Reviews for Little wooden men
Polaruspax chapter 63 . 8/9
Thanks for making such a cool story only to abandon it and not even post it as such... literally have not even touched it for two years...
silverstreak93242 chapter 63 . 7/21
Hello, here's hoping that this review finds you well, I just say I like the premise and the subject of the story you have written here, and I just finished binge reading it! I am hoping that this story isn't dead, it's simply on hiatus until your muse decides to give you more chapters for it. I am looking forward to reading more chapters, until hopefully you end the story. And if part of the problem is the manga and how Kishimoto has destroyed his creation, just remember, your making this story how you think it should go! I am actually impressed by the fact that you have addressed so many factors of being a shinobi and the problems associated with it! I again look forward to reading more in the future! And as a side note, you deviant art link in your profile is missing.
my 2 guys chapter 3 . 6/2
that was good keep the chapters coming
my 2 guys chapter 2 . 6/1
that was good keep the chapters coming
my 2 guys chapter 1 . 6/1
that was good keep the chapters coming
tokeytizzle chapter 37 . 4/22
arinasution5 chapter 5 . 4/22
Purple Firebird chapter 49 . 3/12
I feel pity for the Kumo genin team. They keep failing C-rank mission's cause of Team Tenzo
StarkDemise chapter 1 . 2/1
I'm baffled how i never though to have Tenzo as Naruto guardian, seeing how he's perfect in terms of suppressing the Bijuu's chakra. Though in terms of a parental figure Tenzo isn't that much better than say Kakashi.
Kailiya chapter 63 . 10/4/2015
AAAAH! I really want to know what happens next ㅠ.ㅠ Why are so many great stories discontinued in the middle of the most interesting moment?! Maybe there's still hope to find out how this story ends? Or at least this mission... Please?
Random anon chapter 11 . 8/2/2015
Yeah don't put gaara x naruto down the bottom I think that's why people thought you were writing a yaoi story
Battlesny chapter 1 . 2/16/2015
only read the 1st chapter so far but already want to read the next 62.
apparently writers like receiving reviews and are more likely to write more if they get lots, so here I am with random "reviewage" :)
Guest chapter 63 . 1/13/2015
Please please please please continue I need to Know!
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 13 . 11/17/2014
Like what you have here, Gaara spending time considering other philosophies instead of just doing so
brutusjr chapter 30 . 8/17/2014
Good story until now. Really hate where you are going with this letter from Iwa. It seems kind of stupid and contrived.
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