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Midaria chapter 10 . 3/17/2010
hey, man.

this is good. RELLY good. PLZ update? PLZ? cuz i am really likin this.
Dharja chapter 10 . 3/15/2010
Old turkey sandwiches are total win in situations like these.
Jaylie chapter 9 . 3/13/2010
Wow. I absolutely love this story to death. It's simply fantastic. Please please update soon! I'll go insane if I can't read more, I really will!
XxCheshireGrinxX chapter 9 . 3/12/2010
Dude, I love this story! I can't wait until the next update!
Dharja chapter 9 . 3/11/2010
OMGG YOU UPDATED YAYY~! This will unfortunately have to be a small review but I hope it persuades you to update soon D:

So yeah, I'm reading along and I'm all like du du dudu and then I get to the part where Molly is talking to Sinclair about Fontaine and then I read daddy or father or whatever and snorted my drink up my nose in shock.


*Flails arms around before she knocks drink over by accident* EEP!

And the Circus of Values.. hahaha, oh jeez. I wear headphones when I'm on the computer to listen to music and other things so when I was playing Bioshock I had everything blasting directly into my ear. I remember when I first walked past a Circus of Values it was night time and I was all like D: and then D because it wouldn't shut up. Seriously they are anoying. Those and the, El Bandito Ammo or whatever they are XD

Glad to see Sinclair got a laugh out of Mollys 'almost' heart attack :D

I hate Peach. I really do. I hate Spider-Slicers even more. "Go photograph stuff for me!" and it's like FU- *stalks spider slicers and hopes to click camera fast enough*

.. Aww shit. ATLAS IN THE FLESH. I'd be all like *Sparkly eyes and fangirl pose* while Atlas is sitting there going 'wtf' xD

Wonder whats going to happen next. D:
Fireflymaiden chapter 8 . 3/8/2010
I do believe this is one of my favorite rapture stories ever. For one thing you have an original take on the events of the game and have a very unique writing style. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Dharja chapter 8 . 3/7/2010
Aww, no Chuck this chapter? XD Sorry about my crappy review the other day. X_X

Now I always thought Steinman was a sick fuck and I particularly didn't enjoy moseying through that level because of all the bodies around that were mutated or sawed into and whatnot.

But I suppose if the game had your description skills then I'd be too chicken hearted to even step a foot closer towards the man needed to complete the level. Its fantastically written and there are MANY descriptive words xD

Oh, she finally met Tenenbaum! D; And saved a Little Sister D: Much more detailed then other Bioshock stories I've read xD

Most are like *GRABS GIRL, PLACE HAND, KAPOW ADAM!*. xD I'm going to say though I like how they modeled the Little Sisters in the second one then the first one, from the graphics I thought all the first ones had like froggy faces. It was kind of disturbing when I went to save them and their still in Adam-ized form going D: AGHGHGHG.

YES MOLLY! GET THEM ANSWERS D: *whacks Sinclair with a piece of her croissant before she returns to nomming on it and rereading other chapters of the story*

Sinclair: ... *brushes crumbs off him* Now that really wasn't nice, kid-*faceplants after a pastry box decks him one*

Update soon puhlEZE D: I'm one of them creepy readers who checks if theres an update like four times a day ;
LeZurek chapter 8 . 3/7/2010
Loved this chapter, especially durng the part with Steinman - awesome descriptions. Your writing style is quite impressive, and the imagery that it creates from just reading it is amazing. I can picture every little detail that Molly decribes! Can't wait for next chapter!
Dharja chapter 7 . 3/4/2010
Poor Chuck. DENIED.

OMG. MATILDA? D: GASP. It's all coming together now D:

WOo for Sinclair hugs but NOO for Sinclair leavings _

AMGAWD POSESSIVE /flails arms around. Sinclair.. Atlas.. Sinclair.. Atlas. Sinclair.. atlas . *shifty eyes between them both*

Woo, Molly, score 1 point for a hug from Sinclair :D

Yay! Incinerate! Ew theres a corpse on the tube _ . At least Molly is all like "OMG PLASMIDS!" the fact there was a corpse on the tube woulda had me trying to find a stick to poke it off with. /chickenheart

o_O Voice controlled Molly,eh? Creepy D:

My review is tiny DX I wanted to blab on more about random thoughts I had about this chapter but I'm being dragged off to class.

Hope you decide to update soon 8D Keep up the good writin'!
Dharja chapter 1 . 3/2/2010
Only lets me review once per chapter, but I forgot to mention on chapter six - somewhere, cant remember where, think it was a science book I read it from - when given a choice between Left or Right, people will 95% of the time go right.. like its built in XD
LeZurek chapter 6 . 3/2/2010
Love this story! Can't wait to read more! :D
Dharja chapter 6 . 3/2/2010
HOLY CRAP ITS DEDICATED TO ME! *bounces around like a little kid on crack in joy* YAY~ :D and HOLY SHIET YOU UPDATED! *more bouncing around.*

A little soldier, eh? *squints* That certainly brings a new twist on things D: Well then. "must have heard him speak over the radio as the treatment was being given." FONTAINE! RYAN(Ew)? I must find who this mysterious man is.. although the random twitches Molly had from Atlas' voice twisting makes me wonder... *Flails arms around, accidently decking a splicer in the face* Oh shi- *Runs away*

*pops up a minute later* ANYWAYS. FUCK YES! Batteries! Get to talk to Atlas-holyshitadayandahalflater?- once more! Even though he yells at poor Molly for like... ten minutes straight. Jeez he's got a set of lungs.

