Reviews for I guess we're done
InSilva chapter 1 . 4/3/2010
This isn't easy to review. Which is not why it's taken so long. ;) It really, really isn't. Back to something around anticipation being a powerful tool but not quite. Just the whole horror of what is to come in "Dominoes" and it hasn't happened yet. Sword of Damocles still hanging by thread and still *time* for some solution other than the one we know is coming. Even though the actions are domino-like, there's still *time* for things to change. Except there isn't, of course. Because this isn't AUAU.

Before I forget, I love the cup of tea of the A/N.

Sighing for the beauty of the framing of the story. Rusty's last 24 hours of freedom and the sense of the clock ticking that gets louder and louder till it's up there with the Telltale Heart. Rusty's knowledge that sands of time are running out and all the myriad things he wants to accomplish and needs to do and you write them perfectly. The last memory of happy sex to keep him warm at night - sidenote that it is of course the last memory of happy sex and sighing for that.

"Dark and cold and...


And that's Danny at the start of Dominoes. And in Eagles. And just ow, ow, ow. And Danny sitting brooding in the dark in the same way he will be in Rusty's room and more ow. And so much screaming for the *any*thing. Not Rusty. Really, really, really not Rusty.

Hate them lying to each other. Hate Danny thinking that tomorrow night Rusty is going to be carrying on from where tonight's encounter left off. And sighing for the coincidentally much closer to Danny. Wanting to soak up every moment of being with Danny and what that means.

Wry amusement at the Julia Roberts marathon. Howling like anything for the "She left, Rus'. She left and didn't even look back. Like it was easy. It hurts. It fucking hurts and I want her to know that." Because Danny's going to do just that. Bloody writer of genius.

And quote is perfect from the film.

The long night. Watching and worrying and wondering and *knowing*. Absolutely knowing what's coming. Prologue and all the ways he's been through the conversation and out the other side and there is no other way it's going. Anger beyond anything. Supernova exploding. Volcano erupting. And the weakness Rusty fights off. The longing to show Danny the fear of what he's about to do. Not the going to prison, the wrecking of them. And still, still the order is preserved - "never once put themselves before them, or even them before each other".

Morning and the clock ticking and the hours and minutes running through Rusty as they always do. And of course he can't give himself away with any gesture other than what he might usually offer. Wondering how Danny would manage in the same circumstances.

Visit to Catherine and feel so much for her. Imagining her finding out the news of his arrest and maybe understanding a little more. Still not understanding it was for Danny of course.

Rusty's thoughts on prison. And some birds aren't meant to be caged. And hate the "Probably it wouldn't be as bad as the worst he could imagine" - oh, so, so much worse, Rusty. And even if you knew it wouldn't stop you. Sigh.

Just the acceptance of what might happen and of course he can be obtrusive and he will be. He will be. Am wishing Small Jimmy had a new cafitiere to explain. Just btw. And the plan to fade into the background that was *working* damn it! Muttering and sighing and general whimper.

Phone call to Carson. And Carson gleevileness never alters. Shudder. And Tess call to send her back to Danny. To make sure she goes because Danny is going to be alone and he hasn't been alone since forever. And Saul call that hurts so badly because keeping things from Saul is a near impossibility and still he'd want to hear Saul's voice again.

Hate the purging. Hate the burning and destroying of all the tangible ties and threads in the way he's about to destroy and burn the intangible. And the Mustang being given away. Sigh.

Last Supper. Full of what's coming and the memory of where they met and the immediate and yes, please, at some point and in full. ;)

"Think I can manage on my own" - OW, OW, OW.

And Rusty walking away and not being able to do or say an iota of what's going on in his head. Last times indeed. Thank God for late Dominoes and epilarrgh.

The arrest and Carson - angry and thwarted and never a good combination. Carson does not like things not going to his plan. The last angle Rusty has to cover. The threat to take Danny down too and he manages it. Man is an idiot but he manages it.

"I wish I could be there when you're dragged through the mud and the filth."

Much shudder of GP. And sighing for the Louising of a humble orange. And a sock. Carson is unmitigated bastard and yes to question not asked that Rusty knows the answer to. Carson wants Danny badly and he'll hurt to get it.

The first night in prison. The first night that Rusty thought was going to be the worst and wasn't by a long shot. Oppressive and frightening. Would be hell without Kowalski and Felding and Moffat(t). Just that it's more hell.

Brilliant. Painful. Genius.
smilebackwards chapter 1 . 3/9/2010
I love this 'verse! I really liked how Rusty thought everything through from changing his power of attorney to giving away possessions on a whim to saying goodbye without straight out saying it. Awesome.
Maia2 chapter 1 . 2/22/2010
You know what? The ONLY reason I am not more devastated about this is that I've read Dominoes and what comes after.

And yes, unbelievable suffering and pain and hurt and all. BUT, also a slight ray of hope, very near the end.


It is really good. It does sound like he would spend his last 24 hours. I love how he knew it'd kill him, but he couldn't stay away from Danny for the last night, the last dinner. Poor, poor Rusty. (and of course, the only way he got away with it was because Danny was trying to hide something of his own) Very clever.

The phone calls were so good and so painful. It all was. And of course that bastard Carson had to give in to his sadistic self. Bastard.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. And hey, I won't mind an update to the continuation of the continuation of this story ;-)

ZairaAlbereo chapter 1 . 2/16/2010
Yes, but I have *read* that already! And after the horribleness of Rusty leaving Danny, I am in horrible need of some Steps... (she says looking guilty and hopeful).

Reading your stories always leaves me in need of a cup of hot chocolate and hug from my hubby. You are a master in creating this feeling of agitation and anxiousness and dread! (And that really *is* a compliment!)

It was a bit like watching Titanic, you know the damn thing is about to go down, and you try to slow the clock which keeps ticking unreletingly.

"He opened his eyes and stared fiercely at Danny's face and imagined himself shaking Danny awake. Imagined whispered words and pleas.

“Promise me you'll always love me. No matter what. Promise me.”"

Yes. Please! (I know he can't.)

"He wondered, not for the first time, if he should've left Danny a note."


"A letter wouldn't answer any of Danny's questions. That would be all “Why?” and “Please!” and “Take it back!” and there was nothing he could say to that. Nothing that wouldn't make Danny hate him all the more."

(I know.)

"“Don't hurt him,” he said again softly."

Okay, now I'm crying! All your fault! I hope you know that!

(And yes this *is* a shot at emotional blackmail to get you to write more of *coughstepscough*)