dying here!
MangaFreak3 chapter 14 . 8/21/2010
OMG! you seriously should continue this fanfic... It's really awesome! I can't believe you haven't update for like 7 years. SEVEN years!

Please update your next chapter!
sells sea shells chapter 14 . 6/25/2010
It's been seven years and I for one am still coming back - wherever you are out there in the world, I hope you're doing well. After a story like this (cliffhanger ending and all) you deserve it!
Juu-chan chapter 14 . 1/12/2010
Hey there!

It's me again. You won't get rid of me ;)

I have to tell you, that i read a LOT fanfiction in my life. But your story is the very best I ever found.

It would be such a shame to leave it unfinished.

Maybe you could read it through again and who knows, maybe you get struck with inspiration.

I'd love to read the rest of you wonderful tale.
Juu-chan chapter 14 . 5/25/2008
Such a shame. See- it's been two years now for me and i still keep checking your story frequently. And I'm not the only one.

Take a deep breath and strat writing again.

I sure hope you are alive and healthy ...
refuted chapter 14 . 5/11/2008
HOW DARE YOU? It's been years, YEARS! since you last updated! omg. at first it was okay, since, you know, i thought your muse was just in vacation... but where are you now? how can you keep us hanging? how can you keep our beloved nuriko from uniting with hotohori?

ehe. sorry. but. WHERE ARE YOU! update, even just... one chapter. to end it. i dont know. please?
MissBubbles chapter 14 . 9/4/2007
Wow! Okay, I've just spent two days reading this story and I really must say it's one of the best I've read in this fandom - really!

I was going to review saying I was looking forward to the next update, but then realized the last one was more than four years ago, which, I guess, means you've abandoned this story. But, despite this, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to read this! It's really very rare to find anything written from Mitsukake's POV, so I'm glad to have finally found someone who did him justice.

Plus, you've made me love Nuriko even more than I already did - I feel as though I might explode with the amount of warm fuzziness that's currently inside of me :D

Anyway, that's all I really wanted to say. Well done on such good writing! And even if you don't update this again, I'm happy to figure the ending out myself.

Happy writing!

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