Speaking of plasmids - in a quite random note- *takes a seat on the knocked unconscious splicer* in Bio2 they said that ADAM contained thoughts & memories of the people who had used it in the past. Would Molly - using adam/etc in the future - end up hearing things/feeling things other peoples thought&felt?

WOO~ SO MUCH ACTION! First the radio works, then the Security Alarm and Splicers, and then ANDREW RYAN! D: I'm going to admit, I kind of lol'd at his little mustache thing when I first saw him. Same with Fontaine.

Ouch DX Cut somethin' open on the head, NO MOLLY! DONT DIE! LIVE! SURVIVE! *flails around, nearly falling off her splicer-seat*

WO! SINCLAIR! *more flailing* Heck yes :D They are back face-to-face once more, even if it was only because Atlas screeched like a harpy at Sinclair until he helped Molly out :D... Sadly enough due to Bioshock2 I've got a Sinclair-crush _ . I got all tear faced at the ending in Persephone.

Man, I can't wait till you update.. I wonder how Molly is going to react if she ends up meeting Dr. Steinman. *shudder* I hated that level. Totally jes' waltzing through the dentist area and turn around after picking something up and the Dentist is all like D: I SEE YOu and your like HOLY SHI-*ZAP*..

Hey! You got another reviewer! *points* See, people are reviewing D: ... mOAR NEED TO REVIEW *Death glare at ghost readers* I'm going to be kind of honest. This is the most times I've reviewed on a story, ever. o_o; I usually ghost read or just say "GREAT CHAPTER UPDATE." The lazy way.

... Chuck? *glance down at Thuggish Splicer* Oh.. SHI- *hauls ass across Rapture* 'CHUCK!*
LittleYellowEyedDemon chapter 6 . 3/1/2010
must obey...

its a great story.

love your writing style :)
Dharja chapter 5 . 2/26/2010
First off, ew, that would be nasty if it really was twelve years worth of breakfasts D:

"Mattie" eh? D: He slipped up! Hm. Must ponder over this bit of information. She was so mad she flipped the radio right over to Sinclairs station, WOO SINCLAIR! and NO, Atlas! at the same time.

Sinclair knows things too, eh? Hmm. Wonder what he's up to on his end of the line. . Wandering around Persephone or something maybe?

FUCK! Not the batteries! No! NO! No Atlas, No Sinclair! NOBODY. D: I'd probably be doing exactly what Molly was doing and having a mental breakdown for a few minutes.

And I've noticed every time Molly is shocked or whatnot her hands go towards her face and then she digs in with her nails. That has got to hurt. I know I wouldn't want to be within five feet of a Big Daddy, let alone when he decides to kill someone.

Now I'm wondering if Tenenbaums going to make an appearance. Though I wonder how exactly Molly would deal with being asked to save the Little Sisters. Her versus a Big Daddy... Hmm.

More people need to read this here story, and review. D: Give you more motivation to write and post! I'm not sure my reviews give enough motivation... I thought about making you some cookies, but uhh. When I cook things tend to be resembling charcoal when I'm done. I don't think you'd like little bits of charred food as a gift.

As for the IM, aw. I mainly use Windows Live & AIM, and was just wondering since you seem like a pretty chill person to talk to :D or in my case annoy .
Dharja chapter 4 . 2/23/2010
When I checked the Bioshock updates today I was like "YEAH!"(complete with arms up in the air in a cheer and the milk box I clutched in my left hand smacking into the computer tower causing an ouch moment) and instantly set about to reading the newest chappie of Downward Spiral. D:

Yay for Plasmids! Though the fact you have to go unbearable pain to get that first one... ew again.

Molly is much braver then I would be in that situation. If I saw a plane part crash in front of me and there was water everywhere I'd probably flail my arms around and run the opposite way. Let alone fight off a splicer without having a heart attack. Lol.

Speaking of Sinclair, when do we get to see him next? :O Or, at the very least, hear him? :O I just got my mitts on Bioshock 2 the other day. FUN as SHIET. Though the amount of Sinclair in it has me going 'EE~' fangirl on him.

Trailing off track here, Sorry. HECK YES! An actual weapon, that yanno, hopefully doesn't break upon one use... or get lost.. somewhere.

I swear as your story progresses the chapters just get better and better.

I liked how you described her reaction to Atlas' voice earlier when he was talking about the power of the plasmids, and as much as it was probably an angsty moment to Molly - how you described her reaction to finding out and being asked to save Atlas' wife & child.

First Audio Diary! There was always a tiny sliver of regret I had for Diane due to the fact Ryan pretty much went back and forth between her and Jasmine. That it was Diane who first mentioned to him about wanting to have a child (I briefly listened to a B2 Audio Diary and can't really remember it that well) and in the end Jasmine was the one ending up carrying his heir.

Wonder how Molly feels, what her thoughts are about that Audio Diary. To be there in that empty restaurant listening to this woman talk and out of nowhere an explosion and shouting and her words of pain before the Diary clicks off. That and the specific shout "Long Live Atlas!" right after the explosion.

As you can see in the last couple of... I guess you would call them sentences, I switch topics/thoughts alot. My apologies. :o Do you happen to have an IM? Just curious, XD.

Anyways, ending my review right about here. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
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