Reviews for Accidental Companions
thecloudgazingfreak chapter 1 . 7/28
this was so focking depressing I almost cried every chapter
gamingwizard43 chapter 18 . 7/25
Can someone send me the sequel or continuation of this please
foxychibs chapter 18 . 7/15
Did you die...? Please continue!
Guest chapter 18 . 7/12
Another reminder, you can finder her on archive and ask her about the story and it's sequel and prsioners sclience. She last updated may 1.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/12
Does someone like know her or something cuz I need to know what happnes
CommicDubbed chapter 18 . 7/11
Well i am asuming one said author was killed? Nah JK is a shame this was heavy good. I will say given with the grammar used in this you probubly would have been 12 and up. it has been what 10 years. you must be in your 20 by now.
CommicDubbed chapter 5 . 7/10
My Heart! You ASShole. I'm funna cry at this rate. Ano this is a few years late, Infact this story was last updated when i was 5 but THIS IS AMAZING. Geez o
Guest chapter 13 . 7/10
If any of you want to ask her of finishing this story and it's sequel healing companions go ask her on her archive site she wrote stories there, she last updated on May 1.
Apurbo chapter 18 . 7/8
I know I’m the 3000 person to ask this but please finish at least part one because this cliff hanger it just horrible and when I mean horrible I don’t mean the writing is I mean it’s driving me crazy is naruto dead or not this would probably my favourite story if it was finished
tomas750750 chapter 18 . 7/3
Does anyone know what happened to the author's life and why he didn't follow the story? please, if you know write me
Anonimus chapter 18 . 7/1
Por favor sigue la historia
Jon chapter 10 . 6/27
It's true, she been writing stories of Bnha and Harry Potter, she last updated on May 1. Look up stories called Social Media:101 and there it is and ask her about this story and the other stories.
Phoenix7xo chapter 1 . 6/27
does she have an ao3 or sumn, shes gone-
Jon chapter 1 . 6/10
Hey if you guys want to ask her about this story, ask her on her archiveofourownsite page.
nico chapter 18 . 6/8
why didn't you continue this series
How you going to leave me on a cliffhanger

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